EWP Chapter 56: Mu Jia’s Lord is too embarrassed

Mu Jia’s Lord is too embarrassed.

Ouyang Wei promptly said. “Why? Is it because you’re afraid to lose? If that’s so, don’t worry. I won’t do my best! Just think of it as a friendly match instead.”

If Mu Qian was still like before, she would already be making her way to pull Ouyang Wei’s hair due to her mocking words by now, but clearly that’s not the case anymore.

“This Lord is too tired to play with you.” Mu Qian said while looking at Ouyang Wei’s despicable face.

Ouyang Wei froze; she then turned to look at Xuanyuan Li Zhi to ask for his help. She must teach Mu Qian her lesson today!

Mu Qian already beat Yue Ze, which gave her a sense of crisis that if she let Mu Qian off, there will come a time that Mu Qian Xi would surpass her next.

It is necessary to put this possibility else she wouldn’t know what’s coming after her.

Even if she can’t kill Mu Qian, she must ensure to make her a cripple just like her uncle. A murderous glint flashed on Ouyang Wei’s eyes.

Xuanyuan Li Zhi got Ouyang’s Wei message and smiled. “Xi’er, you and your father are too different, why are you so lazy? Little girl, to inspire you, tell me what you want!”

“As long as you win, zhen will do anything you ask for.”

The right to have a request to the Emperor although not much but everyone felt jealous towards Mu Qian Xi’s favor.

But they also know that Mu Qian Xi cannot win.

Even if Mu Qian have now started to cultivate and can be considered as one of the Purple Moon Kingdom’s geniuses, that doesn’t mean that she has the chance to win against Ouyang Wei whose already at the Seventh Stage Spirit Warrior.

“Your Majesty, why so stingy? How about you make it three and I’ll consider it.”

The people who heard her almost vomited blood. Mu Qian even dared to make a bargain with his Majesty, treating his benevolence similar to a Chinese cabbage.

Even the emperor, Xuanyuan Li Zhi was speechless, but he still hung the amiable smile on his face. “Two at most, Xi’er can not be too naughty.”

There was glimmer in Mu Qian’s eyes. Good, two is really good!

She stood up and chuckled. “Alright! Ouyang Wei’s challenge, I’ll accept. Should we start now?”

Xuanyuan Li Zhi looked at the bright and laid-back girl. He felt a sense of being calculated.

‘How could she win with just a little bit of knowledge? Perhaps, I’m thinking too much.’

Mu Jia, Mu Wushuang and Mu Qian Xi, they really are out of line.

By controlling the Purple MoonKingdom’s economic side and added with the fact that they also have the strongest man in the kingdom. These fools completely disregard the Emperor in their eyes.

Mu Qian Xi crippled Ouyang Wei’s cousin, Ouyang Xin and humiliated her(OW) beloved prince, Xuanyuan Li Tian.

This is the day to teach her a lesson.

Even if Mu Wushuang got angry, he can blame the Ouyang clan rather than their Royal Family.

Ouyang’s Lord sighed heavily. “Wei’er is still too impulsive.”

This Emperor is ruthless, whether it is a relative of his beloved queen or his humble officials. They are all his chess pieces to move at free will.

Once Mu Qian Xi had an accident, their Ouyang Clan will be his Majesty’s scapegoat; they will bear Mu Wushuang’s fury alone.

The eldest son of the Ouyang’s Lord said. “Father, why are so worried? We have so many soldiers. What can Mu Wushuang do to us by himself alone?”

“Even if he reached the peak of Ninth-Stage Martial King, he still has blind eyes and crippled legs. There is nothing to fear!”

“Since it has come to this already, Wei’er should just finish Mu Qian Xi completely.” Ouyang Ju fiercely said.

“Leader, are sure it’s no problem?” Yue Ze asked while frowning.

Ouyang Wei strength is higher than him and her and is already at the Seventh-Stage Spirit Warrior.

