EWP Chapter 60: The Emperor and his son are too shameless

The Emperor and his son are too shameless.

“I didn’t think that he’d be so reluctant to pay me for the carriage, enough to kill me. I admit I’ve made some radical actions but that was because I’m forced to do so.”

“I’m the Lord of our clan, I know my standing isn’t as high as his highness but hurting him a little can’t be considered as felony!”

Xuanyuan Li Tian almost coughed out blood. He is a royal prince and this woman seriously injured him, yet she is here saying that because his status is higher than her, he was the one oppressing her instead! He felt worried on how will his father emperor react.

At this moment, Xuanyuan Li Zhi really regrets on the promise he made for Mu Fengyun who suddenly vanished. Mu Fengyun used his elixirs to save his life.

Plus his business is thriving, so in order to win him over to his side, he gave him a lot of privileges.

As long as he(MF) is in the Purple Moon Kingdom, within thirty years, they will definitely not be the weakest against the strength of the Snow Continent.

He loves his children so much that when Mu Qian Xi was still in the womb of her mother, he announced his grand ambition to make this kingdom the strongest.

Once Mu Qian is born, whether male or female. The position of the Lord of the Mu Jia will be equal to that of the Prince.

Because of his decree before, even if Mu Qian Xi made a grave sin on hurting a prince. He can’t condemn her on mere suspicion.

Xuanyuan Li Zhi’s face had become green, it’s the first time he came to understand what does shooting oneself in the foot means.

Though he has the highest status in the Purple Moon Kingdom, he always felt inferior compared to the Mu Jia’s Lord.

In this Kingdom, she can be reckless as she wants as long as she does not take the Emperor and his sons lives. He can’t even refute her even if wanted to.

Mu Qian continued. “Your Majesty, I wasted a lot of time in front of the Palace gates but his highness only paid me three hundred thousand gold taels. Your majesty can pay me on his highness’ behalf. Lest the time be overstepped else his life will be my right to take.”

At this time, all the people in this room were completely frozen.

Asking payment to the Emperor when she’s already rich, what blasphemy is this?

Some of them are officials yet they can’t come up with that kind of amount in such short notice, moreover its gold!

In your eyes, we’re all broke is that it! Everyone’s mood is gloomy.

Yue Xu said in a small voice. “Old man, isn’t the Mu Jia’s Lord awesome? Otherwise, how can big brother follow her? It’s not too bad to be her little brother after all!”

“Pow!” Yue Xu was given a hard spank by his father.

“You heartless brat! Don’t you compare yourself to your big brother! Even if she’s rich, she won’t take you. You only know how to talk big, I’ll bet that she’s also dissatisfied with you! ”

With a teary eyes, Yue Xu said. “Old man, you’re being biased!”

The general looked at the girl sitting with his eldest son, he secretly sighed a sigh of relief!

Though he had been in a few battlefields, he still can not see the situation clearly.

Mu Jia’s Lord although arrogant, wealthy and out of control, she still acts like a proper Lord, wary from the dangers that lurks on every side.

It was too dangerous for his eldest son to be with her.

But every member of their family always keep their words, no matter what he says, it wouldn’t make a difference.

Naturally, there are also benefits. His son can now eat second-grade medicine pellets like beans.

If Yue Ze would continue to cultivate like he has always done before, added with the immortality pills maybe one day, he would be the first person to advance on Spirit Master under twenty years old.

Xuanyuan Li Tian almost fainted. In front of so many people, she said that he had no money to pay her back. What a disgrace!

At this time, even Xuanyuan Li Zhi was speechless, he feels that this little girl is more getting more difficult to deal with.

He glared at his son, who made him lose his composure and said. “I will send the seven hundred thousand gold taels to your residence today.”

Mu Qian chuckled. “I still have something to say your Majesty.”

She smiled and said. “Since I’ve won on my match with Ouyang Wei. I remember that the Emperor had promised me two things. Can I mention it now? ”

Mu Qian laughed innocently, but they had seen her tough black heart before. Her requests are absolutely not an easy thing.

Xuanyuan Li Zhi has a bad feeling, he made his promises in public, if he refuse what would his subjects think?

“Say it!” A deep and low voice came out.

“A year and a half ago, my dowry was given to Your Majesty for safekeeping. Now that that the marriage contract is lifted, plus my family’s recent financial is in dire straits. I would like Your Majesty to give me back my whole dowry.” She chanted while smiling.

She spoke in a calm manner, as if she had simply brought back what had been stored here by her elders.

But Xuanyuan Li Zhi’s face has become very ugly, he then smiled. “Xi er, you and Tian’er feelings are true, this marriage isn’t lifted and just a joke on my son’s part. You are still the future Princess Consort, your dowry is worth a lot of money so it has been placed in the Treasury where it is relatively safe.”

It was a huge amount of money, it was already in his mouth, he isn’t willing to spit it all out.

Xuanyuan Li Tian tightly sealed his lips, he glanced at the woman standing proud in front of his father emperor. He had a little expectation that she would agree to have their marriage contract put back again.

And Mu Ruyun was mad, these two people’s marriage contract is finally lifted but the Emperor said that it was just a joke, how can she stay silent?

She looked at the seventh prince’s way and found out that he seems to agree on what his father is saying as if his heart was also moved by Mu Qian Xi.

Sure enough, the Emperor made a commanding look towards Xuanyuan Li Tian. Li Tian then stood from his seat and said. “It’s what Father Emperor has said, I love Xi’er and also do not want to divorce!”

Xuanyuan Li Zhi gave him a warning, he can only obey.

In fact, even if there is no warning coming from his father, Xuanyuan Li Tian will still agree.

Xuanyuan Li Tian turned to Mu Qian and said softly. “Xi er, although we have some misunderstanding before, but I really want to marry you. Let’s forget the past, start over again? This time I’ll make you happy.”

Jiu Ye’s gaze is like an arrow that falls down on Xuanyuan Li Tian.

He wanted the man to disappear completely from this world.

Xuanyuan felt his back gone cold and stiff, like he was thrown in the deepest part of hell. A great sense of terror overwhelms him!

“Brother Li Tian, you…..said that you loathe this woman… Ho…… How can you say you love her now!”

Xuanyuan Li Tian coldly said. “Shut up! Don’t be make such audacious remarks lowly woman!”

Translator’s Note:

See this is what a scumbag would do!

If looks can kill, he would already be dead by now.

Poor Jiu Ye eating his vinegar. Ha ha ha!

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