EWP Chapter 50: Mu Qian Xi believes he will be a member of her family

Mu Qian Xi believes he will be a member of her family

Ouyang Wei came here today, just to see the waste, Mu Qian personally and to confirm if her temperament has changed greatly like the rumors said.

But did not expect to wait so long, the other person has not yet appeared.

In a while, a purple figure finally appeared in the eyes of everyone.

“Gulps!” Seeing the woman’s face, the crowd took a breath of air.

Her beauty can’t be described; even without rouge she looks better than the countless women in the world. Is it really Mu Qian Xi?

Everyone thought who is the evil person who put such thick rouge to the Lord’s face before?

Yue Ze was also stunned; he was born as the eldest son of Yue Family. He has also seen countless beautiful women before, but compared to the woman in front of him, it is not worth mentioning.

She has delicate facial features and the skin is as beautiful as the white snow of the mountains, sparkling and translucent.

Pair of eyes shine like a star in the dark night let people see will involuntarily immersed in.

The beautiful curvature of her lips is like the most gorgeous cherry-colored petals they’ve seen.

The ebony black hair hangs gracefully behind her, like fine brocade shiny and soft.

He had seen Mu Qian Xi before, but because he didn’t want to poison his eyes, he did not look at her again. But now she can’t let him close his eyes. He can’t believe that a person can change this big.

Yue Ze only felt that the frequency of his heartbeat is a bit strange.

Yueze froze, the crowd was stunned.

“The Lord is too beautiful! I heard that seventh prince already resigned from their marriage but he clearly didn’t see the real picture why the Emperor decided to decree their marriage. If this happened to me, I won’t definitely let her go. Where can you find a woman who’s stunning and rich like her?”

“I agree! Even if she had a dark past, if I recognized her beauty before, I’ll quickly ask for her hand in marriage.”


All the young men present were barking, and many of the women who looked down on Mu Qian before all have eyes filled with envy and jealousy. How could Mu Qian become so beautiful?

Ouyang Wei’s fingers were clenched to her flesh, and even the blood flowed out unconsciously. She fiercely said. “Mu Qian Xi, damn! Why are you still not dead?!”

This time, the clear voice of Mu Qian woke him up. “Yue Ze, what is the reason for your challenge letter to me?”

Faced with the cold and indifferent eyes of Mu Qian Xi, Yueze is somewhat at a loss!

“Little Xu lost in the second round to you easily and went home to be beaten by the old man, so I…I…” He stammered and could not finish his sentence completely.

Mu Qian saw his funny reaction and defined. “In JinwuTang, if the other party win he can make a request to the loser.” She stared at him and said. “What are you going to ask me to do?”

“I just want to …… I …… want you to apologize to Little Xu.”

Yue Ze isn’t a person, who stutters at all, but only this time, he seems to be a bit sloppy and his mouth was a little short.

Every youth has a perfect fairy or goddess in their heart and the image of Mu Qian Xi today is in accordance to the goddess in Yue Ze’s mind.

The appearance is superb, the temperament is noble, and the style is perfect.

However, this is just how she looks on the outside. Later, when Yue Ze finally see the true face of Mu Qian Xi, he will know how naïve he was.

Mu Qian wasn’t a fairy nor a goddess but definitely a ghost.

Mu Qian’s mouth twitched slightly, she looked at the little brother’s direction and asked. “Yue Xu, guess if I win, what would I ask?”

“I…how can I know.”

Mu Qian casually asked. “Yue Xu, if I win how about you give me a younger brother for a year?”

“What! Be your younger brother?” Yue Ze was stunned.

“This seems indeed unfair to you so I’ll change the conditions on your side. If I lose, I will apologize to Yue Xu and provide you with immortality elixirs for your cultivation. I will provide it for free. Of course and if you lost, and be my little brother, this treatment is still there so what do you think?” Mu Qian proudly said.

In the past, most of the funds of Mu Jia fell to cultivate some white-eyed wolves and she felt that they were losing money without purpose.

It is better to train Yue Ze! The foundation of Yue Ze is very solid and has a good talent.

What’s more important is that she can make a bond with the Yue Clan. If there are many enemies around you, once they have joined hands to deal with the Mu Jia, she’s afraid that even if there’s money, her family would fall by some Lord from the Purple Moon Kingdom and it will be the end of them.

Once she succeed on adding the Yue Clan as their protective umbrella, then the forces who wanted them dead can’t easily get what they want.

“Eh?” Regardless of winning or losing, he has taken up a lot of benefits, Yue Ze once again froze.

