EWP Chapter 42: He can only accept his misfortunes and cry

He can only accept his misfortunes and cry

He was just unprepared on the first stroke, but for the second stroke, he unleashed all of his Qi but still can’t resist!

Has the strength of Mu Qian reached the Fifth-Stage already? In the Purple Moon Kingdom, if someone reached the Fifth-Stage at the age of sixteen he can be considered as one of the best. Is she really a waste?

“The last stroke, hurry and get it over with!” Mu Qian approached Yue Xu whose standing at the edge of the stage and gently kicked him down from it.

“Thud!” He falls down quickly.

He roared. “Mu Qian Xi, you played me!”

Yue Xu wants to cry, he lost just like that.

“Mu Qian Xi, you bully!”

Although he can’t tell how high her strength is, but in his point of view, with moves like that, she’s definitely stronger than him.

She agreed on letting her have three strokes even though she’s better than him. If that’s not bullying, I don’t know what it is!

“You said it yourself, I even asked you if you’re serious but you said you’re sure about it, so why bother complaining it to me now?” Mu Qian said casually.

“Cough!” The more she rubs his wounds like that, the more he wanted to vomit blood.

“Uhh… Mu Qian wins.” The referee felt that everything that has happened is quite unbelievable. Originally, he assumed that Yue Xu will win and that Mu Qian doesn’t have a chance at all.

Mu Qian won three times in a row and was qualified to continue to the third examination.

Almost all of the students in the lower class no longer dare to despise Mu Qian or even scorn her like before.

She crippled Ouyang Xin whose strength is in the Third-Stage Martial Warrior and even beat the strongest in the lower class, Yue Xu. Who dares to provoke her after that?

When Ouyang Xin returned to his residence, his bones can still be connected.

His external injuries were fine but he can never lift his arms and even move his legs ever again.

The strangest thing was his vision seems to get weaker; no matter where he looks it’s only a blur.

The Ouyang clan called countless pharmacists, they even went to look for an alchemist but they all said that there’s no way to cure him.

No one knows that Mu Qian sent them a gift when he was playing Ouyang Xin. Some of her newly refined poison was used against him.

All she caused was the trauma; all the watchers at that time can be her witnesses. And she’s a waste, no matter how; she doesn’t have the ability to make a person be a waste just like that.

The Ouyang clan can’t find the any adequate reason and is absolutely afraid to go to Mu Jia to make trouble. Don’t forget that the Mu Jia still have their peerless Third Master!

“What? You want them to go into the Heavenly Forest!” As soon as the vice-president received this notice, his initial reaction was shocked.

“This order is from the top, this will be the location for the third examination, let the students experience the wilderness inside the forest.”

“Didn’t we always use the Royal hunting grounds before? How come this time it was the Heavenly Forest?”

The most suitable place to get experience is the Royal hunting grounds where there are many magical beasts roaming.

But the Heavenly forest is full of wild beast, very dangerous.

“The higher ups also said that the effect of the Royal hunting ground isn’t much so for this assessment, we’ll use the HeavenlyForest instead. Don’t worry, as long as the students don’t go too far from our sight and they’re not in a life-threatening situation it would be okay.”


The next day, vice president called all the teachers and the hundred students that will participate on the third exam. They were all seated to a flying beast that will take them into the forest.

At the entrance of the heavenly forest, the vice president announced matters regarding the examination.

“This is the location for the third examination; you will pass this exam as long as you succeeded on hunting a first-rank magical beast and get its beast core. You only have seven days to complete it or you can withdraw ahead of time.

The magical beasts are divided into seven ranks, a low Spirit Warrior can only deal a second-rank beast. The higher the rank is, the stronger it will be.

“Each of you will be given a jade card, once you’re in danger break this jade card and a teacher will come to save you. If that happens, you will not be promoted to middle class. This test will depend on your performance so do your best.”

He raised his arm and announced. “The third assessment begins!”

