EWP Chapter 34: It was a blast, wasn’t it?

It was a blast, wasn’t it?

Mu Qian answered casually. “Of course, my friend gave it to me!”

“Friend? Lord, you have no rich friend here in the Purple Moon Kingdom, don’t lie to me!” Almost all of the elders are in doubt.

But Mu Qian said. “Huh, didn’t you all know my friend already? Although he does not visit me in the Mu Jia’s residence, when he heard that I need three million gold taels he went to the Snow’s auction house to sell his elixirs. He said that the things he sold were plenty and three millions isn’t that much.”

“Hiss!” The elders took a breath of cold air.

The man who made the incredible elixirs was a friend of their Lord; could it be that Mu Fengyun left behind this person to assist Mu Qian Xi?

They didn’t think that such a great alchemist is willing to support Mu Qian.

If they’d known there was such a man behind her, they would not have agreed to such a bet.

“Now the elders have lost then, please keep your promise! Don’t speak in black and white!”

Every month, they can only have ten silver taels!

One by one, the Elders handed their rights to Mu Qian Xi.

What’s wrong with giving it all to this little girl? Even though she had a mysterious alchemist behind her, they were still better at doing business compared to her.

They all thought it would just take a short time for this little girl to beg them to take their rights back.

When all of the old men left, Mu Qian turned to look at the doorway and asked the shadows that were standing proudly. “Did throwing all of that gold at them feel great?”

The shadows looked at each other in shock; their little master is too cool ah! They are all disgusted on how that bunch of old men acts towards their Little Master even before.

But they could not help the Little Master from those devils due to their position in the Mu Jia.

“You can speak to this lord.”

“It’s great!” All of the shadows said in unison.

Mu Qian reminded them. “Today, we hit them by surprise, but if you do not have enough strength even with a lot of money, I’m afraid you cannot hit them.”

“Your strength is too weak, if you want to be cool a second time you can only dream!”

They clenched their fists, clearly unconvinced!

These people are all the former Mu Jia’s Lord, Mu Fengyun carefully selected, all are excellent warriors.

Although they have an absolute loyalty to their Lord, they don’t want someone to look down on their abilities especially if it is their lord’s daughter.

Mu Qian coldly said. “Do you guys think that because all of you have reached the strength of Spirit Master below the age of thirty, you’re all great?”

This talent if placed with other powerful clans in the Purple Moon Kingdom will surely be a subject for abuse.

“Ha ha ha! Truly amazing! Tell me exactly, what did you do when some witch decided to make my Little Uncle blind?”

“What can you all do if some parties with the same strength of the Cloud Sect appeared again?”

It’s been the case with her Uncle’s legs since childhood, but his eyes…

Mu Qian clenched her fist, these days she has been able to investigate the things that have happened to her Little Uncle before and was furious at the things she has learned.

Cloud Sect, is the largest sect in the Snow Continent and no other family can outrank them in terms of strength.

The eldest daughter of the master of the Cloud Sect was fond of collecting handsome men. When she visited the Purple Moon Kingdom for the first time, she saw her Little Uncle.

The witch wanted him to come with her back in the Snow Continent but obviously, her Little Uncle refused. The witch was so angry that she believed that Mu Wushuang can’t see her beauty thus; she poisoned his eyes that resulted in his blindness since then.

Mu Qian’s body exudes a murderous intent, her Little Uncle did not say this heinous crime but that does not mean that she won’t remember this vendetta.

All of the shadows clenched their fist!

For people outside, in the face of such a large force they don’t have the strength to be useful. They can’t even protect the third master, little master and the entire Mu Jia at all.

Mu Qian asked them seriously. “Speak! do you want to be strong?”

“No matter how strong or many they are, they can still be wiped out.”

The original lifeless shadows were now awakened by Mu Qian’s words. It let their eyes burn with a fiery glow and shouted. “Yes!”

“I can’t hear you! Show me your resolution! Is this all what you’ve all got?”

“Lord! We want to be stronger! Let us be stronger!” They shouted with determination with their hearts.

A smile came at the corner of her mouth. “In addition to the shadows from Little Uncle’s side, gather them all and meet me in my courtyard at midnight.”

Aside from being wealthy, Mu Jia can be considered as one of the weakest clans in the Purple Moon Kingdom.

The Cloud Sect is the largest force in the Snow Continent. It is much stronger than the Chamber of commerce of Nalan Yu.

But just give her time; she’s going to make them pay a thousand times for hurting her Little Uncle.

“Third Master, are you going to stop Little Master?” A shadow came back to report.

“Xi’er is really getting more and more like big brother!” He did not know if it was a good or bad thing for a girl.

“Let Xi’er do it! If anyone dares to hurt her then I, Mu Wushuang will pay him back a heavy price.” His weak body, in an instant burst out a murderous intent same as Mu Qian earlier.

The shadows came as promised; they looked at the Purple figure standing in front of them. Elegant and has a noble temperament, and most importantly a person with dignity. They felt that they saw again the former Lord who had pulled them out of hell.

Mu Qian threw a scroll of paper. “This is part of your training.”

As soon as they opened up the list, even with a hundred lives they can’t follow this training is what they thought.

But, since they are already determined to be strong, they don’t fear death or pain anymore.

“Rest assured, I will not let anyone die. You are all my father had picked and my last line of defense.” Mu Qian brings out countless bottles of elixirs.

“Think of this as water, you will all need this when you start the special training that I’ve made. These are Spirit Speed Elixirs, Blood Elixir, and there are also elixirs that can heal internal injuries…”

All the shadows are startled upon the elixirs before their eyes, aren’t these all the elixirs that fetched a high-price at the auction the other day?

They know that these things are worth millions, but their Lord said that they could drink it like water!

Did they really hear it right?!

Mu Qian saw the confused look in their faces and said. “Do not question the words of this Lord, if I said it to drink as water, then drink it!”

“But Lord, we can’t afford to burn money like this! We can’t let the Mu Jia run out of money in order for us to cultivate and be stronger!” A shadow said nervously.

“Who told you these elixirs cost much? I already told you to drink it like water; I did not spend too much on this so you don’t have to feel bad about it. My only request is that you breakthrough to the strength of Spirit King and Martial King as soon as possible. “

“Do you hear me?”

“Yes!” Everyone’s eyes are burning with hope, a rapid breakthrough to Spirit King and Martial King! They didn’t dare to think about this before.

But with the support of the elixirs that are equivalent to second-grade medicinal pills, maybe they can really do it after all.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up, if the medicine is not enough, send someone to find me!”


“Swish!” they all went to practice.

The next day, Mu Qian refined a lot of elixirs. Not only was it enough for them to drink it as water but also enough for the ninety-nine shadows to take a bath each with it.

If some people who bought these elixirs at the auction knew this situation in the Mu Jia, it is estimated that they would vomit blood to death.

Another batch of medicine ingredients is ready; Mu Qian is already prepared to start her refining once more.

The things that she had bought with the thirty million silver taels are really amazing!

But Mu Qian doesn’t want to settle for less, she tried to refine a high-grade pill first!

The result…..

“Boom!” A loud explosion came out; the whole Mu Jia’s residence was shaking.

Translator’s Question Time:

Me: “Mu Wushuang, can I call you Wu’er?”

Wushuang: “Why?”

Me: “Uh nothing…does that mean, I can’t?”

Wushuang: (slowly pushed his wheelchair towards me and patted my head.) “No, I’m okay if it’s you.”

Me: *screaming internally ‘Thank you lord! Thanks! OMG!!!’ ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Wushuang: What’s wrong? You’re red???

Me: Nothing!!! ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

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