EWP Chapter 43: She is the Ghost Doctor who uses poison to kill

She is the Ghost Doctor who uses poison to kill

“We… We are the princess’ guards, she sent us to get her revenge.”

“Ahh! I can’t…anymore! It’s the Eight Princess, we… “

“hmm, so it is really the eight princess.” Mu Qian smiled lightly, their pain stopped.

She looked at them. “How does the Eight Princess want to get back at me? Don’t even try to hide it!”

“She wanted us to beat you until you can’t move…then let the wild beasts here eat you.”

“Mm, then you can all disappear completely now.” Mu Qian murmured.

She poured white powder on top of them.

A gust of wind blew through the floor, leaving no trace.

A Ghost Doctor’s poison can kill people just like that.


When Mu Qian was about to start to gather herbs for her refining again, a first-rank bull like beast rushed over.

“Come here!”

Her body was quick like a cheetah, in the face of danger; she took the initiative to attack the fierce beast!


One by one, she dodges its attack with high precision making the bull dizzy.

“Grunt!” The bull’s horn was broken my Mu Qian.

Mu Qian looked at the horn and said. “This is just what I need right now!”

The beast eyes were red; it seems that it’s already in a crazy state. But Mu Qian was faster; she dashed towards the beast and killed it.

“Thud!” The huge beast body suddenly fell to the ground; Mu Qian took out a dagger to dig out its beast core.

“Didn’t expect to finish the task completely, what luck! I still have few more days to collect herbs then.”

Mu Qian defeated the first-rank beast, from beginning to end; she just used her combat skills from the modern times, and didn’t even have to use her Qi for a bit.

Mu Qian continues to collect a lot of herbs and while at it, she also encountered a lot of first-rank beast and gets its beast core after.

For other students who formed a group, upon encountering a first-rank beast it caused them to feel terrified while Mu Qian was like leisurely walking in a park.

Not long after, a slight frown appeared on her eyebrows.

From the dark, she detected a presence. This time it’s not a rookie, but a professional killer!

These killers are not what Xuanyuan Jia had sent, their strength is a lot higher than hers, and they’re not easy to deal with.

Her life-saving elixir has not yet been refined out, it seems that she only had one choice left.

The strength of a Fifth-Stage Spirit Warrior enveloped her whole body, the purple figure flashed, as she hid into the woods.

“That’s a Fifth-Stage right? Didn’t they say she’s a waste?” A subtle voice of surprise came.

“So what if she’s a Fifth-Stage, we brothers only need two shots, still afraid?” The older one smiled evilly.

“Go!” The oldest ordered, the three killers rushed towards the direction of Mu Qian Xi.

Even though Mu Qian cultivation talent is high, but with the strength of these three, it is enough to kill her easily.

Behind her came a sound of broken footsteps, cold murderous air spreads the area.

Mu Qian’s heart is slightly heavy; these killers are not easy to deal with!

Their distance is getting closer; Mu Qian turned around and calmly said:

“How much money have they paid you to kill me? I’ll pay you guys ten times more if you give up this task!”

Ten times the price, she really is worthy of being the Mu Jia’s Lord, so generous. But even if they’re killers, they still have principles.

(TN: what principles? You’re killers for god sake!)

“A little down payment for you first!” MU Qian throws up a pill bottle.

“Boom!” Before the bottle falls down into the ground, it exploded, transparent gas surrounds them.

“Get out of the way, its poisonous!”

“Ahh!” There was a scream.

Although they reacted quickly enough to escape, but they still have inhaled some of it due to her unexpected move.

This poison is terrible; a killer at this time was already rotting, too horrible to look at!

Mu Qian’s fine young arm waved, and suddenly, countless powders were flying out towards the killers’ direction forming a burst of smoke in front of them.

She also has disappeared in this white smoke.

Mu Qian refined this poison when she’s being held at the Ashura’s mansion back then, it was supposed to be his gift for him, but didn’t expect that it would be used towards these killers instead.

“Run quickly! Your strength is too weak, those three is in the peak of a Ninth-Stage, those poison will give you time to escape.” Ah Ting couldn’t watch anymore and said.

“The Water Dragon God Ring can only help you beat those people whose strength is in the Eight-Stage! If only I regained my original strength you don’t have to run like this.”

There’s was a light in her eyes. “I know, but even if they’re are in peak of Ninth-Stage Warrior, there are many ways to kill them on this forest.”

Taking advantage of the time, Mu Qian uses the terrain of the Heavenly Forest; she began to set up traps that have a variation of poisons in it. This made Ah Ting’s mouth to twitch up.

“Sure enough, you can’t offend a woman.”

She waved her way out. “This isn’t enough! I have limited time to set this all up, in order to protect my life I can only set these simple traps instead.”

“Rustle!” The three killers are about to reach Mu Qian’s location.

The killer who was poison earlier is now stable but each of them had a miserable face, they must kill that damned woman for this disgrace!

In a moment, she stood in front of them and laughed. “What took you guys so long? This lord was bored waiting ah!”

“Mu Qian Xi, I will kill you!” the killer with a wretched face was so angry, that he almost rushed towards Mu Qian but was stopped by his accomplice.

“Third Brother, don’t be impulsive. There must be a trap!”

Mu Qian turned her back and said. “If you dare not kill me, I will go back to sleep!”

“Damn you! Brother, she’s just bluffing! Come on! ” He was so angry while rushing towards Mu Qian.

“AHHH!” When he was about to close his distance with Mu Qian, countless explosions suddenly occur.

He was poisoned again but this time the toxic is much stronger, he fell down into one of Mu Qian’s traps.

“Argh!!!” heart-rending screams filled the area, although he’s not seriously injured, he can never be a man anymore.

(TN: no need to say what happened to him right? :P)

“Third Brother!” When the two killers saw what happened, they were completely angry.

“Swish!” Countless poison needles flew over, like the rain falling down at them directly.

“Argh! My eyes!”

The poison needles and powder fell into the second killer’s eyes. He felt a sharp twinge of his eyes, and his sight was dark.

“Your traps has put them two in a difficult position, the way they look now looks miserable! Ha ha ha!” Ah Ting laughed like a lunatic.

Mu Qian rolled her eyes, she’s in danger but this guy doesn’t do anything but just talk and talk.

She felt some doubts that this guy isn’t the spirit of the eternal artifact like Chaos Jiuzhong Pavilion at all.

Mu Qian said. “It’s just two people, there’s still one left.”

“Fuck! I’ll kill you!”

As soon as he saw his two brothers miserable states, his eyes were so red from anger.

He bit his teeth, took a pill out of his cloth and swallowed it. Suddenly the power in his body skyrocketed.

Translator’s Note:

Mu Qian being a badass again~

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