EWP Chapter 53: Try to pay with his life

Try to pay with his life

Although Ma Bo is the Lord’s carriage driver but his strength isn’t low. He safely dodged from Xuanyuan Li Tian’s attack.

In the same time, a woman in purple long dress flew out of the carriage and elegantly landed on the ground. Her satin-like long hair is swaying with the wind, like a goddess that fell from the sky.

Seeing the woman in front of his eyes, Xuanyuan Li Tian was completely stunned.

Her slender figure is wrapped in an exquisite purple dress and her skin is as white as jade.

Noble and domineering, elegant as the wind and the style is perfect, beauty that cannot be interpreted with merely words alone.

Xuanyuan Li Tian’s fists are clenched. ‘Damn it!’

Only half a month has passed but Mu Qian has completely changed, it almost made him not wanting to move his eyes from staring at her.

Mu Ruyan slowly walked down from the other carriage. She involuntarily felt inferior when she saw the woman, who was more dazzling than her elder sister Mu Ruyun.

Mu Qian spoke first. “I am planning to change my carriage but didn’t expect that his highness Xuanyuan Li Tian to break it instead. Since it already happened, pay me one million gold taels for the carriage that your highness has broken!”

The people watching cannot believe what they’ve all heard. First, Mu Qian made her “Shadows” brawled with the Palace Guards stationed at the entrance of the Palace.

Then she disregarded the face of a member of the Royal Family. Arrogantly displayed her authority that incurred the Seventh Prince’s wrath, that resulted to wrecking her carriage in the end.

But didn’t expect that she still has the guts to extort from his Royal Highness!

Even though Mu Qian’s carriage looks golden and gorgeous but the amount shouldn’t be so high like that.

This is definitely a blatant blackmail!

Xuanyuan Li Tian violently jumped down and yelled. “Mu Qian Xi, you are looking for death!”

“Your highness, today there are so many people watching, do you mean you’re not going to pay your debts? The money your highness owes to this Lord is not little. Say, won’t this ruin your reputation?” Mu Qian eyes flashed a cold light.

“Don’t be presumptuous! You want to blackmail this prince? See if you have the ability!” Xuanyuan Li Tian rushed to Mu Qian’s direction, condensing his Qi once more.

The last time he was defeated by Mu Qian, he immediately started to cultivate seriously and was now at the Sixth-Stage Spirit Warrior.

Though he heard that Mu Qian defeated Yue Ze who is also at the Sixth-Stage Spirit Warrior, he believe that Yue Ze did not do his best due to Mu Qian’s acting.

Today, he must defeat Mu Qian and let her surrender to him.

However, Xuanyuan Li Tian hasn’t reached Mu Qian yet, was suddenly blocked by a blue figure that made him almost fell to the ground.

“Cough! Cough!” he felt that he had swallowed something and blood spilled immediately from the corner of his mouth.

Mu Qian smiled and said. “Yue Ze, you’ve come at the right time.”

Yue Ze’s mouth is twitching, because the juniors in his family isn’t ready, they arrived later than usual. But he didn’t expect that his leader would make a big ruckus in front of the palace gates.

Xuanyuan Li Tian roared. “Yue Ze! You dare shoot this prince!”

But Yue Ze blandly answered. “Your highness, please forgive me but I only did that to protect Leader. This crime is only mine to bear. “

Xuanyuan Li Tian was truly mad from the scene he sees in front of him. The woman’s temperament is elegant while the man is tall and handsome. They look at each other eye to eye as if he didn’t exist!

He cursed in his heart, really a pair of dog and shit.

“Mu Qian Xi, you are really good huh! After breaking our engagement, you immediately latched to Yue Ze as a replacement for me. Say, did both of you already had an affair?” He stared at them like a mad dog barking nonsense.

Yue Ze was shocked silly by the seventh prince remarks. The first time he met Mu Qian was on Jinwutang, since he lost he has responsibility as the little brother to protect the Leader.

Nevertheless, he did not think that the imagination of the seventh prince is rich! Claiming that he and Mu Qian already have a relationship even before.