The Ouyang clan’s power is monstrous, being the eldest daughter of the Lord; she grew without fear and continued to abuse others. She’s not easy to deal with.

Mu Qian smiled. “Rest assured! I’ve never done anything I can’t grasp.”

Ouyang Wei shouted. “Come on and let’s fight, Mu Qian Xi!”

Ouyang Wei is so eager to abuse Mu Qian Xi to death. The last time, she failed on killing her, perhaps Mu Qian’s luck that day is truly great but this time she wouldn’t make the same mistake.

The purple figure leaped and floated down the stage.

Xuanyuan Li Zhi reminded them. “Little girls, don’t take it too far as to implicate others lives!”

If Mu Qian Xi dies in today’s battle, the Emperor is afraid that Mu Wushuang would do crazy things, perhaps he would bury the whole Purple Moon Kingdom with her.

Therefore, the life of Mu Qian Xi must be kept.

On the stage, two women stand forming a beautiful scenery.

The woman in purple dress is full of splendor and unrestrained.

While the woman in red dress is also quite a beauty but her arrogance still remains.

One is the youngest Lord of the Purple Moon Kingdom, and one is the proud eldest daughter of the Queen’s paternal family. This battle made everyone excited.

All this time, Jiu Ye’s eyes had never left Mu Qian Xi.

“Mu Qian Xi, I’m going first. Try to block me if you can!”

Ouyang Wei’s eyes looked cold and in a second after she said those words, her Qi burst out. The aura of the Seventh-Stage Spirit Warrior filled the area.

“Woah! Ouyang Wei’s speed of cultivation is high!”

“She’s one of the geniuses of our kingdom, of course she’s powerful. ”


Every one sighed, Ouyang Wei’s talent in cultivation is really surprising.

Ouyang Wei’s attack is about to fall on the body of the Mu Qian, but Mu Qian also reacted fast and unhurriedly made her shot!


Two forces clashed together, then the both of them stepped back!

“What’s going on? Isn’t Mu Qian Xi only in Sixth-Stage? How can she evenly fight with Ouyang Wei?”

“Maybe Ouyang Wei is playing her? Didn’t she said that she won’t take this match seriously?”

“That doesn’t seem to be the case, maybe Mu Qian is the one hiding her capabilities.”

The red woman at the stage heard all their conversations.

Ouyang Wei’s eyes became colder, she said. “I sure did underestimated you. You defeated Yue Ze, so I’m sure you’re no ordinary Sixth-Stage Spirit Warrior.”

A long red sword appeared on Ouyang Wei’s hand, like a lightning rushed past to Mu Qian’s direction to cut her in half.

In order to escape, Mu Qian swiftly move her body sideways!

“Crack!” Ouyang Wei’s attack missed, making the gorgeous stage in the hall split in half.

Ouyang Wei laughed. “Let’s see how long can you dodge!”

“World Cut!”

The fiery red sword, as if to cut the whole world in half, rushed again towards Mu Qian with tremendous power.

“Don’t think only you have a great sword!” In Mu Qian’s fair hand a sword appeared.

A sixth-grade spiritual weapon! When the auction was held before, this weapon was included in the list.

“Clang!” Two weapons hit together and a fierce fire burst out.

Ouyang made a cold hum, her weapon has reached its peak, every strike she release will now produce three cuts.

When she was about to be proud on her sucessful attack, suddenly ten slashes are coming towards her direction.

“How is this possible?”

In face of ten sword slashes, she won’t find a place to hide!


After the two loud noises, Mu Qian came out unscathed from Ouyang Wei’s attack.

While Ouyang Wei’s state is miserable, her delicate red dress at this time has six or seven holes, revealing her snow-white skin to the public.

“Mu Qian Xi’s Sixth-Stage can’t compare to Ouyang Wei’s Seventh-Stage??? This is unbelievable!” All the people’s eyes are wide open.

Translator’s Note:

This fight will truly shame Ouyang bitch!

Hope after this, she won’t appear for a long time


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