EWP Chapter 54: The good benefits of being a little brother

The good benefits of being a little brother

Xuanyuan Li Tian’s face is green and he felt his heart gone cold.

“Mu Qian Xi, I have a little pity for you but why are you so ruthless to me, do you really have no feelings left for me?”

“Your royal highness, I only want to talk about money and even if this Lord reincarnated for a hundred times, I will not do such a thing.”

Xuanyuan Li Tian severely coughed out blood more than before. He felt so annoyed upon hearing her answer. ‘Why am I irritated?’

“I’ll compensate for your carriage! One million gold taels, I promise to pay it to you directly, I won’t turn back on my word. “

He felt that the shadow of death is only an inch away and if he didn’t agree with Mu Qian, he will surely die today.

“I only have one hundred thousand gold taels on me.”

“Get it out!” Mu Qian ordered.

Xuanyuan Li Tian hastily took out the money inside his spatial ring. He took out exactly one hundred thousand gold taels and Mu Qian waved. “Yue Ze, collect the money.”

Yue Ze couldn’t help but sigh upon getting the one hundred thousand gold taels. The Mu Jia certainly are the first local tyrant, her speed of making money is really high. He admits that even if his whole family would work for many years, they won’t reach making one hundred thousand gold taels.

Mu Qian glanced at Mu Ruyan and said. “Your Royal Highness, one hundred thousand gold taels is really little don’t you think so? I bet your concubine here can let you borrow some of her money.”

Mu Ruyun in the past three years money aren’t less than the Lord.

Mu Qian thought that Mu Ruyun’s money is much more than Xuanyuan Li Tian based on her reactions.

“Yun’er!” Xuanyuan Li Tian looked at Mu Ruyun clearly asking for help.

Mu Ruyun hated Mu Qian more because of this. How can she be so vicious and unwilling to let her go?

“Yun’er, if you really love me, take out all of your money in your spatial ring. Do want me to die by this madwoman’s hand?!”

Mu Ruyun was afraid to answer for a while. Nowadays, the only one she can rely on is Xuanyuan Li Tian. She’s frightened that no man aside from him can accept her in the whole Purple Moon Kingdom due to incidents in the past.

If Xuanyuan Li Tian is really killed by the madwoman she envies, then she will be more helpless against her in the future.

Mu Ruyun decided to help him, she took out all her savings and a total of two hundred thousand taels are out.

Even Xuanyuan Li Tian couldn’t believe that she has more money than him. However this gentle and caring woman didn’t even bother to tell him beforehand.

Xuanyuan Li Tian was angry; this feeling of being cheated on made him very upset.

“More than two hundred thousand gold taels! Isn’t she too rich?”

“Don’t you know? Mu Ruyun used to be a follower of Mu Qian Xi and from what I’ve heard; Mu Qian has always been generous. Every month she gives them ten thousand or more so it was definitely accumulated from that. Who knows, maybe she still got a lot of money she’s hiding!”

“When Mu Ruyun was still in the Mu Jia, her welfare is also very good! But this vile woman actually went out as far to seduce the seventh prince. The reason for the prince to cancel his engagement to Mu Qian was also due to her, now that she hooked up with him. It only shows how much of a white-eyed wolf she is!”

So many gold taels blinded the eyes of the commoners and Mu Ruyun’s hatred doubled. Naturally, she has all heard the news that is about her and she cannot wait to find a hole to drill into right now.

Yue Ze was also stunned. Leader once said that she has no problems on giving a second-grade medicine pellet in Jinwuatang before. Perhaps it really is true, being the little brother of this local tyrant would bring a lot of benefits!

“Brother Li Tian!” Mu Ruyun cast a pitiful look towards the seventh prince. It seems she wanted him to pacify the words of the people talking bad about her.

However, Xuanyuan Li Tian coldly glanced at her. He felt that this hypocritical woman is disgusting.

Mu Qian took out a piece of paper and brushed a few words in a big stroke. “Xuanyuan Li Tian still has a total of seven hundred thousand gold taels remaining in his debt, If not paid within one month, then plus one hundred thousand per day.”

Seeing the words she inscribed in the paper. Xuanyuan almost spit out blood once again.‘Damn it! You might as well get my whole wealth while at it!’

“Sign it!” Mu Qian said.

Xuanyuan Li Tian bites his lip; even if he is not reconciled he must sign it.

Mu Qian put away the debt letter and finally her new carriage has funds.

Although Mu Jia is not short on money, it is still a pleasant feeling is someone takes the initiative to bring her a lot of money.

“Mu Qian Xi, let go of his royal highness now!”

“Oh? I can’t since I’m sure that these palace guards around me will suddenly make their move. Aren’t I right? Don’t worry I’ll release his highness once we reached inside the imperial palace.”

Mu Qian swore, and then she proceeds inside the palace with Xuanyuan Li Tian leading her. Another group of palace guards follows her behind.

The life of the seventh prince is at stake so Ouyang Shilong can’t do anything to Mu Qian at this moment.

The gate where the dinner is being held was opened, at this time the invited officials and nobles have already arrived. Even the Emperor of the Purple Moon Kingdom is sitting high on his throne.

Even if he is already at the half of his lifetime, you can still see from his facial features that he’s still young and active.

The golden robe he wears made his look extremely majestic.

The officials and their families are dazed.

“Where are the princes? I haven’t seen any of them.”

One prince who is always absent is quite normal but it seems that except for the youths from the Ouyang’s family, the other teenagers are not here yet. Something is wrong,

For a while, the sounds of footsteps were heard and the juniors of each family went beside their parents to sit at the fastest speed.

What happened earlier is too frightening that their little heart can’t stand it. They need their father to comfort and appease them.

Their facial expressions are a little weird. “What happened in the end?”

At this time, three distinct figures appeared in front of their eyes. Mu Qian Xi is walking beside the Seventh prince.

This is not surprising, after all the former Mu Qian Xi was always sticking to Xuanyuan Li Tian no matter where he goes.

However the situation right now is now the same.

For the reason that Mu Qian has a dangerous sharp thing that is pointed at the prince’s neck and by her side is Yue Ze who stood confidently.

Outside are the three hundred soldiers, because their status isn’t high enough they are ordered to stay outside the palace.

When the Emperor saw Mu Qian Xi, in his eyes flash a complex emotion. He then smiled and said. “Tian’er, Xi’er, what are you two doing?”

Mu Qian’s hand moved gently and the big needle pointed at Xuanyuan Li Tian was taken away, she then hides it again back in her sleeves.

Then she said innocently. “Your Majesty, I am playing with his highness Li Tian.”

“Cough! Cough! Cough!” but many people present at the scene were stunned by the words of Mu Qian, they keep on coughing.

They are speechless and the same time cannot hide their admiration in their eyes.

Xuanyuan Li Tian’s face is so green; he easily escaped from Mu Qian. He almost died in her hands but she is here explaining that she’s just playing that made him truly mad from the bottom of his heart.

Xuanyuan Li Tian look like he’s willing to let this go but Mu Ruyun will never let this opportunity flash by. In order to get her revenge, she painstakingly said. “Lord, how can you deceive his Majesty, obviously you…”

“The royal highness, Xuanyuan Jiu Ye is here.”

Mu Ruyun’s complaints haven’t been voice out yet but a sharp voice instantly cut her off.

Translator’s Note:

The heck is wrong with the Li Tian’s head?

Isn’t he the one who wanted to Mu Qian to get over her infatuation with him?

What’s with the 180° degree change???

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