EWP Chapter 47: The Great dream of Wudi Tianxia

The Great dream of Wudi Tianxia

“Master, you can rest assured! After my invincible power is restored, it is possible to let the man surrender, so he can’t be so arrogant anymore! I’ll make him pay! Just wait for me to beat him. After that, I’ll let him be master’s slave meow.”

“Great, that’s a deal! But…I have to say, that man is very good-looking meow! He matches master perfectly meow.” Wudi touched his chin with his tiny paws.

From that moment, Wudi’s new goal was to defeat Jiu Ye and let him serve his master as her man slave.

Mu Qian’s mouth is slightly raised, and the restlessness has been dispelled by the kitten’s humorous idea.

Let Xuanyuan’s Jiu Ye, the horrible man be a male slave? In the whole Purple Moon Kindom, only this cat would dare to say it.

There are few more days left before the seven days period end. Mu Qian continues to collect herbs while hunting for one-rank beasts, but she finds out that she has lost more than half of beast cores when she checked her storage.

She is angry and said: “Wudi, you are looking for death! You dare to steal my beast cores.”

Wudi quickly explained himself, he felt wronged. “Master, in order to complete my great cause, I am eating these hard-to-eat low-level spirit beasts. I have made such big sacrifice, but master doesn’t even care about it meow.”

“I don’t care whatever you do, but I will have to rely on those beast cores to complete my third assessment.”

“Master, look at my strength, I become strong now, see? Do not be angry with me meow?

“You did become strong! You are finally a first-rank beast!” Mu Qian looked surprised at Wudi’s change.

“Since you’ve already become a first-rank beast, can you spit out my beast cores now?”

Mu Qian pinched Wudi’s ears. She started to talk about life and her ideals.

“Master Stop! I know I’m wrong. I will not eat it in the future without your permission first meow.” Wudi begged for mercy.

Seven days are almost finished and Mu Qian goes to the periphery of the forest. Grabbed her things and prepared to submit all the beast cores she collected to complete this assessment!

“Hey!” But at this time there are several figures, which block her path.

“Lord Mu, how did your harvest go? Do you want to send us a dozens of spiritual cores?”

“No wait make that a ten dozens of beast cores instead, I think that much should not affect you doesn’t it.”

“You are going to rob me.” Mu Qian calmly said.

“Hehehe! Smart! We are here to rob you, so take all of your beast cores out! Every time the actual test is gonna end; some students like us rob other students. Even the Academy allows these acts.” These people laughed loudly.

Mu Qian looked at them with a smile and laughed. “I’ll tell you guys’ good news; just take out your beast cores to make up for Wudi’s lost and I will leave you alone.”

These people can’t believe what they’ve heard, but when their still in a mess. Mu Qian has already started to move.


A beautiful purple figure swayed, and their bodies flew out inexplicably.

Their bodies slammed into the trees that made them dizzy.

“Too weak.” Mu Qian said helplessly. The strongest among these people is only a Fourth-Stage Martial Warrior. “What a waste of effort” is what she thought.

And these people look awkward and shocked. “What the hell! Mu Qian is at least in the Fifth-Stage Spirit Warrior.”

“Oh god! Fifth-Stage!”

A Fifth-Stage Spirit Warrior who is under 16 years old can definitely become a purple moon country’s dazzling star.

Although they know that Mu Qian defeated Yue Xu, but it is not as rumored that there is such disparity on their strength.

Added with the fact that Yue Xu is too stupid, he just stands in the whole fight and didn’t fight back either, hence they all thought that Mu Qian ‘s original strength should not exceed the Fourth-Stage.

But reality proves them wrong!

Mu Qian ordered. “Hand it over, this Lord does not want to waste time!”

A total of more than a dozen people only have twenty beast cores, and each of it only came from a first-rank beast.

Mu Qian with disgust said. “That’s it?”

They laughed cheerfully. “Of course we are not as good as your family, so that is our limit.”

“Lord Mu, please do us a favor! I know you still have many, so can you please give us one beast core each? If we don’t have one beast core, we won’t be promoted to the middle class!”

Their voices are a little choked. What a joke! Aren’t they the one who wanted to rob first?

“Dream on!” Mu Qian left these words ruthlessly, along with their spirits she disappeared.

The seven days, third assessment was over and the counting of the beast cores had started.

The first place in the first assessment was Mu Qian Xi. In the second one, it was the same but what shocked everyone the most was in the third assessment, the first place also goes to Mu Qian.

Especially in the third game, the achievements of Mu Qian can be compared to the second place at all.

This kind of achievement shocked the whole school!

“What? Mu Qian came back alive, and even got the first.” Xuanyuan Jia was furious.

“Wow! Mu Qian, the waste material in the last assessment actually got the first place; it is a miracle!”

“You are clearly behind the news; Mu Qian defeated the little genius, Yue Xu not too long ago, she’s not the waste she used to be.”

“But one thing is for sure, she’s the overall first in the whole lower class, she really is powerful.”

Mu Qian’s achievements have been a blockbuster, the whole school is shocked at her performance, and the main waste material has finally risen up.

Vice President’s face is full of smiles for Mu Qian and said. “Student Mu Qian, due to your outstanding performance on the assessment this time, the whole committee agreed to make you a student of the higher-class, directly skipping the middle-class!”

Mu Qian does not care which class she will end up, as long as she’s not the first student to be expelled from theRoyal Academy of the Purple Moon Kingdom.

Mu Qian nodded. “Mm, I know.”

Mu Qian’s reaction was too dull, and the vice president was somewhat disappointed.

It is difficult for a person who is eligible to jump from lower class to higher class in the whole Purple MoonKingdom within just three years. This is a great glory. How can she respond like this!

Then Mu Qian added. “Vice President, I have to take a leave for a period of time, I am not sure how long it will take.”

Vice President’s face was frozen. “This is a one in a million chance, you just upgraded to the higher class, this course…”

Mu Qian slowly said. “Vice President, the next year’s school sponsorship fee…”

Her words have not been finished, the deputy-headmaster burst into a big smile.

“Also! You are born as a Lord of a large family. You can’t do this every day. As long as you can participate in the final assessment, you can do it at other times. If you have something to do, I will give you a recommendation.”

(TN: money makes the world go round!)

“Then thank you, Vice President.” Mu Qian let out a short laugh.

Mu Qian is ready to leave, already done at packing her things.

She had not seen Jiu Ye in the dormitory since then, it is estimated that he is also bored to continue attending to the Academy and he will surely not come again here in the future.

“Lord!” The coachman was on standby at the school gate, waiting for the arrival of Mu Qian Xi.

However, when Mu Qian opened the curtain and prepared herself to get on the carriage, her face suddenly froze.

There is a living person in her carriage.

The person sitting in the carriage has a glamorous, enchanting and beautiful face; his hair is as black as a raven’s feather, and flows to his shoulder like a waterfall. He sits inside the carriage leisurely and indifferently.

The pair of icy blue eyes stares at Mu Qian.

“Lord, what’s the matter?”

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