Mu Qian was amused at Xuanyuan Li Tian’s words and laughed. “Your highness, don’t think that every one is the same as you! Remember, we are discussing about your debt! Can his highness not use such powerful gossip to change the topic and just pay the bill?”

He and Mu Ruyun are the true pair of dog and shit! He dare splash dirty water to her, is he really tired of living?

When Xuanyuan Li Tian was about to rebuke again, the sounds of hooves attracted their senses. Three hundred guards from the palace appeared. The general leading the troop is one of Ouyang Wei’s relative, Ouyang Shilong.

In his eyes, the intent to kill Mu Qian is evident. His youngest son becomes disabled because of her. With that in mind, he is resolute to make her pay on what she’d done today.

Ouyang Shilong went in front of Xuanyuan Li Tian and bowed. “Greetings, your highness!”

A cold light flashed through Xuanyuan Li Tian’s eyes, The Mu Jia’s Shadows is indeed strong but she only brought less than ten people. He has three hundred elites in front of him. So he intended to use these people to get back at her.

Xuanyuan Li Tian ordered. “Ouyang Shilong, that woman and Yue Ze has colluded on a rebellion and harmed me. Seize them immediately!”


“Soldiers! Take them!” Ouyang Shilong’s mighty voice came out.

Yue Ze whispered to Mu Qian. “Leader, you played too much today. I will try my best to stop them so hurry up and leave.”

Mu Qian shrugged her shoulders and said. “Too much? But he’s just a small fry?”

The guards who are ordered to capture the two people already started walking towards them but Mu Qian’s body flashed and directly flew to Xuanyuan Li Tian’s direction.

Ouyang Shilong was terrified and shouted. “Protect the royal highness!”

“Ah!” But Mu Qian’s speed is too fast and his people can’t stop her from advancing.

Xuanyuan Li Tian did not have the time to react and was caught by Mu Qian’s arm instead. A sharp and cold needle was already pointed at Xuanyuan Li Tian’s aorta.

(TN: “Aorta” the main artery of the body.)

“All of you stop! Otherwise, this Lord’s hand will slip and accidentally send his highness to play in hell.” Mu Qian shouted with a touch of evil laughter.

The heart of Yue Ze almost stopped beating. Being her little brother, he need to have a strong heart else he will be scared to death by her bold behaviors one day.

The matter at the front gate before became a trivial matter now, but what she’s doing at this very moment is much more serious and is considered as a grave crime!

“Mu Qian Xi is insane!” The onlookers almost popped their eyes out.

“Oh god! She even threatened to take the life of his Royal Highness, what other things in the world she dares not to do? She’s a madwoman!”

The guards brought by Ouyang Shilong encircled Mu Qian and Xuanyuan Li Tian.

Ouyang Shilong trembled and said. “Mu Qian Xi, release his royal highness at once, if something bad happens to his highness. The punishment of execution of the nine generations will befall on your clan.”

Mu Ruyan’s face is white, she yelled. “Lord, you’re crazy! Hurry up and release the prince. Even if you’re playing, you’re jokes have gone too far! The future of the whole Mu Jia is at stake here!”

Mu Qian smiled. “Your royal highness, we can solve this gently you know? I just wanted you to pay your debts, since you broke my carriage!”

Everyone’s eyes twitched, what is wrong with her? Mu Qian Xi only remembers the money he owed? What a riot!

But the cold needle pointing at Xuanyuan Li Tian is not joking. It is filled with killing intent.

Xuanyuan Li Tian gulped and decided to be brave, he said.

“Hey! Let me go and apologize to this prince after. Don’t you think you have gone too far! How could you not understand these people? ” In his surprise, Mu Qian didn’t let him go but actually moved her hand instead. The fine needle pierced through his neck, blood flowed down.

Translator’s Note:

Li Tian is really an idiot…sighs*

He’s a hostage for god’s sake! not the other way around so how come he’s still arrogant?!

Is he dumb? is his head full of air?


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