EWP Chapter 48: The woman your Lord is protecting

The woman your Lord is protecting.

Mu Qian calmly walked in and closed the curtain. She turned to Jiu Ye and said. “Nothing, let’s go!”

If she let the coachman know that inside the carriage he drives, is none other than the Night Prince, Xuanyuan Jiu Ye. He will rush out first outside the Academy.

“Jiu Ye, what are you doing here?” Mu Qian asked casually.

“Go home together.” His voice was cold.

“But Mu Jia’s residence and the Night Palace are not in the same way!”

“Go home.”

Jiu Ye leaned against the window; the initial warm temperature inside the carriage was a lot colder now.

Mu Qian decided not ask him any further, no matter the reason is, she can’t throw this guy out, it seems that she can only share this ride with him.

The carriage moved, the driver did not find anything suspicious inside the carriage before so despite the fact that an extremely dangerous person is sitting inside with his Lord, he still drove towards the Lord residence normally.

There was a weird atmosphere inside the carriage, especially on Jiu Ye’s side.

There is still a long journey before she gets home, Mu Qian simply started to cultivate.

With the cultivation on par with the Gods given to her by Ah Ting, in just two days time inside the forest, her Fifth-Stage Spirit Warrior rushed to its peak and was about to breakthrough.

The Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth are madly circulating inside her body. Mu Qian will about to have her breakthrough soon.

Jiu Ye’s icy blue eyes suddenly opened, looked at Mu Qian’s direction and the coldness in his eyes seems to melt a little.

It seems that she listened to him after all, in just less than ten days, she will breakthrough to another stage again, this speed is very good!

But her strength is still too low, so low, so it will be fine if her cultivation can be a little faster.

Mu Qian is about to breakthrough to the Sixth-Stage Spirit Warrior but at this time, the carriage suddenly stopped.

A crisp voice came in. “Mu Qian Xi, get out!”

Although it’s not much of a trouble to get out, but there are a lot of people encircling the carriage, making the driver froze and asked.

“Well, if it isn’t one of the ten Purple Moon Kingdom’s geniuses who ranked seventh, Yue Ze? How could you stop the Lord’s carriage here?”

“Didn’t Lord Mu done more heinous acts than this? I didn’t think that this simple act of mine would offend her so much.”

“She offended people with such degree, if we don’t settle it here, I will not be reconciled!”

With the fiasco on the second exam, Mu Qian isn’t qualified to carry on onto the third exam, so he came here to settle the account with her for his little brother.

At this time, Mu Qian is at the critical stage of breakthrough to the Sixth-Stage, so she had no time to take care of him, but Yue Ze abruptly stands in the middle of the road disturbing her cultivation.

Jiu Ye’s eyes flashed a trace of killing intent, a cold voice burst into the mind of Yue Ze.

“You dare to stop the woman who is under my protection, get lost!”

“Cough!” the terrifying aura made Yue Ze spit out blood.

In Yue Ze’s eyes, a trace of terror flashed, he did not think that around Mu Qian there is such a strong person protecting her, the strength of this person seems to be a lot higher than the first genius in the Purple Moon Kingdom.

He did not dare to stay, because if he continued to stay he will without doubt die.

Yue Ze instantly left; everyone did not understand what is going on?

And the carriage of Mu Jia’s Lord already drove away.

“Boom!” More power was infused into Mu Qian’s meridians; she opened her eyes, the pair of dark eyes shined like a starry night.

“Finally, the Sixth-Stage of Spirit Warrior.”

Mu Qian’s cultivation speed is an absolute metamorphosis.

Because the man beside her is too strong, her family has a load of secrets, with this strength alone, she still isn’t satisfied.

She looked at Jiu Ye and said. “Thank you for earlier.”

She got a feeling that with Yue Ze’s appearance before and if she was really interrupted on her breakthrough; it will take a lot of effort next time.

“You don’t need to say thank you every time to this prince and no next time either.” Jiu Ye coldly channels.

She did not fight back with this dangerous man, and nodded immediately. “Okay!”

The carriage arrived inside the Mu Jia’s residence, after getting out of the carriage, she looked back, Jiu Ye has disappeared.

