EWP Chapter 46: I’m the only one who can do it

I’m the only one who can do it.

“Courting death!”

Jiu Ye coldy said, suddenly a bloody red layer that can conquer every obstacle appeared in front of them

But surprisingly, that little white thing broke through!

The white thing jumped into Mu Qian’s arms, opened its mouth and took a bite on it.

Mu Qian froze, what happened today?

She just borrowed a goat-like beast to kill her enemy but was hurt by two other beasts instead.

She looked at the little fluff in her arms, and it was all white, without a trace of mottling, with pointed ears, and looked extremely lovely.

A pair of purple eyes like amethyst, it glanced at Jiu Ye and a sly look flashed on its eyes and change into an adorable state in Mu Qian’s arms.

Jiu Ye’s icy blue eyes narrowed on the small white cat and shouted. “Get out!”

But this time, in Mu Qian’ mind, a voice flashed.

“Under the everlasting heaven, the Supreme Being in the world of beasts is only I,[1]Tianxia Wudi, Hereby declare our contract.”


Two extreme powers collide in in her soul; Mu Qian found out that this small guy is forcing her to establishing a soul contract between them.

“This……” Mu Qian with a look of panic in her eyes.

Ah Ting also exploded, he yelled. “The fuck is this thing doing?! Dares to make a contract on my contractor, is it tired of living!”

If Ah Ting can get out this instant, he would definitely chop this kitten into meat sauce.

Mu Qian was wrapped up by black and white light, the power of establishing a soul contract still lingers in the air.

A terrible aura surrounds the area, Jiu ye’s face turned dark.

There will be no living being that dares to force the woman he wanted to protect.

A scream was heard. “What’s going on? How can it be a master-servant contract meow?!”

“Argh! I, Wudi Tianxia clearly didn’t make a mistake! So how did I become someone’s servant now meow!”

His little ears shake, but with how crudely he said it added with his adorable appearance, it really don’t match.

Ah Ting sneered and laughed out loud. “You piece of shit, you want the master of the Eternal Pavilion to be your servant, dream on! With how weak you are right now, you can only be a contracted beast for this ugly woman!”

Wudi’s meows were frantic with worry. “What do you mean? I am Wudi Tianxia! The invincible one! Tell me, how I could accept that our contract was a master-servant meow?!”

Mu Qian’s lips are trembling. “Invincible? You? Hah! In that case, I’m your Great Aunt!”

Wudi meowed. “You’re slogan is good, but believe me if I said that I am invincible meow!

Ah Ting burst out laughing. “Throughout the world, ten millions of years, I have not seen a beast like you. You clearly think so highly of yourself but it’s clear as day that you’re only a common mixed-breed beast ah! “

Wudi was so angry. “I am Wudi Tianxia, The invincible one! You dare say I’m just a common beast meow!”

“I can’t sense any power in you, how dare you brag about destroying the world! You better go to bed so you can continue to dream!” Ah Ting rolled his eyes.

Mu Qian was dazed, even Ah Ting doesn’t know what type of magical beast this kitten is.

Although Ah Ting said that he senses nothing out of ordinary from this kitten but some things are clear. One is, it can breakthrough Jiu Ye’s defense easily and force to her to make a contract plus the black and white powerful aura she saw earlier is definitely connected to this kitten.

The ear of the mighty Wudi is a little red from embarrassment. “That…… That’s because there was an accident, so all my power is gone! When I get back to my old glory, you’ll know I’m good. Ha ha ha!”

Mu Qian asked. “Ah Ting, what about this kitten?”

Since the deed is done, it doesn’t matter if the reason for making a contract with her is due to liking her or wanting her to be its servant.

She doesn’t know if it was because of Ah Ting or someone else, but the kitten had already become her contracted beast.

Ah Ting sized up the Wudi and said. “Although this kitten looks like an idiot, but the soul contract is too strong, you can’t undo it anymore. So you can only take this stupid cat as your contract beast.”

“A dead pavilion dares to call me stupid.” Wudi angrily retorted.

“If I’m stupid, then you’re more stupid, a stupid and dead pavilion.”

“I’m not stupid! You are!”


The contract space is a bit lively; Mu Qian thought this is a great way to get in touch with your friends and family. She pinched the kitten’s ear and said to Jiu Ye. “This little guy is my contracted beast.”

She felt that with Jiu Ye’s fury, he wanted to turn this kitten into nothing but bones.

No! It’s like he don’t even want this guy to stay.

But they have a soul contract, if the cat is dead, she will be seriously injured.

“Too weak.” The voice was low, and the intention to kill did not disappear.

The kitten felt Jiu Ye’s bloodthirsty look over its small body, no longer have the desire to quarrel with Ah Ting.

A pair of purple crystal eyes looked at Mu Qian, like asking for help.

This man is scary! Master, you must save me.

The appearance of this kitty is surely adorable but she remembered its true character, she felt a little sympathy but she can’t do anything if this Ashura wanted him to disappear after all.

Mu Qian looked at Jiu Ye, a black and icy blue eyes are now seeing eye-to-eye.

Mu Qian smiled and coldly said. “Yes, although he’s a little weak but he’s still within the scope of my protection. No one can hurt him but me.”

Her dark eyes look so imposing right now and her tone sounds like a warning rather than an answer.

Even though he is strong enough to kill her without difficulty, there were times when she had to compromise in the face of his strength.

But once he touches her bottom-line, she won’t easily back down.

Jiu Ye’s thin lips pursed and his cold eyes fell on the body of the Mu Qian.

If there is someone who can talk to him rudely like that and is still alive, I am afraid that only the woman in front of his eyes will fit the criteria.

She deserves to live her life in full bloom, instead of turning into a pile of bones that will forever be lost in this world.

So he let her say that to him and was still alive.

His thin lips were slightly open, he said. “Fine, the ones you wanted to protect, I won’t make a move on them!”

The black figure, like a ghost in general, disappeared in front of Mu Qian.

Mu Qian’s palms are filled with cold sweat, at that moment, she was certainly frightened.

Xuanyuan Jiu Ye, this person is too dangerous, in the Purple Moon Kingdom where the strong is respected; weaker ones should bow their heads upon seeing them. She didn’t think that it will work just like that.

Wudi at this time was also shocked; his owner is also obviously weak but in order to protect him from the unfathomable man, she bravely went against that man.

He felt that becoming her contracted beast is not so difficult to accept after all.

“Meow~” Wudi let out an adorable voice to appease Mu Qian’s trembling heart.

[1]Wudi Tianxia– literally means as the “unparalleled one under the heaven”. I don’t know if it is really his name or like a codename or something, so I will just keep using his pinyin name to make it short and simple.

Translators Question Time:

Me: Omg! We have an adorable guest for today! Please welcome! Wudi the invincible one!

Wudi: Meow! Thanks for also having me today.

Me: So how was your first appearance on this novel? What do you feel right now?

Wudi: I was excited meow! But at the same time, I thought that I will die on the spot though.

Me: Is it because of Jiu Ye?

Wudi: *nods

Me: Ugh… I know what you mean; I also thought that every time I have Jiu Ye as a guest, he will kill me if I say a wrong thing.

Me and Wudi: *Sighs heavily

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