EWP Chapter 55: Trying to figure out a way to screw it up

Trying to figure out a way to screw it up.

In an instant, the temperature inside the entire palace suddenly dropped.

The faces of the people in the audience became pale, and even Xuanyuan Li Tian was no exception.

Even the emperor of the Purple Moon Kingdom, after hearing these eight words, the color on his face has lost its color. He hastily ordered the eunuch beside him. “Hurry up and get ready for the night prince!”

Xuanyuan Jiu ye’s position is the closest to Xuanyuan Li Zhi and was even better than the Crown Prince.

The legend says that in every millennium, a man full of political wisdom would appear. This prince who can conquer the land is also the number one genius in the whole Purple Moon Kingdom based in cultivation and always had this unconcerned face.

The entire hall was so quiet that the people can hear each others breath. A black slender figure stepped into the hall.

His arrival felt that it’s the night where the demon gods have arrived, like a king strong and domineering.

Even the emperor of the Purple MoonKingdom who is already at the Martial Spirit King can’t be compared to him.

His arrival made everyone cautious, and Jiu Ye sat elegantly in his seat, saying nothing.

Mu Qian was too lazy to care about him, she said. “Yue Ze, we also need to be seated! The dinner is starting soon.”

Yue Ze also returned normal, he then followed Mu Qian Xi on her table. .

This is the first time he has seen the legendary Night Prince, even if he does nothing, it gives people fear deep inside their soul.

(TN: Jiu Ye is confirmed as a “Legendary” pokemon by the author! Ha ha ha! )

But his aura felt familiar, like he had experience it before but he doesn’t remember when?

Even if Yue Ze wanted to break his head, he won’t ever consider the idea that the world’s unfathomable night prince is close to his leader Mu Qian Xi even for a bit.

Mu Qian is cursing in her heart. Jiu Ye, this guy is not here simply to attend the banquet.

When he came out, all the people were frightened and the dinner turned gloomy all of a sudden.

Lucky for her, she’s not here to enjoy the dinner but to get back what the Royal Family owes her.

Mu Ruyun’s complaint was interrupted by the appearance of Jiu Ye and was at lost for a moment.

After a while, she finally came back to her senses, ready to continue to talk about the crime of Mu Qian Xi but was reminded by Xuanyuan Li Tian. “Yun’er, the auspicious time is approaching, we need to be seated, follow me!”

Mu Ruyun was filled with disappointments, he’s letting her go easily like that?

“But your highness…” She whispered.

Xuanyuan Li Tian pinched Mu Ruyun’s arm and grabbed her right away. He is squeezing her wrist like what he always has done to Mu Qian Xi before.

His heart was full of anger and hatred moreover he was not willing to give up.

But the evil star has appeared in today’s feast, if he didn’t want to bring his Father Emperor a big trouble, he must endure!

Otherwise, it is even worse for him if his father would be dissatisfied with him.

Tears fall from her eyes, the pain almost made Mu Ruyun to pull her hand away.

She’s also about to explode. If it weren’t for the Night Prince’s appearance, this would be Mu Qian Xi’s unlucky day!

With Xuanyuan Jiu Ye added in the feast, the entire mood was very strange.

Even though Xuanyuan Jiu Ye did not say a word and just continued sitting silently, no person can ignore his aura. It’s a nerve-racking battle.

When the auspicious time has come, the emperor of the Purple Moon Kingdom, Xuanyuan Li Zhi declared. “I announced that this year’s Purple Moon’s annual dinner, officially start.”

Song and dance music, wine and food, one by one was sent out.

The whole country was covered with snow, and among the other kingdoms, Purple Moon was considered as the poorest.

But as the proverb goes, the body of a starved camel is still bigger than a living horse.

“Yue Ze, this pastry tastes good! The royal pastry chef here is quite skilled.” Mu Qian Xi took another piece of sweet-scented osmanthus cake.

“Here! Have a taste.”

Mu Qian is satisfied on the food, so she eats with ease and decided to not focus on Jiu Ye’s arrival.

