EWP Chapter 44: You’re the one who’s going to be killed

You’re the one who’s going to be killed.

Mu Qian felt his power has fluctuated and suddenly became stronger.

“Spirit Master, this guy is forcing himself up. It’s tricky.”

With opponents with the same order as her, she can think of countless ways to kill them with poison. But to kill a Spirit Master with only those, she isn’t naïve to think that it will work.

Mu Qian has been running inside the forest for the whole day already.

The killer is finally catching up towards her at an astonishing speed.

“Mu Qian Xi! You’re going to die! Die!”

“Rumble!” The fury of his power swept away Mu Qian from behind!

With the current speed of Mu Qian alone, she can’t hide from him. “Water Shield!”

“Clash!” even with the shield of the Eternal Ring, Mu Qian’s body still was hit and flew out.


The purple dress was smeared with dirt because it fell on the ground. Mu Qian’s mouth spilled blood.

The huge gap on their strength is too great.

“But………” Mu Qian looked at the red-fruit behind her; there was a glint of cold light in her eyes.

She took the fruit without a trace and then, slowly, stood up. She remained on the place where she stood. The killer was somehow lost.

“Lord Mu, why aren’t you running anymore?”

Mu Qian said. “I can solve your brothers’ wounds and poison if you let me go. I’ll also give you the antidote. If you kill me here you will gain nothing.”

“This is the cure for your brother’s eye, try it to him. If you wait any longer, your brother’s eyes will be blind forever! “

Mu Qian threw a red-fruit, the fruit is not poisoned.

As soon as he catches the fruit, he said. “The poison can be relieved later, if I don’t kill you now, I’d feel unsafe!”

Terrifying murderous intent filled the surrounding; Mu Qian’s whole body was shrouded.

Mu Qian smiled a little, she slowly said. “The one who’s going to die… It isn’t me but you!”

The young lady’s exquisite face is hung with a cold smile. Her pitch-black eyes are coldly looking at him as she turns her back at him.

“!” All of a sudden, a sharp pointed horn came through from behind him.

Mu Qian’s figure flashed, already far away from that dangerous place.

The one-horned goat looks at the evil one with anger; it has been watching the Scarlet Heart for hundreds of years already, but when it came back from hunting. It saw this person holding it in his hands. Is he tired of living?

Scarlet Heart is a third grade spiritual fruit; it is natural that there is also a Third-Rank Beast guarding it.

Those beasts treat this fruits like their own child. It won’t let anybody took it from them no matter what.

Mu Qian came to know it from reading books in the Mu Jia’s library.

He did not understand why this beast suddenly shot him just to save the little girl.

“Crash!” Evil one’s body flew out, that hit him hard but his injuries were not fatal.

Run! He isn’t a Third-Rank Beast’s opponent at all.

“Damn human! Want to run? Dream on!”

The only way out was blocked by the beast, his only choice is to fight.

He’s not a match of a Third-Rank Beast before but now, when he’s seriously injured he had no choice but to fight for his life.

That Mu Qian Xi has disappeared but he knew that she can’t run that far.

He shouted. “Mu Qian Xi! Are you the demon! How is it possible that a Third-Rank Beast is helping you! Fuck!”

He believed that Mu Qian is the devil, instead of realizing the fact that the fruit in his hands was the reason for the beast fury.

If he let go of the fruit, there might been a chance but at this time he did not think so much.


The one horned goat is entangled; the killer tried his best to land his strongest attack on it in the end.



His final blow hit the beast and is a little hurt, once again the beast rushed towards the killer piercing his heart.

At this moment, the thing he hated the most is not being able to kill this Third-Rank Beast but Mu Qian Xi.

He swears. “Mu Qian Xi, you will not die well, you can’t die well!”

“Thud!” The killer died with his eyes both open, the one horned goat stepped on its corpse and wanted to pick up the red fruit.

It looks like this human doesn’t have any companions, but if the red fruit was taken off from its tree; it will dissipate not long after. It didn’t even tried to eat it first due to waiting for it to be ripe but was almost snatched by an ant instead.

“Argh! Damn you!” The killer’s third brother turned into a eunuch.

The second brother’s pain in his eyes caused him to swoon a few times, and he bites his teeth. The third brother said. “Second brother! Don’t worry! Eldest brother will come back for us soon. After avenging us to Mu Qian Xi, he can give us medicine pellets that will cure both of us.”

“It seems that you’re only hope is lost!”

A light laughter came, and the two of them saw a familiar purple figure, which appeared in front of them.

Her smile was bright, but the two people had a terrifying expression.

“You’re still alive, so big brother he……” Their hearts were cold.

“Of course he’s dead.”

“Damn! We got fooled, Mu Qian isn’t alone in this exam, and she absolutely has a hidden master to protect her.”

“Say it! Who the hell sent you? Is it the elders in the Mu Jia or the Ouyang Clan?” There was only coldness in her eyes.

He laughed like a madman. “You don’t understand the rules of us killers. We will not disclose the information of the employer in any way.”

They stared at her with emotionless eyes. “Lord Mu, don’t think that since you escape once you can be safe from now on. I’m sure you will join us in hell very soon.”

After saying that, they killed themselves cleanly.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t say it.” Mu Qian coldy said.

In an instant, her face changed, a fishy smell suddenly came.

A giant beast has sealed off the perimeter and searched the area.

Mu Qian frowns; good thing is that she had done her homework before going outside her home.

After learning about this world’s medicines, she also learned so much about beasts.

The Blood Python is a Fourth-Rank Beast and loves the smell of blood the most. Its favorite meal is human’s flesh.

“Hiss!” the Blood Python rushed towards Mu Qian’s direction.

Mu Qian tried to avoid it but this time she’s not its goal, but the two bodies, which allows her to escape.

The giant python entangled its tail to the bodies of the two killers and put it in his mouth. After gulping, his big brass eyes are staring at Mu Qian Xi.

It’s like speaking to Mu Qian to stay, after eating those two, she will come next.

She can’t escape, once she made even a tiny move, the Blood Python will absolutely kill her.

Translator’s Note:

Mu Qian’s luck sure is the worst!

I will not let you guys wait any longer.

I’ll post another chapter in a bit.~

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