The day to take her own-designed weapons has arrived; Mu Qian once again used Ah Ting’s appearance and had gone to the FlameDragon Mountain.

“Boy, you’re finally here.”

Master Huo’s face has a casual smile, because the fire poison has been removed, his color and temper is a lot better.

Mu Qian asked. “My stuff, is it done?”

Master Huo said. “Of course I’ve build it already, but I studied it for a long time but did not know what this things could do?” he asked. “Can you really use it as a weapon?”

Then he took out a delicate box with a set of different medicine needles inside.

Mu Qian then took out her numerous poisons from her storage; she began to soak the needles in it.

Mu Qian started to play the poisoned needles in her hands and proposed a duel to Master Huo. “Old man Huo, would you like to test these weapons with me? Let us know which is stronger.”

Master Huo asked. “Do I need to suppress my strength to the Ninth-Stage Warrior or I can go higher?”

Even if he suppresses his powers, Mu Qian’s fighting experience is higher than any other Spirit King! Making her a difficult opponent!

She smiled a little. “We can add some restrictions too, if you make nine moves from my attacks, I win and Old man Huo can make me another batch of weapons as a reward. What do you think?”

Mu Qian with her set of strange weapons sounds so confident, letting Master Huo’s curiosity to grow more and more. “Today, I’ll play with you boy.”

They went outside with an open space, Mu Qian said. “Old man Huo, are you ready.”

Master Huo suppressed his strength to Ninth-Stage Spirit Warrior, and laughed casually. “What else do I need to prepare for dealing with just a kid like you?”

A needle filled with various poisons with the size of only half of the little finger, slipped into the hands of Mu Qian.

Her purple figure rushed to Master Huo’s direction like a shadow.

Master Huo did not dodge; he let Mu Qian to be close. Soon, a poisoned needle came close to him.

“That’s not a sword!” Master Huo laughs, with that size of a needle, even silk can’t be pierced using it; he swings his robe to block Mu Qian’s attack.

Mu Qian’s hand moved quickly, suddenly several needles flew straight out, and Master Huo felt there are countless needles flying in all directions towards him, panic filled his thoughts.

‘When did this kid shot another batch of fine needles?’

A doctor’s greatest weapon is needle, for both life and death. Naturally, it is not easy to deal with.

The power of his mighty spirit comes out. “Bang! Bang! Bang!” He promptly blocked the fine needle coming towards him then faced her in a close fight.

The two have clashed a few more times; there is several times where Master Huo was almost hit by the fine needles.

Every needle carries an endless desire to kill; Master Huo couldn’t believe that the delicate-looking needles that he made can be a deadly weapon when used by this kid.

Fast! Mu Qian seems to increase her speed every moment.

The drug needle attacks are getting more and trickier and even the number of her attacks isn’t falling.

In order to protect himself from being hurt, he could not suppress his own strength any longer, he let out the strength of Spirit King, successfully blocked Mu Qian’s poisoned needles.

“Master Huo, you are a bully!” A warm voice came.

Translator’s Question Time:

Me: Hey guys, thanks for coming here, even though you’re all busy so I’ll make this quick. What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Ah Ting: What a lame question, but i want to finish this already so I’ll go first. *ahem! Mine will be to regain my strength so I can punish that dangerous man!

Wudi: (raises his paw and shouted.) Same meow!

Ah Ting: Stop mimicking me!

Wudi: But it’s true meow! I also wanted to defeat that villain.

Ah Ting: Ha! Didn’t think that such small cat like you wanted to dream big! HA HA HA!

Wudi: What? You don’t believe this one can do it?! (Wudi jumped to Ah Ting direction to scratch his face.)

Ah Ting: Argh! Fuck! Did you just tried to scratch my face? How dare you! Take this!

Wudi: Ha ha! You can’t hit me!

Ah Ting: @#$%^ When I catch you, I’ll skin you alive!

Wudi: Let’s see if you can try!

Mu Qian and Me: O_o

Me: *cough, Mu Qian, how about you?

Mu Qian: Actually, it’s the same with them, also I wanted to learn more about alchemy to cure my Little Uncle’s condition.

Me: (*hold Mu Qian hands) I sincerely hope you succeed.

Ah Ting and Wudi: “Don’t touch her/master!”

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