EWP Chapter 49: The seventh genius’ challenge

The seventh genius’ challenge

Nalan Yu came to see Mu Qian but what he saw first was the fight between her and Master Huo, even if Master Huo tried to suppress his strength to the Ninth-Stage Spirit Warrior, in the end he still need to let out his true strength due to Mu Qian’s dangerous attacks using the mysterious needles as a weapon.

He didn’t expect that in the days that he had not seen him, he became stronger.

Mu Qian stated. “Although Old man Huo blocked all my attacks, he still let out his true strength, so naturally, he lost.”

Suddenly, Master Huo felt stiff; he can’t move his body like a stone.

Master Huo was shocked, he hastily asked. “What’s going on?”

“Old man Huo, don’t think that only my poison needles are poisonous. In our battle, my whole body is toxic, you let me easily get close to you, and in that moment you’ve already lost.”

Master Huo is astonished, he easily admitted his defeat. “I didn’t think that you’re whole body has poisons, I admit my defeat. Hurry and give me the antidote!”

Mu Qian took out a needle with medicine gently pricked it into Master Huo’s skin and he turned back to normal.

Master Huo proudly said. “I did not think that the little things I built if fell into your hands will become so powerful.”

The mouth of Mu Qian rises slightly, she agreed. “Of course it will be powerful; I was the one who designed it after all!”

“You want me to build a new set weapons right? Give the details to me now!”

“It’s not ready yet, after a few days I will send someone over, did you forget? You still owe me a high-quality cauldron for alchemy ah!”

Although she already thought of some weapons she wanted to have, but she does not have enough time to draw the designs before.

Master Huo’s eyebrow is raised, he, a high-class refiner is being manipulated by a kid and the worst part is he doesn’t have any relation with him either.

He moved on to this topic and asked Nalan Yu instead. “Nalan Yu, what are you doing here?”

“I came to request something to Master Huo but did not think to see a wonderful showdown instead. Mu Xi who’s strength is only at the Sixth-Stage Spirit Warrior unexpectedly defeated a Ninth-Stage Spirit Warrior, and not just any normal warrior but the Master Huo who’s originally a Spirit King, Mu Xi you are too powerful!” Nalan Yu is not stingy with his praise.

Master Yun roared. “Nalan Boy, are you here just to praise this kid here? No matter what you wanted to request today, I will not do it even if you highly pay me.”

Anyway since he saw Mu Xi today, he did not push Master Huo about his request anymore.

Mu Qian who lost a few bottles of poison to Master Huo took out another few bottles of elixirs and tossed it to him. “Old man Huo, this is for your body, although the fire poison has been cured already, you still need to condition your health.”

Master Huo isn’t the kind of person that received such care before; his face is full of smiles as he catches all the bottles. “It seems that you are not such a wicked boy, to the point of madness after all!”

Mu Qian laughed and said. “Then, I’ll go first.”

Nalan Yu chased him and said. “Mu Xi, shall we go back to the city together?”

“Old man Huo said that he won’t do your request, so you’ll just back out like that? Go back! Even if he has a sharp tongue, his heart is as soft as a tofu.” Mu Qian sincerely advised.

“I know that Master Huo isn’t that bad as the rumors say, but I’m not in a hurry, I’ll come back here another time.”

Nalan Yu and Mu Qian returned to the city but upon arriving at the city gate, she quickly bid her goodbye to him.

Nalan Yu looked at the purple figure’s back in a daze, this is the third time that they met but Mu Xi haven’t told him where he lives and when can he see him again?

Mu Qian upon coming back to her courtyard received something unexpected.

“Challenge letter?”

“Yue Ze’s challenge letter to be exact.” A shadow said.

Mu Qian played the letter in her hands; in her dark eyes a trace of cunning look can be seen.

His family is also a prominent clan in the Purple Moon Kingdom and the blood of generals flows in their body. In the Purple Moon country, their fame is not less than the country’s Zhang Fu (Ouyang’s residence).

Their family has the power, the right to have the soldiers and all members are talented in cultivation but despite that gift, they’re very poor.

After all, the salary of a general isn’t much and each one of them is an upright person unlike other people, plus they aren’t good at doing business, consequential to an annual loss.

The general believe that they’re doing a great cause but as a result it only made their state almost as broke as the commoners.

They don’t have the privilege to buy an immortality pills like the Ouyang clan or her. But if they did, he won’t just be in the seventh rank in the list of the top ten geniuses in the Purple Moon Kingdom.

They are poor but never did they tried to suppress the Mu Jia and hazed her predecessor.

