EWP Chapter 51: The black-bellied Lord

The black-bellied Lord

An astonished look was seen on Yue Ze’s face, he said. “It seems I underestimated you.”

Yue Ze now is very clear, at this time his opponent is definitely not the same as the rumors said. The Lord who was supposed to be a waste was a peerless genius with a higher talent than him.

If he does not go all out, he will lose this game.

“Be careful!”

With a fierce and steady momentum a silver pike was thrown, advancing towards Mu Qian’s direction.

“The lightning flash!”

Yue Xu, who was watching the battle exclaimed. “This Mu Qian Xi is strong enough to even force Big Brother to use it. I can’t believe she just got back at the Academy again.”

Mu Qian dodged sideways and a thick blue water dragon broke out, attacking Yue Ze.


They clashed once again, Yue Ze and Mu Qian Xi are evenly matched.

One purple and one blue figure staggered on the stage, making the people who are watching dumbfounded.

“Great! It’s so wonderful. I have seen a lot of genius duels, but this time is definitely the most exciting one I have seen.”

“Mu Jia’s Lord is now my idol! Who created the baseless rumors about her! If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t miss a lot of opportunities to learn about my idol in the past three years!”


The two played around a dozen of times and their clothes and hair became a bit messy.

Mu Qian said. “Yue Ze, I’ll give my best shot!”

Yue Ze answered. “You are very strong, no matter what the outcome will be; I will definitely keep my promise.”

He felt that even if he had ten of himself, he will still lose!

Both of them drained all their spiritual power and broke out their strongest blow!

“Boom!” A loud noise echoed through the arena, shaking the whole place up.

Then everyone saw that the figure of Yue Ze has flown out of the stage and the small purple figure still stands proudly on the stage, without taking a step back.

Suddenly someone shouted. “Win, Mu Qian won!”

“She won against the talent of the seventh genius, Yue Ze! Wow!”


In the beginning they thought that even if the strength of Mu Qian had reached the Sixth-Stage Spirit Warrior like with Yue Ze, she still won’t stand a chance.

Yue Xu also looked surprised and felt like he’s still dreaming!

“Big brother actually lost to Mu Qian Xi?! Mu Qian is very strong! Ahh!!! And I also lost to her! Wait… Am I being played? Damn! I must go to the old man to settle accounts!” Yue Xu does not care about what happened to his big brother at this time, he clearly felt that he suffered injustice from his father by losing to Mu Qian Xi in the past second exam.

Mu Qian went in front of Yue Ze and said. “You lost.”

“I admit that I lost and you clearly have not exhausted all your strength even in the end!”

Yue Ze truly felt helpless that words can’t get out of his mouth; this person in front of him truly is terrible.

Then he looked straight at the beautiful girl in front of him and said. “Mu Jia’s Lord, give me some time. I will go home immediately and move into Mu Jia after this.” Mu Qian brows knitted slightly, it seems that Yue Ze misunderstood her. She hastily stopped Yue Ze who’s walking away. “Yue Ze, stop! You’re mistaken!”

“First, I just want you to be my little brother not a slave. You are still the young master of your family after all. It is good if you just stay at your home. I will let you know if there is something I need, you don’t need to come with me into the Mu Jia. We both live here in the Purple Moon so there’s no need for you to move out.”

“Second, don’t call me Lord. Since you’re my little brother now then call me leader or chief. ”

Calling such a beautiful woman as “Leader or Chief” really was a hurdle for him. It is better to call her Lord in the end.

(TN: Mu Qian’s “leader/chief” has the same meaning with a leader of a gang and the like, hence the reason for his reluctance.)

Yue Ze’s face froze, but she was not going to let him go.

Mu Qian stopped smiling and said. “Give a little sincerity! Hurry up and call me leader.”

Yue Ze was tangled, hesitated for a while and finally yelled. “Leader!”

Their family members has always stayed true to their promise and will never go back on their words.