Even if they are the elites of the Purple Moon’s Royal Academy but that doesn’t mean that it will be easy for them to beat a first-rank beast individually. So a lot of people before going inside the forest formed a small group, with a team effort their chance of beating a beast will be higher.

She doesn’t know if they’ve been warned or if she’s been hated. Even if she isn’t a waste anymore, no one wants to team up with Mu Qian.

Mu Qian didn’t bother to say anything, for her it is more convenient if she acts alone.

I have to say, this forest is really a treasure because a lot of herbs are growing here.

Mu Qian completely forget that she’s still taking the third exam, she began to concentrate on herbs instead.

Besides, they have seven days. She doesn’t believe that while picking herbs for seven days in the Heavenly Forest, she wouldn’t encounter a first-rank beast.

Mu Qian who’s collecting a lot of herbs felt that she is being followed.

Mu Qian’s eyes were cold; it seems that someone in this forest wanted to kill her!

On the other side, the people following her are talking about the person collecting herbs.

“It is time to do it, there’s no one around.”



Five thirty to forty years old middle-aged men rushed out and shouted. “Little girl, hand over your money and we’ll let you live!”

“Dare to rob this Lord, you’re all looking for death! “

Mu Qian body flashed, then went behind them. The water dragon condenses into an ice blade piercing the heart of one bandit.

“Little girl, you want to die!””

The remaining four people drew out their swords and attacked Mu Qian.

Mu Qian’s both hands were raised.

“Water Dragon Slash!”


The highest strength they have is a Ninth-Stage Spirit Warrior; the lowest is in Seventh-Stage Spirit Warrior, a lot higher than Mu Qian’s strength is. But the sudden burst of her power let them be in a disadvantage.

“A Fifth-Stage Martial Warrior? She even has an elemental affinity!” Their faces changed dramatically.

They didn’t have enough time to react; Mu Qian’s beautiful face came closer. The four of them saw her cold eyes.


They don’t know what happened but have only found out that they can’t move their bodies at all and each one of them fell to the ground.

“Say it! Who the hell sent you?! If you dare lie to me, this only proves you don’t want your life anymore!” Mu Qian angrily asked.

At this moment, these men felt that they’re looking at a monster; didn’t they say she’s only a Fourth-Stage Spirit Warrior?

She’s obviously in the Fifth-Stage and has a water element to boot. Isn’t this a trap!

“Have mercy! We’re really just making money.”

“Yeah! That’s right!”

She looked down at them. “Do you wanna know why all of you fell down? That’s because this Lord poured a deadly poison to each one of you. If you spit another lie, I will fill your body with worms that will eat your bones until nothing is left! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?”

The strength of the four of them was enough to defeat her, but now that they’re inflicted with poison, they all became useless.

Looking at Mu Qian’s evil smile, they can’t help but feel afraid that everything she had said is true.

“Ahh!” The sound of screams echoed throughout the forest.

The bandits were all in pain as they rolled on the floor begging for mercy.

“Lord! Please spare us!”

Translator’s Question Time:

Yue Xu: Waahh!… I’ve been deceived!


Me: Isn’t that your fault in the first place?

Yue Xu: I… I didn’t know that she’s stronger than me so…*Sniff, sniff, you wouldn’t understand!

Me: Are you a kid? Why are you crying noisily and uncontrollably like this! STOP!

Yue Xu: But… but I’m sad! I can’t help it!

Me: That’s it! I’ve had enough! I’m gonna call your Elder Brother!

(He stopped me from leaving and yelled.)

Yue Xu: You heartless woman, aren’t you gonna try to comfort me first?! Don’t call my brother here else I’ll …. I’ll say bad things about you to Mu Wushuang!

Me: Oh really? You don’t even know him personally, so how do you plan on doing that?

Yue Xu: I….I ….Waah! You’re also a bully!

(He cried while running away.)

Me: What the hell…oh shit! I forgot to ask him a question! Yue Xu, come back! We’re not finished yet!!!

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