EWP Chapter 58: The little cat is too strong

The little cat is too strong.

The whole crowd heard Mu Qian’s words. “What? Mu Jia’s Lord also has a contract beast!”

“If she does, then the next match would be exciting.” Everyone is anticipating Mu Qian’s next move.

Mu Qian said. “Wudi, come out!”

A black and white light flashed, then a white kitten appeared in Mu Qian’s arms. It’s fur look shiny and soft like a silk.

A little fluffy and the tail is like a small broom swaying behind its little body.

The small, round and little ears stood up in a playful way, adding to its cuteness.

A pair of purple eyes similar to amethyst, glistening brightly.

A cute little kitten! It does not even look like it has a fighting power and its size isn’t even enough to fill the gap on the fire tiger’s teeth.

When Wudi made his appearance almost everyone in the hall almost rolled off from their seat.

Yue Ze’s mouth is twitching, such a small and adorable beast, how can it fight with a third-rank beast?

“Hahaha!” Ouyang Wei proudly laughed.

“Mu Qian Xi, this is the end! You want to fight with Red with that kitten? Keep struggling till death! ”

Mu Qian looked at Wudi. “You’ve eaten so much beast cores that made you advanced to a third-rank beast. Finally, this is the right time to put you to work. Are you sure you can beat it?”

Although their rank is the same but she still had doubts due to its little body!

If Wudi can’t win, she will have to use her trump card.

“Master, don’t underestimate me meow! I’m invincible! That’s merely a third-rank beast, it isn’t worthy enough to be my opponent” the kitten swung its tail and said confidently.

“Well then hurry up and kill that little tiger!”

“How dare you! Let’s see when Red swallowed you two, would you still say he’s little!” Ouyang Wei glared at Mu Qian.

She gave a command. “Red! Swallow them both for me!”


The big fire tiger rushed towards Mu Qian’s direction. Everyone could not help kneading a cold sweat for Mu Qian.

The third-rank beast is hostile, there’s no way out for her!

Mu Qian didn’t even budge, totally confident with the little kitty in front of her. Someone yelled. “That’s a suicide!”

In the same time where the fire tiger almost reached the kitten, it disappeared.

“Where did the cat go? How can it suddenly disappear!”

“What’s going on? Could it be that cat turned invisible?”


The people watching are puzzled, no matter where they look, they can’t find the kitten on the stage.


Suddenly, the fire tiger let out a heart-rending sound then its enormous body fell on the ground.

“What the hell is going on?”

“Look! The kitty is in the tiger’s back! ”

One person pointed to the little white kitten at the top of the fire tiger. “Oh God! How did it get up there!”

Ouyang Wei’s whole face has became distorted. She looked at her contract beast lying on the ground and her mood worsen.

“Red, What are you doing? Why don’t you throw this kitten down?”


Suddenly someone from the crowd found out something and was shocked. “The fire tiger’s breathing is weakening!”

“Look at that kitten!”

At the same time, the kitten suddenly took out a red beast cores with the same size of its body.

“Crunch! Crunch!” It gnawed the beast core until nothing is left.

They exclaimed. “That is the nucleus of the fire tiger, how did the kitty get it?”

“Wait! Such a small thing ate a third rank beast core, isn’t it afraid of explosion?”


Afterwards, the kitten jumped from the fire tiger’s body to Mu Qian’s bosom and happily said. “Master, did you see how invincible I am? I solved it with only a paw meow!”

The people can’t believe what happened. “What kind of cat is that?”

“Are you sure it’s even a cat?”

In a short moment, the little kitten pounced into the fire tiger’s back to kill it, then it takes out the beast core of the opponent to eat it.

“Ho…how? Mu Qian….you” her contract beast is dead, Ouyang Wei’s mind is in a mess.

Mu Qian smirked. “What’s wrong? Still want to fight?”

“I…… I give up.……”

Ouyang Wei saw that pair of dark and cold eyes, and somehow lost her confidence.

This battle is finally coming to an end.

But when the crowd was relieved, a dark dragon-shaped dagger slipped from Ouyang Wei’s sleeves and fell on her palm.

Her eyes flashed a cold light. ‘Mu Qian Xi, you must die!’

Unexpectedly, Ouyang Wei is the one who suffered instead.

“Water Charge!”

Mu Qian had already been prepared, this woman can not hide her evil heart and wouldn’t easily admit defeat.

Ouyang Wei didn’t reach Mu Qian yet, suddenly a magnificent blue water dragon charged towards her!

“Ah!” Ouyang Wei’s body flew in the air.

This is not the end, when the body of Ouyang Wei is about to land, Mu Qian voice came again!

“Water Charge!”

“Cough!” Ouyang Wei in the air, spat out a lot of blood, leaving everyone in a panic.

The crowd was stunned. Too miserable!

“Water Charge!”


Ouyang Wei was thrown up and down in the air, every hit was higher than the last, making her hair a mess similarly to a female ghost.

The people watching are stupified. “Does it have no end! Even if she has water element, with this amount of attack wouldn’t all her Qi diminish at this point? How come there is still power left?”

“Are you blind? What do you think she’s eating?”

“Second-grade medicine pellet! No wonder she’s still active.”

The crowd almost vomited blood!

Mu Jia’s Lord is truly a tyrant, eating a second-grade medicine pill like a bean. Restoring her power then letting out a big attack continuously.

Mu Qian lazily glanced at the black dagger, pretending to admit defeat then coat it with an inferior poison to attack her? So silly and naive!

Ouyang Wei whose still in the air look like she’s about to reach nirvana soon. Ouyang’s Lord and Ouyang Ju wanted to stop Mu Qian quickly and could not restrained themselves any longer.


The Ouyang’s Lord abruptly stood up. His eyes is popping from rage and he shouted.

“Mu Qian Xi, stop before going too far! Else this Lord won’t let you leave this place alive today! Seize her!”

Mu Qian’s figure flashed, directly went behind the Emperor, Xuanyuan Li Zhi.

She said. “Your Majesty, this match has your approval. I didn’t kill Ouyang Wei just hurt her a little but now the Ouyang’s Lord is bullying me. Stop him for me! ”

“My father is not here, so he dares bully me for his daughter. My family can’t be bullied easily like this. Your Majesty, save me from this injustice!”

Translator’s Note:

A bunch of hypocrites!

Especially the Emperor and the Ouyangs, when the former Mu Qian was beaten to death by his daughter, did he stop it? NO! The answer is big NO.

So by all means, he has no right to warn the current Mu Qian. In fact, he must be thankful she didn’t finish her daughter off.

Karma is a bitch!

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