EWP Chapter 38: To be Ashura’s roommate!

To be Ashura’s roommate!

The former body owner always ditch class, in the span of three years it only took twenty days to forget that she is a student after all.

“Prepare the carriage; this Lord will go to the Academy.”

She will go to the Academy to play. Let those old guys jump for a while! Let them jump higher, so that the fall will be more miserable.

“Yes, my lord.”

The Mu Jia Lord’s carriage is very luxurious; they are certainly the first nouveau riche family in the Purple Moon Kingdom.

Mu Qian’s eye couldn’t help but twitch, isn’t this too flashy!

But the horses that pull the cart are definitely top-notch, since she doesn’t have time to change carriage anymore, Mu Qian decided to put up with this for now.

Purple Moon Royal Academy is the noblest school in the whole kingdom.

Those who enter the Academy have a family background, a strong talent or both.

The former Mu Qian doesn’t belong in any of the categories.

Mu Qian’s carriage that was about to arrive at the Purple Moon Royal Academy was blocked suddenly by another carriage.

The curtain was pulled up, maids from the palace stood from each side and someone inside yelled at Mu Qian’s way.

“Mu Qian, you waste! You’re the shame of the whole Purple Moon Kingdom! What are you doing here? If you still won’t go back to your smelly Mu Jia, believe me, this princess will kill you today!”

The news about Mu Qian defeating Mu Ruyun and Xuanyuan Li Tian was sealed to death, because both the Second Elder and the Royal Family doesn’t want this thing to get out.

As for Xuanyuan Li Tian, who was thrown inside a coffin and paraded in the street. Everyone thought that he was bullied by the peerless Seventh Prince.

The eight princess, Xuanyuan Jia is still naïve on the truth about Xuanyuan Li Tian, so she still treated Mu Qian as waste like before.

If Mu Qian defeated a genius like Mu Ruyun with only the strength of a Fourth-Stage Spirit Warrior and even Xuanyuan Li Tian who is second in the list of the top geniuses in Purple Moon country, then she is the one who’s more appropriate to be called waste.

Mu Qian yawned and ordered. “Don’t stop the carriage! Go straight at them!”

The carriage driver was scared. “”Lord……. That’s……… That’s the Eight Princess.”

“Who cares if she’s a princess, she wanted to kill me so I’ll do the same. Besides it’s just a rundown carriage, no matter how you see it. She’s the one who can’t afford to pay for the damage.” Mu Qian arrogantly said.


The driver followed the order of the Lord; he really drove past the princess carriage in full speed.

There is an accident in front of the Purple Moon Royal Academy.

The perpetrators are the Mu Jia’s Lord, Mu Qian and the Eight Princess, Xuanyuan Jia.

Although Mu Qian’s carriage looks rustic, it was still made from the strongest metal.

The princess’ carriage only looks elegant but lacks firmness.

In this clash, it’s painfully obvious who the unlucky one is.

“Ah!” with a scream, the princess rolled down from the carriage.

Fortunately, her strength is in the Third-stage Martial Warrior so she suffered no serious injury, just a bump in her head.

The princess’ eyes were full of anger as she cursed. “Mu Qian, you dare hit this princess! This princess will kill you!”

But when she was about to call her guards to kill Mu Qian, the coachman on the other carriage rushed inside the Academy.

“Cough! Cough! Cough!” The dust choked Xuanyuan Jia and tears fell from her eyes.

Then she heard Mu Qian’s voice. “Eight Princess, the payment for the damage you’ve done on my carriage must be paid, you can go to my house to ask for the amount. I’ll go first!”

“Argh! Mu Qian Xi! You piece of shit, you’re going to die!”

Xuanyuan Jia stomps her feet in rage, she can’t wait to settle the score with Mu Qian.

Purple Moon Royal Academy is enormous, Mu Qian finds her way to the dormitory using the former Mu Qian’s memories.

It was called “dormitory” but in truth, it was a mansion.

