EWP Chapter 45: Hold on, just don’t let go

Hold on, just don’t let go.

It’s an emergency. The only hope now is……

Mu Qian hastily asked. “Ah Ting, can I get into the Chaos Jiuzhong Pavilion now?”

As long as she can enter the Eternal pavilion, don’t say a Blood Python a Fourth-Rank Beast even if a Ninth-Rank beast appears, it can’t find her.

“Your strength can only open the Eternal Pavilion in your mind but your body still can’t get in.” Ah Ting answered truthfully.

Her heart is sinking more and more but Ah ting added. “Ugly woman, fight! If I get my body, I’ll return here to get your corpse. Don’t let that Blood Python eat you! I’m a good man!”

“Damn you! Even in life or death, I can’t rely on you for a little bit!” Mu Qian roared.

After swallowing the two bodies, the Blood Python like a strong wind, rushed towards Mu Qian.

Mu Qian quickly leaped, she throws all of the poisons on her body to the Blood Python. Giving all of her Qi, she made her strongest move.

“Water Slash!”

“Boom!” A water blue dragon and the Blood Python clashed together.

Although that attack has more poison, but against the sturdy body of the Blood Python, everything is useless.

Even if the water dragon accurately hits it target but with how weak her Fifth-Stage Spirit Warrior strength is, can only break a few scales of the Blood Python.

Upon seeing the pieces of scale falling, the Blood Python is very angry, this small ant dares to resist!

“Roar!” It was a roar but a whirlwind came towards Mu Qian’s direction. She flew and fell to the ground.

“Crash!” Mu Qian right shoulder was hit by the violent force.

“Snap!” She could hear the sound of her bones breaking and her mouth spilled blood.

The smell of blood stimulates the appetite of the Blood Python. It will definitely enjoy this food.

When it saw that Mu Qian isn’t moving any longer, he opened his mouth and was ready to swallow its third meal for today.

Mu Qian whose life is hanging by a thread, suddenly felt a change in her surroundings.

A strong aura came; everything around her seemed to be still.

The Blood Python trembled. “How is it possible? How could there be such a powerful man in this little place?”

Its large body, slowly shriveled up, as if it was deprived.

Then its scales, its flesh, and its body melted into powder in an instant, leaving only a white skeleton behind.

Ah Ting stopped chanting. “Since this guy already came then I do not have to do it.”

Then he went to bed with his eyes closed.

It felt that a God has descended in front of Mu Qian.

In just split second, the Blood Python has completely disappeared in front of her.

His elegant and magnificent bearing is reassuring but his peerlessly beautiful face still looks bland as ever.

The moment when he came, it was as if all that was in the heavens and the Earth was nothing compared to him.

“Jiu Ye…” Mu Qian looks surprised.


Then he took Mu Qian into his arms.


His voice is calm with no emotion, but he was already reaching out to untie her clothes.

“I’m an alchemist, I can treat myself.” Mu Qian hastily stopped his hands.

He clasped her waist tightly and leaned her in his arms. The black exquisite robe was drenched in the blood of Mu Qian Xi.

A single word was said. “Hurry!”

Mu Qian’s mouth is twitching; he wants her to handle the wound in this position.

But apparently, she had no other choice, this man won’t let go on this matter otherwise. In the modern times, the girls there wear strapless dress in summer and considered as the normal thing to do.

Her injury is severe, so she couldn’t care for Jiu Ye here either.

Mu Qian quickly untied her clothes, the clothes slipped to her shoulders.

She then sprayed her healing elixir unto the wound and bandaged it afterwards.

She was once a ghost doctor, so she finished it in a short time. If this was another person, they won’t meet Night Prince’s “fast” standard.

Looking at that white, jade-like shoulder, Jiu Ye’s icy blue eyes suddenly became deep. A medicine pellet was sent in front of Mu Qian. “Eat.”

“I’m an alchemist, I have my own you know?”

Mu Qian was ready to take out her own medicine pellet, and as a result she felt cold temperature in her lips came over instead.

(TN: is it the legendary “mouth-to-mouth?!)

Xuanyuan Jiu Ye’s slender hand holds the medicine towards Mu Qian’s lip.

(TN:haha! Guess not!)

His hand was cold and he said again. “Eat.”

Mu Qian looked at his dangerous eyes; if she refused again maybe the one who’s going to be turned into bones like the Blood Python before will be her.

She took the medicine in his hands to eat, after swallowing, Mu Qian was shocked.

“Ninth-grade medicine pellet.”

Although her talent in refining is high, and the effects of refining a third-grade medicine pellets is certainly better than others, but that can’t compare to the ninth-grade medicine pellet she swallowed just now.

In the Purple Moon Kingdom, the emergence of a second-grade medicine pellet is already amazing.

But he readily took out a ninth-grade here easily! Why does it seem that his power both in strength and resources can’t compare to the other princes?

Mu Qian turns her eyes to look at the man beside her. His cold and dangerous aura is enough to keep people away like an evil spirit would.

“Jiu Ye, I’ve already dealt with the injury, can you, let go……”

Mu Qian words have not finished yet but was cut off by Xuanyuan Jiu Ye’s two words.

“You’re recuperating…”

Mu Qian’s mouth is twitching, so hard right now, does that mean he wants to hold her until she’s recovered!

Due to the reason that a Fourth-Rank Beast is nothing to this Ashura’s eyes, Mu Qian calmed herself and decided to avert her attention instead.

“Jiu Ye, what are you doing here in the forest?”

“Same as you.”


He really is a special student of the Royal Academy. In the first exam, he gave his blank paper. In the second exam, he abstained. For the third, the academy didn’t dare to cancel his eligibility to partake in the third examination.

That’s the only thing she has in mind, she has nothing else to say any longer.

Two people are so close together but were silent.

Jiu Ye’s medicine is powerful; the pain did not torment her for too long.

Mu Qian said. “I have recovered.”

“Full recovery!”

She wanted to run away from his arms, just a little bit but…

Her full recovery is going to take for a while longer than expected.

Mu Qian grew tired of waiting, she directly fell asleep in Jiu Ye’s arms.

Jiu Ye looked at her serene sleeping face, there are still no emotions in his eyes but a subtle upward move from his mouth can be seen.

When she woke up, she was in good shape and said. “Can you now let go!”

But Jiu Ye still did not move, and looked deeply at her.

At this time, a white shadow suddenly rushed towards Mu Qian.

Translator’s Question Time:

Me: Jiu Ye, welcome back! So for today’s question? Oohhh… I think it’s the best question so far!

Ahem! What is your reason for helping Mu Qian every time? Do you like her?

Jiu Ye: Isn’t it obvious?

Me: uhh no… sorry.

Jiu Ye: Since that is the case, you don’t have to know.

Me: Eh? Wait! But the readers also want to know ah!

Jiu Ye: Is it my problem?

Me: No…

Jiu Ye: Mm, then there’s no problem right?

Me: but…

(Jiu Ye gave me a death glare!)

Me: Eep! Uh no, it’s okay…

Jiu Ye: if there’s nothing else, I shall go first.

Me: ah okay, bye! Take care…

(Jiu Ye left)

Me: Why do I get the feeling that he’s just giving excuses? Argh! I miss my Wu’er!!!

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