In face of the calm and indifferent Mu Qian, Yue felt that his current strength is too low compared to the Mu Jia’s Lord. In order to calm himself down, he might as well try the food made from the palace.

After all, the food here can’t be compared to what he eats at home.

However, when he is about to eat the pastry Mu Qian’s had given him; he suddenly felt a terrifying force that wanted to tear his soul and body.

Yue Ze who sits quietly felt so frightened. ‘Who wanted to harm me?’

His hand trembled and the piece of cake had fallen into the ground. At the same time, the killing intent disappeared.

The murderous and malicious aura was only directed at him, he didn’t know where did it came from.

The “Ashura” who is sitting at the second noblest position tried to eat what Mu Qian is enjoying at the moment.

Not only the Night Prince who suddenly decided to participate on the feast appeared but also tried to eat what the palace have served, which made the people more stupefied.

What happened today?

In addition to the Palace’s Royal musicians, singers and dance performances, some of the minister’s sons and daughters have also come to the stage to show talent In front of His Majesty, The Emperor.

“Burp!” Mu Qian let out a satisfied sound from eating too much. Then her eyes fell on the princes and princess who are in the top ten list of Purple Moon Kingdom’s geniuses list.

The first one is Xuanyuan Jiu Ye; this guy’s strength is the highest and the most daunting. To fight with him is a terrible idea.

Second one is the crown prince, Xuanyuan Li Shang who looks bright and talented.

Third place is Xuanyuan Qing Yun, a youth with splendid future prospects and the most low-key prince among the group.

The fourth genius also came from the Royal Family, Xuanyuan Li Tian!

Fifth place is the eight princess, Xuanyuan Jia.

The main candidates on her plan were the Emperor and Xuanyuan Li Tian. In fact, she also wanted to get her revenge on the eight princess who is also here today.

It will surely be fun, but first she must think on how to start.

Just when Mu Qian was thinking about who to use as the fuse, a girl suddenly jumped into the platform.

Xuanyuan Li Zhi showed a smile and asked. “Ouyang’s little girl, why are you on the stage? Do also have something to show for zhen?”

Ouyang Wei, the eldest daughter of the Ouyang Clan, the Queen’s relative and the sixth placer in the list of ten geniuses is undoubtedly a pride of the Purple Moon Kingdom.

Ouyang smiled and said. “I am afraid I will let your Majesty down. Today, Wei’er has more important things she has to do.”

Ouyang Wei’s eyes turned and fell on Mu Qian Xi’s body, she said in a loud voice. “I’ve heard that you defeated one of the ten geniuses in the Kingdom, Yue Ze. So I want to take this chance to also have a battle with you. We are all at the same age but due to the reason that you’re a Lord and had missed the opportunity to prove yourself. This will be the perfect chance to do so, and I’m afraid there would be no next time either.”

Xuanyuan Li Zhi nodded and said. “Zhen heard that you’ve improved a lot, won’t you let zhen see? This will also be a chance for you to acquire some combat skill with the help of Wei’er. “

Everyone was stunned. They did not think that Ouyang’s eldest daughter would challenge Mu Qian to a match today.

In Mu Qian’s eyes a glimmer of light flashed, she almost made an applaud for Ouyang Wei’s move that is really in line with her mind.

She just wanted to find a fuse, and was confused on which son of the Emperor she would pick.

But the heaven’s favor is truly with her; in fact Ouyang Wei is the best candidate!

A cold light flashed through her eyes, Ouyang Wei was the mastermind on the former Mu Qian Xi’s death. In this fight, she will settle all the debts she owes her!

Mu Qian lazily opened her mouth and replied. “Your Majesty, But I came here to play. I don’t want to fight in this lovely scenery. “

The body of a starved camel is still bigger than a living horse.

– Nowadays there’s a lot of talking about China’s possible takeover as the largest economic power in the world as the United States is struggling with a financial crisis. But you can use this proverb to argue that even the American economy is facing with difficulties, it will still be the largest in the foreseeable future. A camel, though dead, is still bigger than a horse where its skeletal frame is concerned.

Translator’s Note:

I’m so busy with work for this month, so expect some delays on the releases of chapters. T^T

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