Mu Qian took out a bottle of medicine pellets and gave it to Yue Ze. “You got hurt. Here, take some medicine to restore it.”

When Yue Ze opened the medicine bottle and directly caught its scent he was shocked silly. “This is a second-grade medicine pellet!”

Second-grade! Putting them on the first auction house, he believed that his family wouldn’t afford even the bottle holding it.

“This, I can’t use it! It’s too expensive!”

Mu Qian smiled and said. “As long as you sincerely follow leader, you don’t have to worry about having a second-grade medicine pellet. Didn’t you know what the Mu Jia doesn’t lack the most?”

Yue Ze almost forgot that the most important thing for Mu Jia is money.

The Mu Jia’s Lord is completely different from the rumors, but one thing that hadn’t change is that she’s a wastrel!

Other people are also staring at the medicinal herbs in the hands of Yue Ze, rubbing their eyes! Second-grade medicine pellet?! Yueze was only slightly injured but this local tyrant took it out easily for him.

Mu Qian’s cultivation is high and her ability in combat is definitely top-notched.

They really wanted to hold on Mu Qian’s thigh…the crowd wished in their hearts. “Lord Mu, do you still lack a little brother? Won’t you take one more?”

Mu Qian waved her hand to Yue Ze and said. “Leader is going home; someone will be looking for you later. Remember not to be absent from work.”

The purple figure swayed and Mu Qian left Jinwutang.

“No good, Owner it’s not good!” After the battle, Jinwutang’s personnel were in a hurry to find the Owner of the place.

“What’s wrong?” asked the Owner.

“Mu Jia’s Lord Bet for her own victory, she bet a million gold taels. We lost badly this time!”

Jinwutang’s Owner suddenly stood up. “Mu Qian actually pressed so much? How much are the odds?”

“Seven to one!”

“Thud!” The Owner directly fainted; the Mu Jia’s Lord is too black! This loss would bankrupt Jinwutang!

Mu Jia’s Lord spent a lot of money, exactly ten thousand gold taels was paid to set the Jinwutang’s best arena. Coupled with the money that the officials who wanted to watch, also have made their bets, he could have made a big profit today.

However, he did not expect that those thousand people who bet on Yue Ze wouldn’t win and the worst of all, Mu Qian who bet a million for herself had won. Jinwutang needs to give her seven times the money she bet, truly a nightmare!

He wondered before how could the Mu Clan accumulate so much wealth in such a short period. Now he was sure of it. All members of her family are black-hearted.

Won a contest, received a little brother, earned a lot of gold, and injuries aren’t that much, the harvest this time is not bad.

These days, the entire Purple Moon Kingdom’s citizens are afraid to treat Mu Qian as a waste like before. If this kind of stunning beauty with a high cultivation and talent is considered as a waste. How can other people compare? Ouyang Wei was so angry that her face was blue.

“I won’t let her off! If she continued to cultivate, her strength will surpass me in half a year. I definitely won’t allow that to happen.” Ouyang Wei swore.

In the past few days, Mu Qian felt very good. She continued to refine medicines and cultivate to become stronger.

Her only regret is that there is little news about her Little Uncle’s antidote for his eyes.

“Lord, the day after tomorrow is the Purple Moon Festival, the Emperor set up a dinner in the palace, the invitation has been sent over. Lord, do you want to go?”

The Emperor’s invitation is the same as an imperial edict, if a clan disobeys, the crime of defying the Emperor will befall them, resulting to the execution of all the members of the clan.

However, the situation of Mu Jia is really special. As long as Mu Qian says she doesn’t want to go, no matter what, the Royal Family won’t find trouble to her due to Mu Wushuang.

Mu Qian ordered. “I’ll go! It’s a feast set up by the Emperor himself, how could this Lord turn down such invitation?”

Translator’s Note:

Mu Qian throws a pokeball!

Pokeball caught Yue Ze




Congratulations, Yue Ze was caught!

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