EWP Chapter 40: The Night Prince helped me cheat

The Night Prince helped me cheat

At this time, the teacher said. “This is the first exam, if not passed, then there’s no need to continue the other exam and you will be expelled immediately from this Academy.”

She is the genius ghost doctor, is she bound to be expelled without proving herself first?

Suddenly, there is a black figure at the entrance of the room. The temperature of the entire examination room becomes cold instantly.

The proctor teacher said. “Student, the exam already began; you are already a quarter of an hour late and must…”

“Eh? Night Prince!” When the teacher saw the appearance of the person coming in, he paled instantly.

“Night Prince, please come inside, here have a seat!”

The attitude of the examiner changed three hundred and sixty degrees in an instant.

“Why is he taking the test? Don’t tell me, he doesn’t want to be expelled either?” Mu Qian said to herself.

She wanted to ask, why did the night prince came back? Ever since he turned sixteen years old, he never returned to the Academy or what did he done for those past years.

She doesn’t believe that the Night Prince is afraid to be expelled, after all, in the hearts of the citizens of the Purple Moon Kingdom, he is an evil spirit. No one dares to provoke the devil incarnate.

Expel him, if you dare!

After Jiu Ye takes his seat, Mu Qian found out that the other student’s writing hand is shaking.

‘This guy is too scary! Don’t come out please; look at what you’ve done to these poor children!’

“The first question, the source of Qi is……” Mu Qian who’s still busy with other students business heard a voice inside her head.

“Second question…”

“Third question…”

“Huh?” isn’t this all answers to the exam.

His Highness, the evil one, the only Night Prince…

It seems that the reason he’s here…

Is to help her cheat…

In order to avoid cheating, the teachers at the Royal Academy of Purple Moon placed the exam here in a room where qi isn’t working or you can say “sealed”. Once someone dared to have a little action, it will be detected by the examiner immediately.

But apparently, this Ashura’s strength is too great. With so many examiners even if he cheats, no one will notice a bit.

If the whole Purple Moon known that the Night Prince is doing this much to help her cheat it will be the most incredible news ever! Even Mu Qian felt this was impossible.

Jiu Ye’s voice in her head is getting colder and colder until he reached the tenth question. If she didn’t write, not only expelled but she will also be killed.

Mu Qian’s memory is superb; she easily catches up to the third question. She wrote in the same speed with Jiu Ye talking.

After the hundredth question, no one knew when had the Night Prince left.

Mu Qian stopped writing. That creepy feeling hasn’t gone away.

She also pinched her arm, she wondered if it was all a nightmare!

However, there was pain that was not a dream.

The people in the Purple Moon cannot guess what’s on that devil’s mind; even she cannot do it either.

Mu Qian didn’t bother herself either, she directly submitted her papers.

The terrifying person disappeared, there is not much time left either so the other students have answered the questions quickly.

When she returned to the dormitory, she saw Jiu Ye sitting on a white-leather couch in the hall. “Jiu Ye, on today’s matter. Thank you.”

“How do you plan to thank me?” He did not look up but the cold voice came out.

Mu Qian felt a little headache, this mysterious man lacks nothing.

She doesn’t know how many times he has helped her. But she has not thanked him for anything since then.

When she thought about it, she took out her newly refined elixir and put it on the table in front of him.

“This is the best elixir that I had, the effect of this elixir is better that a third-grade medicine pellet. I know it’s not much but kindly consider this as my thanks for today. “

Mu Qian knows that even a seventh-grade or an eighth-grade medicine pellet may not interest him that much.

Otherwise, how can he easily give her the Eternal God Ring with no apparent reason?

The slender fingers, rubbing the vial, he nodded slightly. “Mm.”

Mu Qian: “Then I’ll go practice.”

Mu Qian flashed back upstairs, Ah Ting is right, no matter what this guy purpose is, as long as he doesn’t kill her. She has still have time to grow.

By the time she became stronger than he was, she won’t have to feel fear anymore, no matter what his plans were.

Mu Qian understood this completely, even if she became stronger, she must still continue to improve her strength.

The test scores came out, Mu Qian got a perfect score, and her grade ranked first, this achievement is simply unexpected.

In the place where the exam was held, cheating is not possible. So almost everyone thought, that Mu Qian the waste is starting her new life in the academy for the better.

“What is this? She even ranked first!” The eight princess is so angry that her eyes seemed to burst out.

“But it’s good that she passed, so her fall will be much more miserable in the second exam.”

The second exam is the actual assessment; Mu Qian needs to get into the top one hundred to proceed on the third exam.

The lower class has a total of four thousand people; they will be divided to a forty battlefields. One hundred people will battle it out until ten people remains. For the next stage, the ten people will participate on the one-on -one match.

On the stage, the few students who benefitted from Mu Qian before surrounded her.

“Mu Qian, rest assured, I will not let you be eliminated.”



The money they’ve got was too much, so every one of them agreed to help Mu Qian pass in this play-off.

The rest of the students are annoyed but this bunch of idiots. “You cowards, you’re being paid for by this piece of shit! Are you out of your minds?!”

“That’s right! What does this piece of junk do other than buy people with money?”

“She thinks she can buy all of us here, so she can’t be eliminated!”

“We’ll attack together! Kill them all!”

After all, Mu Qian only have more than ten people on her side and the other side has seventy or eighty people, even if they are all strong there can’t support her for long.

Inside the circle protection squad of Mu Qian, no one sensed a blue water dragon that suddenly fell on the ground, immediately turning the stage into ice!


Then a group of people slipped, like a ball, all of them rolled off the stage together and was eliminated!


This pile of people just rolled like that, only the group of people protecting Mu Qian was left.

“Bang, Bang, Bang!”

“What was that all about?”

“I don’t know!”

Those people protecting Mu Qian also lose somehow.

“Are they hiding a hidden expert? I can’t see it at all!”

Just when they’ve started to guess, the survival battle results had come out.

Everyone who watched the battle can’t help but talk maliciously about Mu Qian, first for the way Mu Qian bought her classmate to win, as she ended up for the finals without fighting.

But the finals are the highlight of this assessment. This match is a one-on-one game, no matter how much Mu Qian tried, she can’t possibly buy her opponents at all.

Added with the fact that the students that also ended in the finals were full of contempt for Mu Qian,

The teacher announced a long list of competition, after reading it’s finally her turn.

“Mu Qian Xi versus Ouyang Xin. “

Translator’s Note:

Find a guy who can help you pass the test!

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