A crime scene

Ah Ting gnashed his teeth. “You heartless woman, do you dare to do that?”

Mu Qian whispered. “I’m just joking, Ah Ting you are one of the eternal artifacts, the eternal Pavilion, how can I easily give you to others!”

“Humph! At least you know!” Ah Ting coldly said.

She saw his bitter face; she won’t allow herself to give Ah Ting to others.

But she couldn’t get it out of her head, what does the beautiful and unique person like the Night Prince want to do in the end.

“Don’t even think about it! If you practice enough to be better than him, will you still be afraid?” This time, it was Ah Ting who encouraged her.

Mu Qian was awakened by his words. “Yes! As long as my strength is enough, even if this guy mysteriously appeared again, there is nothing to fear!”

Since she’s back at the Academy, naturally she has to go to class.

She doesn’t want to be the first student to be expelled in the Purple Moon Royal Academy after all.

The teacher in the lower class was surprised by the arrival of the Richest Lord of the Purple Moon Kingdom.

After class, he reminded everyone. “It’s been three years already, the School Assessment is about to begin, for those people that will not pass to the intermediate class; I’m afraid you will have to withdraw from this school.”

The others are fine but the teacher looked at Mu Qian.

Mu Qian Xi was the only one in the lower class that hasn’t passed yet to the intermediate class in the past three years.

Mu Qian is somehow anxious; it seems that in this school assessment she will flunk in the end.

The teacher added. “Since that is the case, I will lead you to the martial arts field next where you can exercise your combat effectiveness.”

All of the students are looking for a partner to practice with, only Mu Qian acts like she doesn’t care.

Because of the careful teaching from Mu Ruyun, the popularity of the previous her is so poor that almost no one approached her except Mu Ruyun.

“Swoosh!” A sword was drawn out, pointing to Mu Qian. “Mu Qian Xi, do you dare to accept my challenge!”

The crowd froze. “Wang Hao unexpectedly made a challenge, he’s in the Third-Stage of Spirit Warrior, in the coming assessment it will likely move him to the middle class.”

“He is the strongest in our lower class, why did he even challenge Mu Qian the waste?”

“For sure that waste is afraid to accept that challenge. As I see it, she will run off soon, she’ll be gone for at least three months.”

This lower class is really on point with its name, as the strength of a Third-Stage Spirit Warrior was considered as the top.

Mu Qian was helpless, this opponent, she’s too lazy to even lift a hand.

But…she can’t let them down!

Mu Qian glanced towards Wang Hao, her lips slightly evoke a smile, and her dark eyes were deep like an abyss.

“Sure! I accept.”

One look, her indifferent self gives Wang Hao’s heart a shiver. The palm of his hand holding the tilt of the sword was full of cold sweat.

Mu Qian raised her voice and said. “Who will fight Wang Hao instead of me? This Lord will give him a thousand taels.”


“What’s wrong? I accepted your challenge, but that does not necessarily mean that I will fight you on my own!” Mu Qian arrogantly said.

The crowd saw that Mu Qian wasn’t joking, soon, someone jumped out. “Classmate Wang Hao, if you have the guts. Fight me!”

The teenager who appeared looks like a big bear in general, his strength is almost on par with Wang Hao, Wang Hao didn’t agree yet, but this bear rushed towards him immediately.

“Bang, Bang, Bang!”

Although the first player did not beat Wang Hao down, fighting with him already consumed a lot of his strength.

Mu Qian gave the bear a bank note worth a thousand taels. “This is your reward.”

The others looked straight at each other. “I didn’t think that it’s true ah!”

“Oh God! Mu Qian is really the Mu Jia’s Lord, she’s too rich! She can easily give a thousand taels.”

“We’re on too!”

“Wang Hao, fight with me!”

“Wang Hao, come to me!”

“Wang Hao.”

