EWP Chapter 59: Settle scores at an opportune moment

Settle scores at an opportune moment.

Mu Qian is behind him, in the face of so many people, Xuanyuan Li Zhi can not leave her alone.

He smiled and said. “Zhen and your father are like brothers. He once saved zhen’s life, now that he’s currently missing. Zhen decided to act as your parent instead. Naturally, zhen won’t let anyone bully you.”

“Your Majesty, my daughter was badly injured by Mu Qian Xi. She must be punished!”

“Enough!” Xuanyuan Li Zhi coldly said.

“This is a children’s match, of course there’s someone bound to be hurt, you’re the Ouyang’s Lord! You haven’t even thought of that?” He passed an order. “Take Wei’er to the Chief Alchemist, after a day or two, she will recover.”

Ouyang Lord clenched his fist and kneeled in obeisance. “Forgive this Lord, your Majesty! I admit to my sin!”

Mu Qian Xi and Ouyang Wei’s contest is over and from now on, no one will dare to underestimate the once waste Mu Jia’s Lord and her kitten.

Ouyang Wei’s current state is a bloody example.

The corner of Mu Qian’s mouth slightly turned upward, Ouyang Clan this is only the beginning.

The death of the former Mu Jia’s Lord is not settled completely. This Lord will make sure that you’ll pay all your debts!


She glanced at the emperor, who was sitting at the highest seat and said.

“Your Majesty, I’ll go back to my seat. The dinner isn’t over yet!”

The Emperor nodded. “Xi’er have worked hard, go back to your seat.”

Xuanyuan Li Zhi did not mention her reward, although he was the one who promised it, he never wanted to fulfill those two requests in the first place.

When Mu Qian returned to her seat, she saw the already petrified Yue Ze.

Yue Ze gulped and exclaimed. “You’re so strong, Leader!”

On their last match, she at least hid half of her strength.

He felt embarrassed, when he remembered that he was the one who first sent a challenge letter to her. How stupid he was, when he said he’ll teach her a lesson.

“I’m your Leader, of course I won’t be beaten easily! That’s why you have to work hard and don’t fall behind to me.”

Yue Ze clenched his fist and firmly said. “That’s natural!”

After seeing the thrilling battle, the other people’s performances clearly attracted a lot of interest from different persons.

Time slowly passed, soon the Purple Moon Festival’s dinner is coming to an end.

However, there is a good scene that has not yet been staged!

“Your Majesty!”

Mu Ruyun really live up to the expectations of Mu Qian Xi, after countless battle within her heart, she finally opened up.

This is the best way to get her revenge to Mu Qian, she won’t just let it pass off.

Mu Qian already beat her by strength, if she continues like this. Her future days will be dark!

She must get rid of Mu Qian today! Give her a miserable death!

Xuanyuan Li Zhi asked. “Isn’t this girl a person from the seventh prince’s palace? Is there something going on?”

What happened in front of the palace gates, he already knew. But since he can’t accuse without evidence, he catches up on what Mu Ruyun is planning, he decided to act with Mu Ruyun to take care of Mu Qian’s sins today.

Having a unique talent is already a threat to the Kingdom. He’s afraid that there will be the time that the Royal Family will be overturned by the Mu Jia.

Mu Ruyun’s life had fallen when she was brought out to the Mu Jia’s residence with Xuanyuan Li Tian. Even now, she continues eating vinegar.

“Your Majesty, when Mu Jia’s Lord is in front of the palace……”

“And then to his highness, Xuanyuan Li Tian……”

Xuanyuan Li Zhi is enraged.

“Preposterous! Xi’er, how can you act so willfully and make a scene! I’m so disappointed!”

The person sitting above, was the same person who said he will treat her like his daughter!

Mu Qian only hurt his son a little, yet he acts like she had provoked his whole royal family and fly into a rage right away!

Mu Qian’s mouth slowly evoked a sly smile, the Purple Moon’s dinner last show will finally about to start!

Seeing the calmness on Mu Qian’s face, Mu Ruyun pointed to her without any fear and said. “Lord, you seriously injured the palace guards, made a mess in front of the palace gates, wounded a member of the royal family, showed your contempt to the Emperor, these are all your major sin! Our whole clan will be implicated by you.……”

While saying all of these, Mu Ruyun fell to her knees, whimpering with all of her heart.

Mu Qian coldly said. “I am Mu Qian Xi, the Mu Jia’s Lord, second only to your majesty, and any member of the royal family. Isn’t this what your Majesty had said earlier? but how come when I entered the Palace today that not long-eyed guard dared to stop me and wanted to enter my carriage to confirm my identity? Its absurd right?”

“This Lord has been kind enough not to cut them off and feed them to the dogs!”

“This Lord isn’t the one who despised the whole royal family but the people behind that incident. If you’re angry, drag them all out here!”

The whole crowd was silent.

The Mu Jia’s Lord is truly awesome! Not only she was arrogant in front of the imperial guards but also has the guts to confront the Emperor head on!

And her words are all true, Mu Qian is indeed qualified to punish the guards and no one can refute it.

“Your Majesty, We’ve been framed! Mu Jia’s Lord is lying.” The wounded and disabled guards, ran straight out to complain.

“Impudent! Your Majesty, if you really want to know whether they’re innocent or not, the Purple Moon Kingdom have several torture methods, if used on them, they will naturally tell the truth.” Mu Qian coldly said.

Sitting in the Dragon chair, Xuanyuan Li Zhi’s eyes flashed a hint of dark light and glanced at the shameless girl in purple dress.

The rumors are right, she had changed a lot and acts more like the former Mu Jia’s Lord.

Young, unrestrained, looks weak but her mind is unpredictable, even he can not see through it.

Unshakable like an iron, no mercy with the enemies! Just like how Mu Fengyun was in the past!

No need to interrogate these people, this matter is simply clear to him.

These guards were already controlled by the Ouyang Clan, so they listened to Ouyang Wei’s instructions to embarrass Mu Qian in front of the Palace Gates.

As the trial went on, both the royal family and the Ouyang Clan’s face fell deeper.

Xuanyuan Li Zhi ordered. “Come and drag out all the people who have slandered Xi’er!”

All the people were stunned, they initially thought that Mu Qian will be subjected to a cruel punishment. But in the end, it was the imperial guards who have fallen to their deaths.

Ouyang Ju’s face becomes darker than the bottom of the pot. Damn! Why is Mu Qian so difficult to deal with! Is she supposed to get away with all of it so easily like this?

Mu Ruyun is about to jump from anger. Then without thinking, she hastily said. “Lord, though you are noble and have wounded the royal guards due to their impertinence, but that doesn’t erase that you almost killed the seventh prince, the Emperor’s own flesh and blood.……”

Mu Ruyun haven’t finished talking, yet was cut off by Mu Qian’s voice. Mu Qian turned her head to the Emperor and said in an aggrieved tone. “Your Majesty, this lowly one indeed has injured the son of heaven but why does she only say it was my fault? His highness attacked my carriage first! Fortunately, I have little strength to escape else I wouldn’t be here right now. I only wish for him to compensate me, so I made him write a letter. Is there something wrong with that?”

Translator’s Note:

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