Because Mu Jia has lots of money, before the Lord enters the Academy, they gave special arrangements to the school to build her a private dormitory, where she can live alone.


When Mu Qian went to the dormitory, she found the vice president led a black figure into the dormitory.

His face is filled with a flattering smile. “Night Prince, please go inside!”

The man’s silhouetted back is impeccable; his satin-like black hair is tied with a dark red jade hairpin, his every movement is captivating, just seeing his shadow would make any person embarrassed.

He …How could he be here?!

Mu Qian quickly rushed to the Vice President’s side and asked. “Wait, Vice President what’s the meaning of this? Isn’t this my private place? Why did you bring in someone else?”

Xuanyuan Jiu Ye this time has a mask on his face; his pair of icy blue eyes looked at Mu Qian like a stranger.

Vice president smiled and explained. “Don’t be mad Miss Mu Qian, originally this place was made for the Night Prince but, since the Night Prince won’t go to class and your contribution to the Academy is large we let you use the place before.”

Mu Qian’s mouth twitches slightly, what great contribution? Her family’s wealth provided the construction costs of this mansion.

Mu Qian was pissed. “What now? Are you going to drive away this Lord?”


“This mansion is big; it is enough to accommodate two people. Student Mu Qian can continue to live here!” The Vice President smiled, he didn’t want to enrage this god of wealth that will result in her donations to the Academy being pulled out.

“No, I don’t like living with other people.” Mu Qian glanced at Jiu Ye.

What a bad joke! Living in the same building with this guy, she’ll have nightmares every night!

Vice president persuaded her. “Miss Mu Qian, I really don’t have a say on this matter, if you want to live alone in this mansion, please talk with the Night Prince!”

He hastily said. “Uh..I forgot that I have some urgent matters to do at the Academy, so I’ll go first okay?”

His strength is in the Seventh-Stage Spirit King; even if Mu Qian flies like a bird, she still won’t catch him no matter what.

“Damn Vice president, so irresponsible!” Mu Qian’s forehead is full of black lines.

With the Vice president out of the scene, only two people were left behind making the surrounding in an awkward silence.

Xuanyuan Jiu Ye’s thin red lips moved and said. “I’m not leaving!”

Having said that, he gracefully turned around and went upstairs!

Mu Qian chased after him. “Jiu Ye, upstairs is my place! Your place is here below ah! “

“This space here is mine!” Icy blue eyes sweep over Mu Qian, there is no way he will live below.

“I will live here, so the above belongs to me!”

“Either you’re down there or live together with me on the top.”

Xuanyuan Jiu Ye said smoothly, then turned upstairs, he didn’t even give Mu Qian a time to talk.

The only thing that matters to her is that the top floor has the only bathroom, if this guy also lives above, she will have to cross his room just to get back at hers.

There’s an unknown chill in the other room, it was even better than an air conditioner.

Mu Qian helplessly lied on her bed. “Bastard! How can he be so haunting?!”

She felt that this guy had his eyes automatically follow everywhere she went.

Mu Qian can’t stand it anymore; she thought for a moment and muttered. “Ah Ting, Is he afraid that I will run with the Eternal Pavilion? That’s the only reason I could think of! So how about we make a deal to him? How about you go and hang with him?”

Translator’s Question Time:

Me: Jiu Ye, welcome back! I almost forgot that you’re the ML due to your short screen time! Ha Ha Ha! So, let me ask this question for now. How would you treat Mu Qian since you’re considered as “living together” now?

Jiu Ye: Isn’t it obvious? I’ll watch over her every day.

Me: That’s all?

Jiu Ye: Mm, I’ll also never leave her side.

Me: (*sweating) and???

Jiu Ye: I’ll make sure no one else can disturb our life here together.

Me: Are you out of your mind! She won’t feel safe but scared if you do that!

Jiu Ye: You dare shout at me?!


Me: Jiu Ye! You broke my table again !! I just bought that!!! ಥ益ಥ hu hu….

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