But she remembered what she had done to the little master of the Yue clan, Yue Xu. As expected, the upright Big brother, Yue Ze will seek justice eventually.

Mu Qian whispered. “The Little Lamb decided to send himself over, this Lord will certainly not disappoint him.”

Mu Qian ordered. “Come! Get the best arena in [1]Jinwutang for tomorrow afternoon; this lord will accept Yue Ze’s challenge. Also, inform him of these matters too.

“Huh?” The steward who heard this command was skeptical. Not only this Lord accepted Yue Ze’s challenge but also wanted to get the best arena in Jinwutang which is not a small amount.

“Did you not hear the words of this Lord?” Mu Qian coldly said.

“No… I mean yes my Lord! I’ll do as you command!”

News about Yue Ze, the seventh genius in the Purple Moon Kingdom had already spread, his challenge towards Mu Qian was now known to the whole capital.

He is also quite surprised that Mu Qian Xi did actually accept his challenge as well.

He wanted to protect himself from the master that is around Mu Qian so he ended on making a challenge letter instead.

Once Mu Qian accepted his challenge then that mysterious man can’t interfere with their battle.

But he didn’t expect that she would immediately agree and even get the best arena for their battle that made a stir in the capital.

Yue Xu is shocked to hear this and wanted to explain himself to his Big Brother quickly. “Brother, It’s my own arrogance that made me lose to Mu Qian, why did you…. Ouch!”

Yue Ze flicked his finger on Yue Xu’s forehead and said helplessly. “If it wasn’t for your miserable state after father beat you when he learned that you’ve lost on the second exam easily, I wouldn’t be so impulsive that day… “

“It’s been so much trouble for me these days to even get out of the house, since this challenge was made by me, I can’t turn back now. I will be careful not to hurt her in our match tomorrow.”

“I never intended it to be this way.”

Jinwutang, is most known for their arenas for both Martial and Spirit Warriors who wanted to practice their combat abilities.

Today, the best and largest arena is brimming with people as the most awaited battle will about to start.

The most famous waste, Mu Qian who is also the Mu Jia’s Lord versus the seventh genius in the Purple Moon Kingdom and the general’s eldest son, Yue Ze.

Although almost everyone knew the achievements of Mu Qian Xi on the Royal Academy on the last assessment, like after her match with Ouyang Xin, he became a waste and how she won with only three strikes against Yue Xu. Even the shocking news where she jumped directly into the higher class after being the first placer for the three exams is unbelievable.

Since these are only rumors and hardly any proof was presented to the common people, they concluded that since she has money, all of her achievements were only superficial.

Suddenly, a news about Yue Ze’s challenge to Mu Qian arise that made all of them came inquisitively, they wanted to see with their own eyes whether the Lord who was once a waste, vulgar and nymphomaniac had changed for the better.

“Look, Yue Ze has come.” At the same time, a blue figure appeared in the contest stage.

Yue Ze has a slender body and because all the time he practices martial arts, his skin is wheat-colored.

Eyebrows that is sharp like a knife, a high nose bridge, well-toned muscles and profound look really is a feast for the eyes. He stood there with the fortitude of an iron man. Many women who came to watch the game were attracted by his temperament.

“How come he’s here already while Mu Qian isn’t? Don’t tell me after making a big ruckus, she won’t appear and just played with us!” In a private box, Ouyang Wei impatiently shouted.

[1] Jinwutang means Gold Martial Hall.

Translator’s Question Time:

Me: Ouch… ouch… can’t you be more gentle?

Mu Wushuang: after all that have happened, you only complain now?

Me: I didn’t think that Wudi would really bite my hand! Mu Qian and I were both girls so what is their problem with me holding her hands! I can’t translate if my hands were like this!

Mu Wushuang: Since that is the case, you also have fault. If you didn’t provoke them too much, you wouldn’t end up with an injured hand. Here, I’m done bandaging your wounds.

Me: Sheesh, if I know that they’re overprotective like that. I wouldn’t even dare you know.

Mu Wushuang: I know, just be more careful next time.

Me: Oh right! Let me ask my question now.

Mu Wushuang: You still have the energy to continue?

Me: Why not? Isn’t it fine if you’re already here? It saves me time to look for you after all.

Mu Wushuang: (flicks my forehead) I’ll answer you next time. You need rest.

Me: But….

Mu Wushuang: No buts! I’ll go now, get plenty of rest.

Me: Wu’er…..

Mu Wushuang: hmm?

Me: Thank you… (covered myself with blankets)

Mu Wushuang: No problem.

Me: (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

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