Their family’s money can only support the normal operation of the entire family and is already reaching their limit, there is no extra money to buy elixirs and the like.

His own path of cultivation is much slower than his peers’ geniuses. But once there is enough spiritual support from immortality elixirs, it will be different.

And for the Mu Jia’s Lord to give this kind of condition, he felt admiration. He believed no other clan would do that.

Having a lot more money doesn’t affect much because for the cultivation of a genius, the talent is the most necessary thing.

“Oh god! Yue Ze, that kid sure is lucky. He actually hit a jackpot there!” Some young men with the same age of Yue Ze were stunned when they heard Mu Qian’s condition.

“I see the Lord is watching Yue Ze! She wanted to recruit Yue Ze into the Mu Jia, how can this good thing not fall on my head!”

“Also, in addition, Yue Ze’s identity is not worse than the seventh prince and his talent is certainly higher than the seventh prince.

“Yue Ze, do you promise?” Mu Qian asked.

This is simply a pie that falls from the sky, and he believed he can’t lose, Yue Ze added. “This is very unfair to you.”

“Don’t let the public affect you, just answer me if you can’t promise it.”

“Okay, I promised.” After he promised, Yue Ze saw Mu Qian’s eyes flashing a glimmer of color; suddenly there is a feeling of falling into the deep pit.

Mu Qian Xi smiled. “Since you promised already, let’s fight!”

There is no need to set a contract, because in front of so many people the person who will back out on his words wouldn’t only lose his face but also the face of their own clan.

There is uproar inside Jin Wutang, in the side a referee stood up and announced. “The battle begins!”

An arrow was sent out indicating that the battle has begun.

He will be careful not to hurt her.

“Watch out!” The blue figure of Yue Ze moved and his figure was wrapped in spiritual power that rushed to Mu Qian.

“The Sixth-Stage Spirit Warrior? Yue Ze isn’t eighteen yet but he’s so strong!”

“I’m afraid Mu Jia’s Lord will lose, against a Sixth-Stage Spirit Warrior how can she win?”


Everyone argued, in any case, they did not believe that Mu Qian will be more powerful than Yue Ze.

In the face of the attack of Yue Ze, Mu Qian did not escape, and at the same time broke out the power of the Sixth-Stage Spirit Warrior and blocked his attack with her arms.


All the people rubbed their eyes and a person pinched himself and said. “Ouch! It hurts, so I didn’t see it wrong! The Sixth-Stage Spirit Warrior, the strength of Mu Qian Xi is comparable to that of Yue Ze, there is no mistake!”

“It must be an illusion; I must be having a hallucination right now.”

“Crack!” A gorgeous box table was crushed, and a violent wrath came out.

“That bitch! Mu Qian can actually cultivate, and her strength is in the Sixth-Stage Spirit Warrior?!”

Translator’s Question Time:

Me: Okay, since I’m good now, we can start our next batch of guests! Please welcome Jiu Ye and Housekeeper Bai!

Bai: Good to be here.

Jiu Ye: Mm.

Me: *cough *cough *cough. better not tell him what happened before or I’ll be dead.

Bai: What did you say miss?

Me: No…Nothing! Okay, let’s start! Say what is your New Year’s Resolution this year?

Bai: Oh, since you ask, I won’t hold myself up. In fact this year, I plan to help my Little Master in every possible way. But of course, the most important task will be on helping him on our future Princess Consort Mu Qian. From helping choosing on his clothes and even the gifts must be a high-class items, this will show his sincerity and can achieve the best possible outcome. He must clear the other men too, those dogs surrounding our future mistress will only stain her worldly beauty. Such profanity cannot be made. She is the most suitable person to be with Master Jiu Ye, I’m sure nobody could rival her and she is the one that God had given to Master Jiu Ye. Blah blah blah….

Me: uhm…okay, so how about you Jiu Ye?

Jiu Ye: She’s too weak.

Me: and???

Jiu Ye: I’ll help.

Me: ok, then?????

Jiu Ye: 


Jiu Ye: 

Me: …uhm, nothing else?

Jiu Ye: *glares

Me: Eep! okay okay…ha ha, thank you for joining us today!

Bai: Oh , I suddenly remembered. Miss did something happen when Mu… !@#$%^&*!

Me: HA HA HA ! Housekeeper Bai, isn’t this cake delicious? Go have some more! In fact, you can have it all! Don’t be so reserved.

(Shoves all the cakes into Housekeeper Bai’s mouth)

Me: Whew! Almost! I still wanted to live ah!

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