EWP Chapter 36: Bad temper

Bad temper

She heard the words of Ah Ting with a deep doubt, in a short while Mu Qian almost fell from her chair.

Her mouth twitched. “Ah Ting, you’re thinking too much! Hurry up and go to sleep! “

“But it’s true that I’ve fallen in love with alchemy.” Mu Qian whispered.

“Success!” In the Mu Jia’s pharmacy, Ling Zi Lin couldn’t believe what had just happened.

“The Lord’s second time of refining was successful.”

She benefited a lot, when Ah Ting showed her how an alchemist with a god level cauldron refines.

Plus her refining talent is already good, of course, the second refining will be a success.

When Mu Qian went into the pharmacy, she almost made Ling Zi Lin crazy.

“With one hundred percent success rate in refining a first-grade medicine pellets were made”

“A hundred percent success rates in second-grade medicine pellets were also made.”

“Even the third-grade medicine pellets were also a success…”

The Lord has gone from a person who has never refined immortality pills to a novice alchemist who can refine the third-grade medicine pellets. Even in the whole Purple Moon, no alchemist can refine with such efficiency!

But the Lord only did in a day and a half, unbelievable.

“Lord, you’ve been refining almost a day and a half now, please have a rest first, do not put your body to exhaustion.” Ling Zi Lin could not help but remind her.

“You’re right.” Mu Qian also felt tired, she’s done testing all of the immortality pills anyway.

“Oh no! Mu Qian suddenly remembered her appointment with Nalan Yu, she dived into refining medicines that made her forget everything.

Mu Qian ordered “Little Lin, clean up this place, also what happened today you must not tell anyone.”

“Yes, my lord!”

The Lord spent only one and a half days to be an alchemist albeit only a beginner but with her talents it may cause shock to others.

Mu Qian quickly changed, and she left quietly.

Master Bai who’s patiently waiting by the door saw Mu Qian coming in. “Son, you’ve finally arrived! You don’t know how long Lord Nalan has waited for you.”

Actually, the Lord asked him first every quarter of an hour, until he couldn’t take it anymore, he directly sent him to wait outside instead.

Mu Qian was somehow guilty and said. “Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Its okay, at least you are here now. I thought you would not come. ”

The whole afternoon was about to end, he did not see the boy, so he felt that the boy, like a good illusion, will not appear in general.

Mu Qian looks at Nalan Yu, he seems to like the color white.

Today, he’s still wearing a white mandarin collar long robe; his long hair is like a waterfall that was tied with a white jade hairpin.

Face is flawless like jade, an elegant temperament and a smile that is not forced unlike before. He looked at her nervously.

Mu Qian smiled. “It’s only three days, but you’ve changed a lot now Nalan! I’m impressed.”

Nalan Yu felt that in front of this youth he can smile naturally, but the smile with others is still perfunctory.

“You’re happy?” Nalan Yu smiled.

“Of course, you look so comfortable now compared to before!”

“Mm, the carriage is ready, come with me!

The first Chamber of commerce is worthy to be the number one nouveau in the Snow Continent; Nalan Yu’s carriage is luxurious to the extreme.

Pulling the carriage are the most purebred of horses from Snow Continent. A Spirit beast closest to the horse, its value can’t be estimated.

The carriage was very large and comfortable, because Nalan Yu was always out of the town, inside there was a soft couch, which was covered with snow-white brocade.

Mu Qian looked at the couch with two bright eyes, she directly laid her lazy self into it, Master Bai was too late to stop her.

“Son, this…”

The soft couch is dedicated to the Lord, no one else can use it.

Nalan Yu glared at Master Bai, he instantly shut up. His Lord is not angry at this time; Lord Nalan is really indulgent to this youth.

It seems that since the young lord was poisoned by this boy, he became different.

Mu Qian outright said. “This couch is mine, I’m exhausted so let me rest for a while.”

Almost two days of being restless with refining then rushing to the auction house. Mu Qian, with this pampered body can not carry on anymore.

