EWP Chapter 61: The Lord is not to be underestimated

The Lord is not to be underestimated.

Hearing the words of Xuanyuan Li Tian without mercy and indifference, Mu Ruyun feels she’s about to faint. She sobs with her head down on one side.

“Wuwu…” Eyes filled with tears, her heart broken.

“Brother Li Tian, I…”

“No matter what you do, Yun’er supports you.”

Even if her heart aches, she continued to be sympathetic.

Jiu Ye’s mood is getting worse in each passing second. Unable to contain his anger any longer, he was about to put Xuanyuan Li Tian to hell where he belong but was cut off first by Mu Qian’s cold voice. “I refuse!”

A man slag like Xuanyuan Li Tian is beyond doubt disgusting! She felt sick thinking living a life with him that goose bumps filled her body. She wanted to poison him immediately upon hearing what he had said.

The Emperor was confused, he asked. “Why? Tian’er is talented and his looks are also extraordinary… “

Xuanyuan Li Zhi said some good words for his son; He wants to sell his son so he doesn’t have to pay back the dowry.

An Emperor selling his son enthusiastically like this, even Mu Qian was a little helpless.

Mu Qian said. “Your Majesty, don’t speak any longer. Can’t you see that his highness, Xuanyuan Li Tian is not genuine with his feelings?”

“But why? What’s wrong with him? I can make him change for you!” The Emperor’s tone is very sincere.

Mu Qian turned to look at Xuanyuan Li Tian. “I’m afraid he won’t change till his next life.”

Xuanyuan Li Zhi frowned. “Xi’er what do you mean?”

Mu Qian slowly said. “I’m saying that if someone wanted to marry me, he must meet my two requirements first.”

“I won’t accept if he is a stallion! Before and after our marriage, he must never touch another woman aside from me.”

The faces of the men inside the hall are turning into different colors, even the Emperor is the same. Mu Qian saying all of it, Is it just to scold them all!

This is a world where the weak are prey to the Strong! Among the hierarchy being a woman is considered as the lowest!

An average man having three wives and four concubines are deemed as normal. Unless the woman strength is tough to no edge, and is a tigress, having another woman is not possible.

Xuanyuan Li Tian’s face is the most outrageous. Damn! In front of so many people, Mu Qian Xi dared to reproach him.

“Second, he must be stronger than me! Xuanyuan Li Tian’s strength is so weak, such a man. I Mu Qian Xi will never marry!”

In the last sentence, Mu Qian Xi slowly spit out the three words “will never marry’.

Her deep and dark eyes are looking straight with Xuanyuan Li Zhi’s eyes. No one can make her change or lower these two conditions.

The strength of Mu Qian Xi has exceeded Ouyang Wei who ranked fourth in the Purple Moon Kingdom’s genius list.

The only two youths who is higher than her would be Jiu Ye and the Crown Prince.

They were both peerless son of the heaven, having no other women from birth. Mu Qian’s condition is too harsh.

Everyone assumed that the Mu Jia’s Lord will never marry in this life. Only the Ashura sitting at the top has slightly evoked a smile, too little to be seen.

Xuanyuan Li Zhi can’t express what he is feeling exactly, so he eventually change the topic. “Xi’er, you really are Fengyun’s daughter, even your peculiarities are the same.”

In the eyes of Mu Fengyun there’s only his wife. No matter how many beautiful women he sent to please him in the past, all have been returned to him immediately one by one.

He used all sorts of means to send a beautiful woman to him but except his wife, he completely ignored all the other women.

Mu Qian Xi smiled and said. “I will never choose among the princes, may his Majesty please bring out all of my dowry. After this feast, i will take everything home with me.

The Emperor’s face is getting stiff at each passing second. In his heart, he’s cursing Xuanyuan Li Tian.

Such a fortune, he can’t just hand it over.

“It has been a year and a half, Your Majesty must have forgetten all about it. Here! I will help you remember!” Mu Qian took out a roll of long paper!

“Nine hundred ninety nine thousand gold taels, nine hundred ninety nine thousand black jades, nine hundred ninety nine immortality elixirs, nine hundred ninety nine…”

(TN: no.9 has the same pronunciation with “everlasting” in chinese. Basically, the former Mu Qian wanted an everlasting love from Li Tian, hence the reason for the 999,999 qty of gifts.)

This is not some ordinary worldly treasures, the people who heard it can not help but curse inside, Mu Jia is too rich! Too extravagant!

After finishing reading the long list, once again Mu Qian took out another scroll. “Thunder soul orchid, Heavenly lotus, Phoenix silk… ”

These treasures are as rare as Phoenix feathers and Unicorn horns!

The remaining items she had not read must be more precious than the other!

The crowd’s eyes are glistening but when they remembered that these babies are in the Emperor’s hands, their thoughts instantly vanished.

This fortune, it’s amazing!

Xuanyuan Li Tian has finally learned why despite his strong refusal before, his father emperor insisted to continue this marriage, leaving him no choice but to agree.

For this kind of fortune, it doesn’t matter whether a prince like him is happy or not.

Mu Qian’s face has turned slightly red after reading a series of her dowry’s lists. The air inside the hall became silent and dreadful.

All the people on the scene did not dare to utter a sound, carefully sitting on the side.

Such great fortune, no matter who’s mouth, no one is willing to spit it all out.

Even if the man himself is the Purple Moon Kingdom’s Emperor, he may not be so generous.

They quietly watched from the sides, in case a big fight starts, they won’t suffer from it.

Now, they’re racking their brains to come up with an excuse to get out of here immediately. Maybe, the real reason why Mu Qian Xi is here is to collect debts from his majesty which may incur the heaven’s wrath.

Xuanyuan Li Zhi clenched his fist, his eyes on the purple figure in front. If he could, he wanted to kill her on the spot.

He slowly said. “Xi’er, do you really have to take all of your dowry back today?

Mu Qian Xi sonorous voice echoed. “Yes! I must have it all back today, my clan is in a financial crisis, please grant this wish of mine your majesty. If you think that one request isn’t enough. How about I use both requests for today?”

Mu Qian is so aggressive, that it almost made the Emperor suffer an internal injury.

But he isn’t willing to do it! No matter what happen, he can’t just let it go easily like this!

Xuanyuan Li Zhi’s blood is boiling! Now, its really impossible to stop halfway!

His eyes flashed a cold light, he must directly refuse Mu Qian Xi today!

Granted Mu Wushuang would lose his mind, he is the only one person whose strength is in the Martial King, he believed he can counter it with numbers. In fact, he doesn’t have any other choice left.

As for the witnesses present, he will warn them not to spread any word from today.

Once she get out, he will kill her!

He’s the Emperor, no one could disobey him!

Xuanyuan Li Zhi’s killing intent is getting more obvious. Mu Qian slightly lift up her eyebrow, the Emperor’s insight is smaller than she imagined.

Want to kill her? He can try!

When the Emperor was about to give his order, a cold voice came.

The audience was quiet, all the people inside did not dare to go out.

Translator’s Note:

Cliffhanger is real!!!

Who is this person helping our MC?!

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