EWP Chapter 52: Arrogantly comes into the Palace

Arrogantly comes into the Palace

The last time she saw Xuanyuan Li Tian was the day she broke her engagement with him, it seems that half a month passed already but he didn’t made a move to get back at her or maybe he was pretending to be dead.

The Royal Family can have selective amnesia but she won’t, she still has debts to settle and she’s going to the palace for that reason only.

Mu Jia’s Lord accepted the invitation to the Purple Moon Festival at the Palace that very night. Surprisingly, all the elders decided not to go.

It’s not easy for them to go to the palace due to the terrible things that have happened to Xuanyuan Li Tian before.

Although the Royal Family has been silent for these past half a month, it doesn’t mean that they were absolved from the charges either.

This time, the Lord decided to enter the Palace and if there are some people who wanted to mess with her in there, there’s no need for them to meddle with the things she had done wrong in the first place. So they decided to stay instead.

Shortly after Mu Qian decision has been made, there were sounds of wheels approaching her door.

Mu Qian stopped her cultivation and walked out, she saw a white robe man who looks like a deity.

“Little Uncle, why are you here?”

After half a month of nursing him back to health, his pale face before have been replaced by a healthy complexion, making him more attractive.

But this little improvement isn’t enough.

Little Uncle’s eyes and legs should be cured as soon as possible.

“I heard that my niece is going to the Purple Moon Festival inside the Palace, This uncle decided to accompany you.”

Mu Wushuang’s voice is really pleasant to the ears, people listening instantly felt a spring breeze and his caring eyes can melt the hearts of people instantly.

Mu Qian knitted her eyebrows and flatly refused. “Little Uncle, you are still a patient! You just need to recuperate here inside our home. Don’t worry about other things, since I’ve decided to enter the palace. I won’t easily let anyone bully me.”

Mu Wushuang let out a warm smile. “It seems to me that you’re the elder one instead.”

“Little Uncle, it is a bit cold outside so I will send you back to Wu You Courtyard. I made a new medicine so remember to drink it.”

She felt warm every time when she received her Little Uncle’s worry. Since he came personally to her courtyard, he must be feeling a lot better now.

The peerless strongest man on the Purple Moon Kingdom is like an obedient child in front of Mu Qian. He will agree on everything she says.

Mu Qian wore a dark long purple dress and a jade belt is bundled on her slim waist which outlines her curves perfectly.

The Elders didn’t want to go, so in the end it was only her who is coming to the palace in the end.

“Halt! Present yourselves!” at the entrance of the palace, a palace guard stopped Mu Qian’s carriage.

Mu Qian opened the curtain and arrogantly said. “Don’t you know what the Mu Jia’s Lord’s carriage look like? Dare to stop this Lord from entering! Are you all tired of living!”

The guard said with a forced smile. “We aren’t stupid, we know what the Mu Jia’s Lord carriage look like, in fact we have seen it so many times that the Lord’s image can’t be erased from our memory. She’s definitely not you.”

“Seize her! This woman clearly is faking her identity to enter the palace!”

She decided not to explain herself anymore, this glittering Mu Jia’s carriage can be recognize immediately in the whole Purple Moon Kingdom.

One thing is for sure, some people want to embarrass her before she can enter the Palace. Otherwise, even if her appearance changed greatly, if these guards are really the original “Palace guards” they won’t be so haughty like this.

In Mu Qian’s mouth a sneer was visible. “Let’s see who is afraid of whom!”

“Shadows! Get these imbeciles for this Lord, I will slap each and every one of them!”

Suddenly, a few black figures appeared like a ghost in the presence of Mu Qian Xi.

Trained by this devil-incarnate for ten days, they’ve used precious elixirs like consuming water and valuable medicine pellets were eaten every day. They can’t wait to show their talents that have greatly increased.

“Argh!” The palace guards were all vulnerable when faced with the Shadows.

“Ahh!” One by one, like a sandbag these guards were thrown out by the Shadows.

Strong, too strong!

They have long-known that a powerful alchemist was left behind to Mu Wushuang but they didn’t expect that these people would become so strong in a short period of time.

A High ranking alchemist, a powerful Martial King and a tough escort team, who can still stop this family?

“Cough!” With every light hit from the shadow, these palace guards would always vomit blood.

The Chief of the guards was enraged. “Mu Jia’s Lord, you dare commit murder in front of the Palace! This is treason!”

Mu Qian looked at him with a smile that isn’t a smile. “Now you recognize this Lord? But too late, Shadows! Continue to fight!”

At this moment, many officials and noble families have already arrived in front of the Palace and watched the commotion that is happening in front.

Mu Qian’s carriage is too dazzling and eye-catching which immediately recognized by the onlookers.

“Isn’t that Lord Mu’s carriage? Why are her guards playing with the palace guards?”

“Oh my god! You’re right! There’s my idol!”

“Purple Moon Kingdom was founded a few hundred years ago; this is the first time that someone dared to fight with the Palace guards in the Palace’s entrance.”

In the same time, another carriage came over and a low-pitch voice came out. “What happened here?”

“It’s Xuanyuan Li Tian.”

Everyone made way for the prince of the first rank; they stopped talking in fear of angering the son of heaven.

“Mu Jia!” Xuanyuan Li Tian squeezed these two words from his mouth.

He was fuming, thus reprimanding her. “Mu Qian Xi, this is the palace not your home! This isn’t the place where you can wildly attack people!”

Another arrogant voice came inside the beautiful carriage. “Your highness, this Lord certainly knows that this is the palace. Can’t you see my guards being gentle? Otherwise they have been splashed with blood for a long time already.”

The half-dead palace guards were stunned hearing her words, as they continued to vomit blood they thought. ‘This is gentle!?’

The crowd was also dumbfounded. They heard that Mu Qian Xi has dissolved their engagement but they assumed that it was her way to attract the attention of the Prince.

After all, she was obsessed with the seventh prince for the past three years!

However, they did not think that today, Mu Qian dared to speak arrogantly to a member of the Royal Family. It seems that she really changed completely.

“All of you! Stand up!”

Xuanyuan Li Tian voice reverberated; he is cautious due to his father emperor’s warning about the people who is gurding Mu Qian.

But he can’t help it; she is in front of the palace but still dares to be arrogant.

Sitting next to Xuanyuan Li Tian is a woman wearing a light green dress, her eyebrows are down and a sorrowful look was seen, making her appearance soft, weak, gentle and kind.

She whispered. “Your Royal Highness, she has always been so arrogant, you should not be angry. She didn’t do it on purpose.”

But Xuanyuan Li Tian is truly mad; his figure flew out of the carriage, condensed all his Qi and slammed Mu Qian’s carriage.

Mu Qian said. “Ma Bo! Run away quickly!”

Translator’s Note:

The Bitch Li Tian is back!

And another white lotus!!

Fuck them up MQX!!!

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