EWP Chapter 57: Can we win against a contract beast?

Can we win against a contract beast?

Xuanyuan Li Tian’s face is heavy; Mu Qian Xi’s strength has gone beyond his, and he was also defeated by her once.

Though he lost to Mu Qian, the main reason was he underestimated his enemy. He hates to admit it but once Mu Qian’s temperament changed, she became very difficult to deal with.

Damn it all! Ouyang Wei must play her cards right. She can’t let Mu Qian Xi win today.

Even if her appearance looks miserable, Ouyang Wei is still full of arrogance and glared at Mu Qian.

“Mu Qian Xi, don’t think you can beat me with just this! You’re far below me, remember that!”

Ouyang Wei’s strength suddenly advanced and soared to the Eight-Stage Spirit Warrior.

“What’s going on?”

“Didn’t think that Ouyang Wei has a hidden card left, she even has a pill to enhance her skill to a higher stage.”

“Two stage gap, even if Mu Qian’s a genius she won’t stand a chance against her. No doubt about that!”

Yue Ze sprang up from his seat; he nervously looks at Mu Qian Xi from afar.

The one stage gap between their strength can be overcome with talent but against Ouyang Wei whose power is at the Eight-Stage Spirit Warrior now that is simply impossible.

Mu Qian smiled and said. “Ouyang Wei, you’re too naïve! Do you really think that you can defeat me by ascending to the Eight-Stage Spirit Warrior?”

“Hmph! Well aren’t you brave? Mu Qian Xi, your words will send you to hell!”

Ouyang Wei’s broadsword moved so quickly, forming a full moon. Then a gust of wind went towards Mu Qian intending to sweep her away.

In the face of such a sharp attack, Mu Qian did not bother to avoid it and merely stood there.

Mu Qian gently lift her hand in the air. “Water Shield!”

A light water-colored curtain instantly appeared, blocking the vicious blow!


The ground aside from where Mu Qian is standing had been blown to bits and now is filled with holes. Mu Qian remained unscathed.

All the people watching can’t believe what they saw, their eyeballs almost fell out. “That… That’s the power of a water element!”

“Oh god! Does that mean that Mu Qian Xi is a master of the water element?”

“She’s the second genius with an element that appeared in the Purple Moon Kingdom!”

At the same time, the crown prince’s eyes fell on Mu Qian Xi’s body. Xuanyuan Li Shang is somehow interested with her.

Because the first genius who appeared with an element is him, he has the wind element!

‘She had the water element?’ Ouyang Wei’s face turned green.

This lowly woman who was once a trash compared to her has now crawled onto her head, her ability had now surpass her, and she simply can’t bear any of it!

She won’t feel at ease unless she kills Mu Qian today.

Ouyang Wei had forgotten the Emperor’s warning, her mind is full of intention to kill!

Having an element can greatly affect the battle; she learned it in the Snow Country’s books and most practitioners knows its advantage.

But Mu Qian Xi wanted to win with the two stages gap on their strength, isn’t that only wishful thinking?

Countless sword cuts were unleashed. Because of Ouyang Wei’s envy, the whole people watching are caught in a crazy battle.

Mu Qian continued to use her water element to dodge Ouyang Wei’s attacks. All of Ouyang Wei’s efforts are fruitless.

Mu Qian smirked. “Is that all? I don’t have time to waste with you!”

“Water Slash!” a blue water dragon run fast towards Ouyang Wei!


“No!” Ouyang Wei loudly screams, her body flew into the air!

“Ahhh!!!” her miserable voice made all the people who heard it also feel the pain.

Afterwards, Ouyang Wei landed severely between the gaps of the broken platform, her face is as white as paper.

“Too strong! Is this the power of a person with an element? “

“This kind of strength is incredible!”

Mu Qian looked at Ouyang Wei who is lying on the ground; she watched her wretched state and smirked. “Ouyang Wei, you lose!”

Ouyang Wei is having great difficulty to move, she grind her teeth and shouted. “I did not lose, how can I lose! Mu Qian Xi, don’t celebrate too early!”

“Red! Get out and tear her up!” Ouyang Wei laughed manically; her grim expression coupled with her blood-stained image is like a devil that climbed out of hell.

“Growl!” A fiery red tiger suddenly appeared in front of Ouyang Wei.

The beast is at least seven meters long; it occupied the broken platform’s half space. A “King” mark was seen in its forehead, domineering and breathtaking.

“Fire Tiger, a third-rank beast!”

“The Ouyang clan was able to find a third-rank beast for Ouyang Wei; it seems her father cares for her deeply.”

“Also from what I’ve heard, seizing a third-rank beast isn’t difficult but to tame it is another matter entirely. Where did they find a beast tamer? I only know that in this kingdom, there are no beasts tamer with that kind of capability.”

The Emperor’s eyes was focused on the fire tiger, when did Ouyang Wei tamed a third-rank beast? How come he did not know anything about this?

He felt danger with how the Ouyang Clan work behind the scenes.

The Ouyang Lord has very bad feeling regarding his daughter’s abrupt action, this time if he didn’t explain himself immediately to the Emperor; a big misunderstanding would take place.

He never imagined that Wei’er would suddenly call out the Fire Tiger; it looks like Mu Qian Xi is stronger that they thought.

“This is the end. A third-rank beast is equivalent to a Martial Master, even if Mu Qian is a genius. She has no chance to win.”

“What do you know? Maybe Mu Qian also has a contract beast?”

“Don’t talk rubbish! It’s impossible! Although Mu Jia is rich, a beast tamer won’t work just for money, besides we don’t have a beast tamer here in the Purple Moon Kingdom.”

Yue Ze looked at the stage, stood up and bravely said. “Your Majesty, this match is unfair to Mu Qian Xi, please order Ouyang Wei to take her contract beast away.”

Xuanyuan Li Zhi from the beginning, completely doesn’t want Mu Qian to win, he has no intention to fulfill the two promises either, so in this moment, how can he order Ouyang Wei to put away her contract beast?

He said. “A contract between beasts can be also be considered as a strength of a person, besides, they made no rules that one can’t use her contract beast in this battle, so no violation was made.”

Yue Ze clearly saw that the Emperor and the Ouyang Clan is colluding in this match.

He looked at the unrestrained girl on the stage, she haven’t reached the age of sixteen yet the two biggest forces in the kingdom already want to destroy her.

How hard was her life for the past three years?

He unexpectedly felt happy and very lucky, his father albeit strict was a great teacher and even if they had no money to buy immortality pills, they have the talent and effort to match those who only bought it.

But he never lived in fear, and he did not need to guard against other people’s scheming.

That girl is the one he looks up to but at the same time, he feels a little sorry for her.

He looked at Mu Qian and wanted to tell her to admit defeat.

He doesn’t want her to get hurt!

Seeing the worried eyes of Yue Ze, Mu Qian gave him a smile to reassure him. “I’m fine” The two words he saw from her lips.

Mu Qian coldly said. “Ouyang Wei, do you really believe that only you have a contract beast?”

Translator’s Note:

Wudi’s grand appearance will come next. du du dun dun… find out what happens next on the Evil Wang Pampers his Ghost Doctor Fei~

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