EWP Chapter 62: Still far from enough

Still far from enough

“If the Emperor won’t keep his words, then there’s no need to keep this Kingdom existing either.” A pleasant yet intimidating voice resounded.

The suffocating cold air filled the whole Purple Moon Palaceand made them feel that it can destroy everything like evil spirits would!

Jiu Ye was like an invisible man that made them almost forgot that he was here from the beginning.

Xuanyuan Li Zhi’s palms were in a cold sweat. How could he forget this evil star is here! Damn it!

But this evil star is helping Mu Qian unexpectedly.

No! if Mu Qian really has this evil star support, even if she went directly into the Royal Treasury and removed all the things from there, he can not deal with her.

This evil star heard all what he have promised, if he came to know that he (XLZ) would renege. On his moment of boredom, this Kingdom would cease to exist.

No one can guess what’s on the mind of this evil star.

Jiu Ye and Mu Qian are two unrelated people; these two have never crossed each other’s paths.

Besides, there is a fact that Jiu Ye is disgusted with a woman. The Emperor would never believe that Jiu Ye is helping Mu Qian Xi.

If this demon has a relationship with her and she asks for his throne in the future, he can only serve it with both hands.

The result was terrible, so he would never think of such a bad idea to be true.

Xuanyuan Li Zhi composed himself and said. “Zhen has always honored one’s words, therefore… ”

The Emperor felt that his heart is in pain, but he have to fulfill his promises else this Ashura beside him will definitely make this whole place a living hell!

And everyone in this room, including him, will turn into cold white bones!

Mu Qian sensed his fear, she ridiculed him. “Your Majesty, therefore what?”

During her time in the RoyalAcademy, she felt all the people inside were afraid of Jiu Ye.

But did not think that people fears him to this point, even the Emperor is also afraid of him to death. With just his words alone, the Emperor’s murderous intent vanished in a blink of an eye.

What the hell did this guy do to make the emperor fear him like this?

Xuanyuan Li Zhi explained. “This is the case, last year there has been drought in the Northwest. They needed to provide relief to ton of people but the funds in the state treasury is not enough therefore the officials went to gather funds here at the Royal Treasury. The people at the Royal Treasury are so careless that the money they’ve allocated came from your dowry instead.”

“In addition, six months ago, one of the neighboring countries sent soldiers with armored horses to attack us. Our army funds aren’t enough, so to provide sufficient military resources for our men. A little bit was taken from your dowry.”

“Furthermore, last year’s winter blizzard!”


The Emperor listed out a long list of events from year and a half ago, these are all his excuses for the missing parts of her dowry.

A year and a half ago, he decreed Mu Qian Xi and Xuanyuan Li Tian’s marriage and at the same time, a huge amount of dowry filled the treasury.

In addition to these expenditures, there are also gifts to the imperial concubines, princes and ministers. He even gave the neighboring Kingdom’s Emperor Gifts to show off. All of it was from Mu Qian Xi’s dowry.

The hole he made on her dowry is a little big and generally isn’t easy to repair!

In Mu Qian’s eyes flashed a trace of killing intent, she asked with a cold voice. “Then tell me, your Majesty, how much is left on my dowry?”

Xuanyuan Li Zhi answered in a loud voice. “Only half remains!”

Such a fortune that can shake the heaven, only half left!

All the people understood that the military funds and the drought relief funds absolutely didn’t amount so much!

And the expenditure of those, a large part of it did not fall into the hands of victims and soldiers.

The only one furious at this moment is General Yue, the grand marshal of the army. During the war against theQing Kingdom, if the Emperor provided the soldiers even one percent of Mu Qian’s dowry, they could have superb armors and weapons for the whole infantry!

But reality is harsh! Not only their armors are worn out but also their weapons are all dull. Against the full body armor of the Qing soldiers, his brothers were crushed as easy as lifting a hand.

The general truly regrets having this kind of Emperor!

He (XLZ) speaks in a fancy manner; General Yue couldn’t help but sneer and curse him in his heart.

Yue Xu felt his father’s expression is a bit strange, he asked. “Father, what’s wrong with you?”

“Me? Nothing’s wrong, perhaps Ze’er choice is the right one.”

“Half? Even if it’s only half I’ll take it back first!”

“Good!” Xuanyuan Li Zhi nodded.

If Mu Qian agreed to accept his reasoning easily like this, then he can just put all his worries in the past.

It would be bad news to have him fill that vacancy after all.

He is hoping in his heart that Mu Qian would not dwell on the missing parts of her dowry.

The palace guards carried a lot of treasures inside. The eyes of the people watching are glistening upon taking a peek at the treasures inside and their hearts are screaming. ‘I want to rob!’

Mu Qian waved her hand. “Shadows, Yue Ze, begin counting! Make sure that everything matches with our list.”


Every year, the Purple Moon Festival is always celebrated inside the Palace.

But Mu Qian counted all these treasures in front of his Majesty and other officials, this experience is absolutely unique in the all of the past dinner they’ve attended…

Xuanyuan Li zhi did not dare to show off one bit of grudge and even the evil star is watching quietly.

If any of his actions displeases him, it will be dangerous!

The shadows and Yue Ze’s counting speed are fast and in a while the inventory is finished. She said. “Yue Ze, read to his Majesty what is missing!”


What happened today is too much and bit by bit, Yue Ze’s heart finally adjusted from Mu Qian’s abrupt actions.

Xuanyuan Li Zhi looked gloomy after hearing what Mu Qian said, he whispered. “Yue…Yue ze? General Yue’s eldest son!”

With the Emperor’s sudden glare and coercion, Yue Ze’s body was slightly startled.

He felt his throat is jammed with something and somehow he became speechless.

He then turned to look at the figure in purple dress, decisively pricked his palms using his sharp fingernail. The tingling sensation brought him back to his senses.

He can’t feel fear! Just like how this girl faces her enemies bravely. No matter how grave the situation is, he has stay calm!

He just needs to read a list of items, what is there to fear!

Yue Ze calmly said. “There are still ten pieces of Luohu glass Jade, twenty thousand pieces of a thousand year snow lotus……”

This boy really has the courage! His Majesty’s warning didn’t work; Xuanyuan Li Zhi couldn’t hide the fire in his eyes.

Mu Qian lips slightly evoked a smile, she indeed find herself an excellent little brother!

After Yue Ze finished reading the long list, Mu Qian asked. “Your Majesty, after all, today is still a national day. I assume you don’t have the time to borrow money to complete my dowry right? Since that is the case, may I know when will his Majesty pay the remaining debts? ”

Xuanyuan Li Zhi’s eyes are burning with anger but Mu Qian Xi is still not finished.

He has made such a big concession yet she is still not satisfied?

The fact that dowry is the property of Mu Qian Xi completely slipped off his mind. She asking back all of it, was the right thing to do.

Translator’s Note:

Sorry got a little late at uploading, I was sick these past few days but I’m okay now.

Shameless Emperor I’ve ever seen…or read??? Even his general is having doubts on him. Let’s call him the shameless Emperor from today!

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