One by one, a battle of survival! Even if Wang Hao is the strongest of the lower class, opponents with this quantity will surely give him misery; his face is swollen just like a pig.

The spirit energy is almost exhausted, but they are still coming one after another.

Wang Hao can’t continue any longer. “Stop! I can’t do this anymore, Do you know who I am serving……”


“Cut the crap! I’m gonna make some money for my brother, so sacrifice yourself!”


“Princess, help!” Wang Hao cried towards a corner.

But his savior didn’t want to do it.

“What do we do now princess? Wang Hao clearly can’t do what you want, at this rate he will continue to call your name.” A maid from the princess side asked.

“Mu Qian Xi, I can still proceed on my revenge today. I must report this quickly, in this school it is prohibited to fight. We’re about to be graded for assessment so I must make her look good with the teachers.” Xuanyuan Jia coldy answered.

Mu Qian glanced at the corner, her eyes flashed a cold light. Want to take revenge, but also with challenging means!

‘If you have the courage then continue to humiliate yourself!’

Finally, Wang Hao was carried out due to his injuries; many students came to the Lord.

“Classmate Mu Qian, if you need help again for things like this, Come find me!”

“Classmate Mu Qian, thank you so much! I can finally give my mother a few more clothes.”


The lower class where Mu Qian was placed is considered as the lowest of the low. Many students without a good background are placed there together. They don’t live well enough to make a big difference in their future lives.

After finishing today’s lesson, Mu Qian returned to the dormitory and wanted to take a bath in the hot spring.

But what shocked her is the flawless skin like a white jade that is soaked in the dense spring water and delicate rounded shoulders that have drops of water that look like little crystals instead.

His eyes were closed as if he’s taking a rest.

The mask has been removed; his impenetrable eyes and inscrutable countenance can captivate any living being. He’s a criminal all right.

Mu Qian took a deep breath, she learned from her memory that there is a natural hot spring bath on the first floor.

She wanted to enjoy the said hot spring but didn’t expect that she’d come across with this scene!

“Crash!” Jiu Ye stood up, his eye-catching black hair slipped on his waist.

His cold air overshadowed the Hot Springs, Mu Qian wanted to act as if she did not see the things she wasn’t supposed to see, but failed miserably due to the chilling air coming out from him.

The cold voice came. “Have you seen enough?”

The crystal clear drops of water fell from his head to his shoulders; his icy-blue eyes are moist due to waking up abruptly. It’s all too tempting.

Mu Qian’s heart was beating like crazy, as if it’s not her heart anymore, she complained. “You already have the only bathroom for yourself, yet you also use my hot spring to take a bath? Now we’re even! “


Mu Qian fled to her room on the second floor, she cherishes her life so it’s best to get away from Xuanyuan Jiu Ye quickly as possible.

When Mu Qian walked away, the pair of icy-blue eyes looked a bit treacherous, with his husky voice, he said. “Benjun does not like to lose.”

(TN: Benjun – another term for “this Lord/Monarch”.)

Due to living with Xuanyuan Jiu Ye, it made her feel that her life here is too risky. When she passes the school assessment for the middle-class, she plans to continue the style of the former her, without getting expelled. She will skip school until the end!

The first examination of the Royal Academy was about to begin.

She can’t believe it, the first exam turned out to be a basic written exam.

Since the day she went to the academy, she investigated the situation in the Purple Moon Kingdom, Snow Continent and a little bit of Alchemy.

She doesn’t have the time to take a look at the Academy’s courses.

Now the test is about to begin, she doesn’t have the time to cram now!

There’s nothing in the former Mu Qian’s head, Mu Qian looked at the scroll, and the first question was “how to absorb qi.”

The second question, the third question.……

What the hell is this?

It seems that with just the first exam, it will be the end for her!

Translator’s Note:

I’m on official business this weekend. (my boss won’t let me off!!!)

I won’t have the time to translate T_T

PS: Guess what is the “crime” in the chapter’s title!~

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