EWP Chapter 63: You will not defile my lake

You will not defile my lake.

Mu Qian continued. “I shall soon be sixteen years old and this dowry cannot be dragged on any longer. For his Majesty’s hard work of keeping it for me for over a year and a half, I won’t put interest on the money you’ve owed to me. But before I reach adulthood, may his Majesty pay it all. What does his Majesty think?”

The veins on the Emperor’s forehead are popping from anger, but still composed himself and said gently. “Xi’er, you are only three months away from adulthood, I am afraid that in such a short period of time, zhen may not make up the missing parts of your dowry.”

Admitting this is a very humiliating thing, especially in front of so many people, but he really is speaking the truth.

Don’t say three months, even if it is three years he also can’t pay it all, even if he is the king of this Kingdom there are things that he still cannot do.

Mu Qian comforted him. “Don’t worry; I won’t give his Majesty a hard time regarding this.”

Xuanyuan Li Zhi froze; from the beginning she was already being aggressive. When did she become someone easy to talk to?

“Lets do it like this; I’ve heard someone speak about a huge medicine field inside the Palace. Recently, I’ve become interested in concocting immortality pills. Your Majesty, how about we make that garden as a collateral for the missing half of my dowry?” Mu Qian smiled.

The crowd’s mouth can’t help but twitch, how much knowledge does she have regarding on concocting pills? They never have thought that Mu Qian is interested of being an alchemist.

The royal medicine field and half of Mu Qian’s dowry indeed don’t have much difference in terms of value.

In order to finish this quickly and while the people’s minds is still in haze. Xuanyuan Li Zhi planned to compromise!

“Father Emperor!” This time, the Crown Prince opened his mouth.

The herbs in the medicine field are too precious. It would be such a waste for this woman to use it.

Xuanyuan Li Zhi said. “Shang’er, don’t say anything, since Xi’er made her request. Its only natural to meet her demands.”

Mu Qian then ordered the shadows to put away the other things back home, turned to Xuanyuan Li Zhi and said.”Your Majesty, please take me to the medicine field!”

Mu Qian can’t wait to see the imperial medicine field. There must be a whole lot of precious herbs in there!

As long as Mu Qian gathers all the herbs inside, she can formulate new elixirs and refine a lot of medicine pellets.

“Come! Take Xi’er inside the medicine field.”

After Mu Qian left, the Emperor let out a sigh. He secretly said. “The debt collector is finally gone…”

Xuanyuan Li Zhi waved his one hand and said. “Tonight’s dinner is over, everyone may leave!”

“Exhale!” The crowd can finally relax, the events happened tonight made them *scared than hurt.

(TN: * chinese idiom, it means “to get through a daunting experience without mishap”)

Compared to beating Ouyang Wei, Mu Qian was happier when she gets back her dowry.

But most of all, her excitement is at the top for the medicinal herbs waiting for her.

For Mu Qian, money is nothing compare to medicines. In her past life until now, medicines is her favorite thing.

In a while, a higher rank eunuch brought a jade tablet over to Mu Qian. She then showed the tablet to the guard in front of the gates of medicine field. She said. “Yue Ze, go back outside with the eunuch. I won’t take long.”

A large field of medicinal herbs greets Mu Qian. There are at least thousands of different herbs for making elixirs inside.

Emperor Xuanyuan believed that Mu Qian couldn’t take much considering how small her build is and the fact that she was the only one allowed to go inside the medicine field made him feel more reassured.

When Mu Qian is gone, the Emperor would order to transplant all the precious herbs in another place. When she comes back to take another batch and saw nothing is left, Mu Qian can’t say the Emperor didn’t keep his promise.

Naturally, Mu Qian knows what going on with the Emperor’s mind. “That old fox thinks he’s so smart, let’s see what his reaction will be if I took all of the herbs here.”

“Ah Ting, can you open a field for the herbs inside your space? We have to move all of it immediately!”

Ah Ting screamed. “Ugly woman, you will defile my lake again! Don’t think I will gladly agree!”

In Ah Ting’s space, in addition to the small pavilion is an endless lake.

The last time Mu Qian smeared the lake, Ah Ting kicked her out.

Mu Qian smirked. “I want to transplant these elixirs, if you do not agree; I will go straight to Jiu Ye and ask him to take you instead! He’s so powerful; he should have a way to lift the contract between us!

In a flash, Ah Ting felt he was about to faint. “Mu Qian Xi, you bastard! In spite of everything, you also want to hand me over to that dreadful man? Can you change the way you threaten people!”

“Are you doing it or not?”

“Can I have a third choice?”


“Fine, fine! I’ll move a piece of land for you! You must cover the whole field of medicinal herbs with your Qi then you can put it in.”

Ah Ting finally surrendered, he never wanted to fall into the hands of that terrible man.

“Good!” Mu Qian laughed happily.

Mu Qian covers the whole field of medicinal herbs with her Qi that even a mid-level alchemist can’t do. But she does it so easily!

In the blink of an eye, the whole field of medicinal herbs, which had gathered together a thousand grass, was left without a single weed.

Inside the space of the Chaos Jiuzhong Pavilion, Ah Ting saw a small island in the clear lake.

The spiritual water has increased the growing period of the plants. A day inside the lake is equivalent to a year outside. Mu Qian’s eyes shine at this discovery.

Although Ah Ting is Mu Qian’s contractor, Ah Ting guarded his lake heavily. He sternly said. “Damned woman, I opened up this small space already, you can’t do this again next time!”

If later, his lake was full of herbs and he could not see the water anymore, he thought he would go mad.

Mu Qian said. “Don’t be so greedy! Your lake is so big; give me a piece of it!”

“Don’t push your luck, you ugly woman!”

“Ok! When I walked out from the palace, I will talk to Jiu Ye to take you. Even if you’re a legendary artifact, I won’t keep anything useless!” Mu Qian said some distressed words.

“Damned woman, you’re so cruel!” Ah Ting helplessly opened up a wide area in his space.

Afterwards, Ah Ting resolutely warned Mu Qian. “Ugly woman, until the second layer of the pavilion is sealed. Mark my words, even if I die. I won’t let you defile my lake again!”

“Good! Then I’ll open the second layer next time!” Mu Qian pay no heed to his nonsense.

Translator’s Note:

Poor Ah Ting being bullied by Mu Qian ?

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