EWP Chapter 41: The price of touching a reverse scale of a Dragon

The price of touching a reverse scale of a Dragon.

Hearing the referee, the crowd was in an uproar!

“Oh god! Mu Qian’s luck is terrible, she even have to face Ouyang Xin on the first round.”

“Ouyang Xin ranks fourth in the overall ranking of the lower class, Mu Qian is finished.”


“Students, please proceed in the stage, also this is just an assessment. Don’t try to kill each other!”

Mu Qian walked to the platform, and then she saw a gloomy boy jumping to the stage.

His hostile pair of eyes was looking at Mu Qian. “Waste, you’re lucky my cousin didn’t actually finish you back then, this time I’ll be the one to make you look good.”

Ouyang Xin is the little cousin of the Zhang Fu’s Ouyang Wei, from his small age; he’s as vicious as her.

But the Mu Qian Xi today, completely ignored the mention of his cousin, that made him looks like a fool in general.

The judge saw the bitter look of him and said. “Student Xin, don’t go overboard.”

“Rest assured, I will still leave Mu Qian Xi a single breath, I will not let her die so easily in the Academy.” He looked at the referee and asked. “What’s the matter? My Ouyang clan will bear the burden of removing this trash, so you people must be grateful instead!” Ouyang Xin cruel words were heard by everyone.

The Ouyang Clan has the ability to overturn any family aside from the Royals, as a result even a young master from the branch of the family is lawless like this.

The referee teacher is afraid to offend this young man; he never dared to say anything again.

“The fight begins!”

Ouyang Xin taunted. “Waste, do you want me to ruin your face? Or do you want me to cut all of your hamstrings? I can let you be the same with your uncle, blind and crippled!”

He has the strength of the Fourth-Stage Martial Warrior, with his aura; he’s ready to pinch Mu Qian to death like an ant.

But as he was about to launch an attack, Mu Qian mysteriously disappeared!

In an instant, a purple figure approached him, a fine arm swings. “Snap!”

“AHHH!” The bones of his arm were crushed with a single blow.

A purple exquisite dress swayed, Mu Qian landed him a fierce kick, hitting Ouyang Xin’s knee.

“Snap!” It was the crisp sound again!


Ouyang Xin directly kneeled on the ground with his arms, looking like a dead dog.

The crowd wiped their eyes; they didn’t even catch a glimpse of the purple figure’s shadow approaching Ouyang Xin.

Everything happened so fast like a lightning, they didn’t have the time to see it clearly but only saw Ouyang Xin kneeled in a split of a second.

On the stage, was a girl in a purple dress, standing like a noble king that rules the whole world!

At that moment, the crowd felt that the despised waste is admirable. Her stunning appearance exudes a special charm, making her, the whole person look very dazzling.

“Mu Qian is not a waste, she can cultivate just like us…”

“That attack she just made, the strength seems to be in the Third-Stage of Martial Warrior!”

“What? When did she start to cultivate?”

Ouyang Xin wanted to admit defeat due to the pain but too bad for him, this is only the beginning!


Mu Qian moved once again, Ouyang Xin’s body was kicked into the air like a ball.

The crowd was stunned, the fight still continues!

“You’re the waste! You even dare mention my Little Uncle with how weak you are!”

“You are not worthy to mention my Little Uncle’s name.”

“Even my Little Uncle’s shoes can’t be compared to you trash!”




Ouyang Xin’s body was kicked into the air multiple times, his mouth keeps vomiting blood and the bones in his body were not intact anymore.

The people are dumbfounded, too violent! It’s horrible!

There is a legend that every dragon has its reverse scales that is shaped differently from others. If you touch it, you will bring down the dragon’s wrath upon yourself.

Mu Qian was quick, Ouyang Xin’s body before landing on the ground was fiercely kicked again throwing him into the air once more.

Everything happened so fast that the referee couldn’t react enough. He hastily shouted. “Mu Qian Xi, stop! Don’t go over……”

“Huh? It’s too windy, I can’t hear you!”

“Klok!” Mu Qian continues!

“Cough! Cough! Cough!” Ouyang Xin fainted due to the pain. As he lost consciousness, he still continues to vomit blood.

Everyone who saw the fight felt a cold air; they all took a few steps back as Mu Qian walked out of the stage.

The always cowardly Mu Qian Xi was so fierce today, when did she become this scary!

After the semifinals, the first hundred contenders name followed, and the referee began to read the names of the participants.

“Yue Xu, Mu Qian Xi.”

“What is with Mu Qian’s luck? Yue Xu strength is in the Fourth-Stage Martial Warrior, the lower class number one genius! isn’t it too bad?”

“Mm, actually I also think you’re right, even his older brother ranked seventh in the Purple Moon’s Geniuses, how can his talent be poor? I bet it won’t last long until he catches up with his brother.”


Although Mu Qian defeated a Third-Stage Martial Warrior like Ouyang Xin, no one was optimistic about her on this match.

But they never thought the Yue Xu brat would say. “I will let you have three strokes!”

The semi-finals was easy for Mu Qian, she might have thought that it is the same case with the finals. Everyone felt that this waste is truly disappointing but what truly disappoints them more is the teenager’s arrogant attitude.

Mu Qian looked at this teenager’s eyes and asked. “Oh, are you sure you want me to make three strokes?”

“Of course, I’m a man of my words!”

Mu Qian didn’t hesitate to make a move first, she’s as fast as lightning, that Yue Xu felt a bad premonition.

But by this time he was too late to dodge. “Boom!”

His body flew out, with his Qi being poured out; it let him stayed on the stage.

Yue Xu at the age of seventeen reached the Fourth-Stage Martial Warrior and was considered as a genius in the Purple Moon like his elder brother, but his talent wasn’t due to various help of immortality elixirs and pills like Mu Ruyun but from his real effort alone.

“Woah! Mu Qian almost blew Yue Xu off the stage! He ranked first in the whole lower class, how is this possible!”

“Is Mu Qian also in the Fourth-Stage Martial Warrior?”

“She doesn’t have this strength before!”

Mu Qian’s cultivation is on par with Gods, with the help of Chaos Jiuzhong Pavilion, whether it is higher or lower than her strength, no one can see the depth of her strength.

No one would believe that Mu Qian from a waste reached a Fifth-Stage Spirit Warrior with only seven days.

“You!” Yue Xu is shocked, who told him Mu Qian Xi is a waste? Isn’t that his way to kill him?

He pulled out his sword and is ready to attack Mu Qian at any time, but was reminded by Mu Qian. “Hey! Didn’t you say I have three strokes? I only made one ah! “

“I……” Yue Xu wanted to slap himself really hard. It seems that he’s forced riding a tiger with his blunder before.

“Are you backing up with your words?”

“Of course not!” Yue Xu bites his lip.

“Okay, I will continue then!” Mu Qian’s body flashed again, she shot once more!


Yue Xu tried to resist, but the light-headed punch contains a terrible power, he cannot block it with his body alone.

Once again, his body flew out of control until to the edge of the stage.

The crowd were stunned, completely did not believe that everything they’re seeing right now is true.

Translator’s Note:

I feel sorry for Yue Xu’s naivety. ?

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