EWP Chapter 37: The Lord is about to be expelled

The Lord is about to be expelled

Nalan Yu was pale due to Mu Xi’s unexpected words he hastily said. “Brother Mu, let’s go!”

“If you want to go then leave but, this kid will stay here.”

A middle-aged man dressed in rags and full of beard and mustache stood in front of Nalan Yu.

He stared at Mu Qian and said. “Boy, if you have the guts, say it again.”

Mu Qian scanned his whole body and said. “You’re suffering from fire poison; moreover it already reached your bones. As I see it, you will only live for about half a month.” He asked Master Huo. “What? Did I say something wrong? Want to kill me? What’s the point? I’m just telling the truth”

Master Huo was surprised. “How did you know?”

Even Nalan Yu felt somehow shocked, this is just their first meeting, how can he judge that Master Huo has been poisoned by fire.

Mu Qian slowly said. “The tones of your voice sounds like you’re hot yet you’re not breathing properly but intermittently. When you move, the breath is not stable, and then……” ”

“And the color of your face is an abnormal dark red, there’s also signs of a black fire in your eyes, fingers……”

“Based on these, I judge you only got a half a month to live.”

Nalan Yu and Master Bai were shocked, they both knew that this youth is talented in alchemy but they did not expect that he’s also knowledgeable to diseases and such.

Master Huo laughed. “Only half a month, I only have half a month left!”

He laughed like a madman for a while but shut his mouth after. “I don’t want to die!”

Master Yun said as if talking to himself. “Nonsense! How can I die like this, I haven’t become a senior alchemist yet! All these years, I’ve worked so hard…so how do you expect me to believe such things!”

Mu Qian interrupted him and said. “That’s easy! I’ll give you the antidote to save your life then you’ll have to do me one favor.”

Master Huo stared at her and asked. “You? I’ve already asked a lot of senior alchemist of my poison but all of them said there’s no way to cure it!”

“Just because they don’t, that also means that I also don’t have a way to cure it.”

“Boy, tell me how can I trust you!”

“Because I know that your symptoms and you only have a half a month to live. If you won’t trust me on this you’ll die without trying.”

The boy said this in a confident way.

With the gentle wind, that sways her hair and an enchanting face like an elf has bewitched the hearts of all the people present. Like watching a magic, their eyes only looked at Mu Qian.

Master Huo breathed deeply. “Okay, I believe you.”

“As long as you save me, I’ll do what you want for free.”

Mu Qian laughed and said. “Alright, remember your words today. Nalan, you testify!”

“Sure.” Nalan Yu nodded.

“Also to add, I always keep my word. ”

Mu Qian smiled at Master Huo’s way. “This is our agreement.”

“When will you give me the antidote?”

“The longer the time, the more difficult, so of course, I will detoxify it now.”

“Now?!” Master Huo opened his eyes in shock.

“Yes, right now.”

Mu Qian fortunately brought her silver needles on her body today, so she can use acupuncture on him.

Master Huo’s whole body is covered with silver needles. But every time the needles move, he felt that his body is slowly recovering. He felt a lot more comfortable compared to before.

After the acupuncture, she asked. “I’ll have to borrow your pharmacy to mix some something.’

“Not just the middle refining chamber, you can also use other rooms.” Master Huo said.

After a while, he took out a bottle of potion and said, “Drink this, it will completely remove the fire poison in your body.”

“Gulp!” Master Huo didn’t say anything; he directly took the potion in Mu Qian’s hand and drink it in one go.

After a while, he felt the efficacy of the drug. He suddenly felt that every inch of his body doesn’t feel hot anymore, directly rushed outside and yelled.



Master Bai whispered. “Master Huo, did the antidote work?”


Master Bai thinks that this youth is a miracle. He knows that Master Huo have already been diagnosed by a lot of senior-level alchemist but none of them can cure him. But now, the youth only gave a bottle and Master Huo’s poison was completely detoxified.

Nalan Yu laughed. “Are you saying Mu Xi is better than a senior-level alchemist?”

Mu Qian denied and said. “It’s not that I’m better than a senior-level alchemist, it’s just that I specialize in surgery, and I have a way with poison, you know.”

Nalan Yu smiled; In the first place, he already has suffered enough from his poison.

After a while, Master Huo who was full of energy and excitement earlier have come back and asked Mu Qian. “Boy, I am a man of my word, what do you want me to make?”

Mu Qian took out the drawings, Master Huo was completely stunned upon taking a look.

“What are these? I’ve been refining my whole life but I never seen such thing like this!”

But Mu Qian just said. “Don’t ask what these for are, but tell me first, can it be done?”

“This thing is not difficult; do you have any more requests?”

“The needle should be sharp, with a variety of size and……”

Master Huo took note of all Mu Qian’s request but said. “These are easy to do, but…”

“Recently I have no good ore.”

Mu Qian directly pulled out the ores she got from the auction house and said. “Here, pick anything you need!”

“Damn! Where did you get so many treasures like this?” Master Huo saw the ores in front of him, his eyes shone as if he saw a beauty.

“Good Lord! There is even a Nebula Ore.”

He was never excited like this in the past, for what have happened today he almost felt like crying.

Mu Qian said. “If you like these ores so much, then give me an advance-level medicinal cauldron.”

Mu Jia’s equipment are all low-level, it’s time for a change.

She’s a little bit powerful now, but the Eternal God Cauldron was too far away from her.

It’s getting late, Master Huo said to Mu Qian to come back after seven days to pick up the things she wanted to get done, while the cauldron would take a half of month to finish.

On the way back to the capital, Nalan Yu asked: “Brother Mu, I always think that you’re very knowledgeable, to be honest I have no idea on that thing you’ve asked him to make. What is that?”

Mu Qian casually said. “Those needles are my weapons; it can kill or save people.”

In this world, Immortality pills and elixirs aren’t perfect. Her agents can sometimes make up for the vacancy; with these two together is the best choice.

“Needles.” Nalan Yu whispered this word; still do not understand what it is.

There are so many mysteries to this boy.

After returning to the First Chamber of commerce, Mu Qian is ready to say goodbye but Nalan Yu said. “Seven days later, I’ll go with you.”

Mu Qian waved her hand in protest and said. “No! You are the Lord of the First Chamber of commerce no less, I know you’re busy enough and since I already know the place, I can go alone. “

“But ………”

His words have not finished, Mu Qian already disappeared in front of him.

The strength of the youth is much lower than him, but the body is surprisingly fast.

After fixing her problem with the drug needles, Mu Qian heard a very unpleasant news.

“Lord, the Royal Academy have sent you a warning, if you ditch class tomorrow they will expel you.” Mu Tu came to report.

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