EWP Chapter 35: It’s not spring time yet

It’s not spring time yet

And the reason for this explosion was Mu Qian’s fried furnace!

Mu Qian was not harmed when the furnace exploded; in just the right time she’d used the eternal ring to protect them but that’s not the case with Ling Zi Ling’s hand.

He crawled out of the rubbles and turned to her. He asked worriedly. “Lord, are you alright?!”

This time, Mu Qian was the one who’s in distress, she muttered. “How could it explode?”

“The way I’ve controlled the heat is perfect!”

“The weight of the ingredients was not wrong, right?”

“Do I really have no talent in Alchemy? Where did it go wrong?”

Ling Zi Lin comforted her. “Lord, no one has been successful in refining the first time, its normal to fail on the first one so don’t worry too much.”

“And for a beginner in alchemy, they originally have a master by their side. Lord, compared to them you’ve done very well.”

The rest of the clan was also discussing the explosion that occurred.

“What was that explosion?”

“The Lord is learning alchemy!”

The Second Elder started laughing maniacally. “She is learning alchemy? Don’t know if she was killed by that explosion but it would be really nice if that is the case!”

However, at this time there is another person whose laughing is more exaggerated. “Ha ha! Ugly woman, I didn’t know that you’ve had this ability ah! Ha ha ha!”

Mu Qian grits her teeth and says. “If you laugh again, I will make you cry!”

“I thought that since you’re proficient in pharmacy, learning alchemy was a piece of cake to you. But as I see it now, you’re a complete novice.” Ah Ting gloated all the way.

“So what if I’m a newbie? I will not fail the next time.”

In the modern times, the art of alchemy was lost.

Although she has a lot of good herbs, in the Mu Jia’s library, she can’t find a complete basic book of alchemy.

The result of her incomplete research was the fried furnace.

“Stop being so dramatic, come here and I’ll show you something.”

“Go in? I can still go in?”

“You and I have a contract, although my strength isn’t enough to let in your body but your consciousness can still come in. I’ll let you see good stuff, promise you won’t regret it.”

Mu Qian isn’t used to talking with him like this so she continues to banter. “I wouldn’t be interested if the only thing I saw is your little thing.”

Ah Ting’s enchanting face blushed red and shouted. “Mu Qian Xi, do you really want to die! You dare say it’s little! “

“Isn’t it true, why don’t you admit it already?” Mu Qian smiled and said.

Mu Qian was fighting with Ah Ting all the way to her courtyard. When Mu Qian was gone, Ling Zi Lin was at loss from the start.

“Lord, is this really alchemy?” Even if his Lord did not attend any school or taught by an alchemist, the way she refines is very powerful.

After returning to her room, Mu Qian’s consciousness entered the space of Chaos Jiuzhong Pavilion. At this time, she could float on the water as she wished.

Ah Ting’s figure stood beside Mu Qian.

The light-green eyes turned and stared at Mu Qian. “Last time you dirtied my lake, it took me a lot of effort to get it clean. I really don’t want you ugly woman to come in again because it was a nightmare for me.”

Mu Qian waved her hand to stop him from talking and said. “Don’t talk too much nonsense, hurry, show me the good stuff!”

“You really take me for granted huh.”

Ah Ting moved the tip of his feet in the water and it gently lit up. The water slowly stops from moving; a flashing light green color surrounds the area like a curtain.

He enchants the words. “Recall us back in time!”

On the original clear, light curtain, strange sounds were coming out!

“Mmm….Master, you are so bad.”

“Beauty let this Master relieve you!”


The gasping voices, the lewd words instantly turned Mu Qian’s face to black.

She went straight to Ah Ting and kicked him from behind. “You can watch this on your own! Why bother pulling me here? Do you want to die!?”

Ah Ting barely escaped her kick, he also looked mad as if there’s smoke coming out of his head!

“It’s not me! This is all a mistake! A mistake I tell you!”

Who let that man be with a woman in his bed almost every day? Ah Ting’s power to show the past was a complete disaster. Why did it have to be the time where that person is having his way with a woman?! Making Ah Ting really humiliated in front of Mu Qian.

After a while, a wave in the water was seen, finally there was a clear picture in the light curtain. Ah Ting sighs in relief, finally it’s normal.

“You can look now!”

Mu Qian was still mad. “I will not look! Look at it yourself! Hmph!”

He saw Mu Qian was about to leave, he quickly said. “If you don’t take a look, you’ll regret it!”

She turned her head and saw a person being displayed in the light curtain.

It’s a person with a white robe, refining medicines.

The white-robed man has a pair of romantic peach eyes, looks extremely charming and can confuse the hearts of people.

But when he took out the pills in the furnace, his face let out a grave expression.

Mu Qian saw that he is very skilled in Alchemy. The way he washes, moves and blends the herbs, every action is natural and unforced. Everything is impeccable.

This is the real alchemy; the way he refines can’t be compared to Mu Qian at all. She only tried to do it casually like how she did in the modern times.

But when she saw the wonderful performance of the man in the lake, she developed a strong interest in Alchemy again. Her eyes shine so brightly!

“Ugly woman, don’t look at him too fondly! If you fancy this kind of a person, might as well get a check-up for your eyes. This guy is a scourge to women, definitely not a good man.” Ah Ting warned her.

Mu Qian’s mouth is twitching, what is his problem this time?

She is only interested in alchemy, as for that person she thinks he’s just a bit charming nothing more.

That man is mature and tempting, but her interest in medicine is much higher than her interest in men!

She raised her eyebrow and asked. “Ah Ting, are you jealous?”

“I’m not jealous!” Ah Ting angrily shouted.

He pointed on the mysterious, giant, blue tripod cauldron in front of the man and explained. “Do you see that big furnace over there? That is the Eternal God Cauldron, the highest pursuit of an alchemist. If you want to be the top in refining then you have to find it.”

A glimmer of light flashed through Mu Qian’s eyes. To be the most revered alchemist, of course, a god cauldron is essential.

Mu Qian said. “Since Ah Ting already showed it, when the opportunity comes we will definitely find it.”

“By the way, what’s with the lake? It’s like a movie or something? It’s amazing!”

But the words of Mu Qian just fell, the light curtain disappeared.

“Of course it’s amazing! I’m going back in time to recreate what I remember.” He proudly said.

She continued to ask. “Really? So what’s up with the first scenes?”

“Don’t dwell on that matter!”

“Okay, there are obviously some things that you can’t tell me but I’ll make sure you’ll say it in the future.” She added. “After seeing how this person refines, I have much more understanding on how alchemy works, I’m gonna refine some more, so…. Take your time watching!” Mu Qian laughed as she left.

Watching her disappear, he asked. “Hey! Are you sure you didn’t fall for that Wolf today?”

Translator’s Question Time:

Me: Ah Ting, how many porns do you watch every day? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ah Ting: (blushes red) Wh…what are you saying woman!

Me: huh? Am i wrong? Didn’t you just play a porno to Mu Qian earlier? Besides, you’re a teenager, you have high libido, what’s wrong with that?

Ah Ting: (red all over) Argh! Shameless woman! Ho…how dare you ask me that kind of question?!

Me: What’s your problem??? ahh…. i get it now, you’re a virgin! Ha ha ha! (╭☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)╭☞

Ah Ting: You….you shameless woman! I won’t talk to you anymore!!!

Me: Wait! Ah Ting, we are not finished yet! HEY!!! pft… Bwahahaha!!!

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