Nalan Yu nodded and said. “I’ll wake you up when we get there, go get some rest.”


Mu Qian slept like a log, how can she be so defenseless with him?

Nalan Yu froze, he grew up with a harsh environment, and even his father couldn’t trust him this much.

But they’ve only met twice, how can this youth trust him so quickly?

His mouth made a warm smile, and it was really a good feeling to be trusted.

The reason why Mu Qian rest assured asleep was because she is too tired and there is Ah Ting guarding her, if there is danger Ah Ting is there to remind Mu Qian. Two people’s lives together, Ah Ting will definitely do something.

Mu Qian suddenly woke up, to be precise; she was awakened by the heat.

Upon opening her eyes, she saw a pair of warm eyes, Nalan Yu softly said. “You woke up.”

“It’s hot! What is this place?” She asked.

“This is Flame Dragon Mountain, we’re looking for an alchemist who lives around here.” Nalan Yu explained.

“Dragon Mountain!” Mu Qian murmured.

She had read the records about theFlame Dragon Mountain; she learned that there is a big, eccentric man in this place and no one can come near him.

If it hadn’t been for Nalan Yu to bring her here, she wouldn’t have known that this so-called big shot was a liar.

Nalan Yu took Mu Qian up the mountain, on the top of the mountain there is a house that looks like a lumps of steel.

“Who’s there?”

A hoarse voice came; Nalan Yu’s standard smile appeared again, saying. “It’s me, Junior Nalan Yu, I’m here to make a request to Master Huo Yun to create a piece of Spirit tool. If Senior Huo agrees, I will fulfill any condition you have.”

“Kid, I already told you before that I’ve stopped on doing that, even if you have more money in the Nalan Family, I still won’t change my mind. Now get the hell out of here! If it wasn’t for the fact that your surname is Nalan, I’d already burn you to ashes.”

Nalan Yu seems to touch a sore spot from Master Huo, his grumpy scolding begins.

“Senior Huo Yun, this junior is sincerely asking for your help. Anything you say, as long as we at the Nalan house can do it, we’ll do it for you.”

“Get out! One more word and die!”

For a moment, violent murderous rage swept by.

Mu Qian’s pupils are shrinking; this eccentric old man’s strength is in the peak of Spirit King, almost the same as her Little Uncle.

Even the weakest countries can’t compare to a simple citizen in the snow continent.

In this world of martial arts, strength is too important.

She needs to get stronger sooner, even though her Little Uncle is the strongest in the Purple Moon that is not the case outside.

Perhaps in this kingdom, in addition to Xuanyuan Jiu Ye and his housekeeper, there are people also hiding which are more powerful than her Little Uncle.

Because of this crisis, she must fulfill her goal no matter what. That eccentric old man must build her weapons.

“Get lost!”

Nalan Yu was helpless and apologized. “Brother Mu, sorry to disappoint you like this, I did not think that Master Huo’s temper is worse than what I’ve imagined.”

But Mu Qian raised her voice and said. “Of course that old man’s temper is bad, he’s close to dying, how can it not be bad otherwise?”

Suddenly, a violent breath rushed out. “Lad, what are you talking about?”

Translator’s Question Time:

Me: Nalan Yu, what is your type?

(Closes his book and let out a smile that is not a smile)

Nalan Yu: Hmm, I guess my type is a person with outstanding beauty and talent.

Me: Ah!Like Mu Xi?

(A chilling air fills the surrounding)

Me: Nalan Yu! Wha….what are you planning to do with that sword in your hands?!

(He smiled again but his eyes isn’t filled with mirth)

Nalan Yu: You don’t have to ask. (he smirked) ’cause you’re gonna die soon!

(Nalan Yu brandishes his sword like a madman)


(He stopped and looked at me with a beguile smile)

Nalan Yu: Fine, but you better be clear that if our “little talk”reaches Mu Xi’s ears. I’ll make sure to kill you without anyone finding out.

Me: Argh! I hate you! You’re not cute anymore!!! 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚+)゚。

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