EWP Chapter 33: It’s really a passing game

It’s really a passing game

“I am Mu Xi; from a branch of the royal family.” Although she borrowed Ah Ting’s face, the name she used is her own simplified name.

She yawned and lazily said. “It’s getting late. I have to get some rest, see you in the next three days!”

She left like the wind, Nalan Yu wanted to keep him but there was no excuse.

“Lord Nalan…… Yu… …… are you all right?”

He now doubts that the beautiful imprecise youth did not just poison his Lord but also let his Lord become less and less of himself.

“There’s nothing wrong with me! I’m fine!”

“But Lord, should we send someone to inquire about the identity of the Prince?” Master Bai asked.

He had never heard of a strange boy from the Purple Moon Emperor himself, and not only is he a young alchemist but also has vast knowledge in poisons.

“No, people like Mu Xi won’t like it if someone asked about him.”

“Young Lord, didn’t you think that you’ve gone too far on your promise today? You obviously can’t handle the Great Master Huo right?”

“Is it not worth it for this Lord to win over an alchemist who is under 20 years old?” he added. “After three days, if Mu Xi came, no matter what I’m doing, inform me first.”

Master Bai’s mouth is twitching, being an alchemist in less than twenty years old in the Purple Moon Kingdom is considered as a genius, but in the Snow Continent it was actually common, he’d never seen his Lord so attentive before!

He suddenly had a very bad feeling.

“Gather round boys! The youth finally came out; he really let us wait for long!” When Mu Qian left the auction house and put on her cloak again, a few people were whispering carefully, they followed her since then.

Mu Qian’s eyes flashed a trace of cold light, she hurriedly turned away. She did not go straight to Mu Jia’s residence; she went around a deep alley instead.

Mu Qian turned around. “Since we’re all not out in the open anymore, why don’t you robbers start first?”

She gained too many good things today, and certainly a few of the guests intended to rob her upon coming out of the auction house.

But alas, smart people like the Crown Prince and Ouyang Wei did not participate in making a move on the people from the fifth floor. She definitely felt a little disappointed.

A group of Martial Masters jumped out and yelled. “This youth doesn’t have the strength of a Master yet so arrogant!”

“Kid, you don’t have anywhere to go!”

“Leave your things behind….blah blah blah….” Mu Qian felt bored listening to his words that she could help but yawn,

“I thought that this boy is great but ha ha ha…I’ll count to three, we’ll catch him all together; let him hand over all the treasures.”

But they haven’t moved yet, suddenly there’s a skull’s reflection on the floor. In an instant the whole alley was surrounded by bloody-red skeletons.


It was at this moment that they knew they fucked up; these bloody- red skeletons approached them. The leader shouted “This is bad! Really bad!” He made a signal to the rest. “Let’s get out of here! Quick!”

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“Ahh! Ghost!” Someone screamed and tried to escape.

But the skeletons are fast, they didn’t let them escape. All of the robbers died quickly.

The skeletons look familiar!

Not far from here, in one of the roofs, a slender man in black robe stood there lightly. His black figure seems to blend in with the night.

The night wind blows gently, his black hair is swaying, and a pair of icy-blue eyes fell on Mu Qian.

After a minute, the skeletons disappeared in front of her, the dead bodies and even Ashura were gone.

Mu Qian’s lips couldn’t help but twitch. “Don’t tell me he’s just passing through, that’s all!”

She can recognize him at first sight but that’s not the case with him, especially if she looked like Ah Ting.

That man is as mysterious as the abyss. Mu Qian thought about her own strength first, she’s too weak, so she decided not to bother with this matter for now.

Mu Qian returned to her courtyard to take a good night sleep, the next day she still did not step out.

“Mu Qian Xi, that little girl will lose for sure!”

“That’s true, she hasn’t done anything in the past three days, and I don’t believe that the three million gold taels will just fall from the sky either.”

It’s the third day; the elders have come to the meeting hall early in the morning. They couldn’t wait to see her face as she accepted that she lost the bet she started. Then they could take care of her finally.

But the elders that waited most of the day did not see Mu Qian come.

“That damn brat is late again.”

“She really is a pain in the neck!”

“If she still won’t come before noon, then we will go to her instead! She can’t back out now!”

These old guys are losing their patience every minute, if they could; they would directly go to Mu Qian’s courtyard and drag her here if possible.

After a few more minutes, Mu Qian walked languidly from the doorway and said in a mocking way. “The elders are so diligent this time, so early that it almost made this Lord to not cut your allowances.”

The Great Elder said. “Lord, the three day period is up, we are here to discuss our bet!”

Mu Qian let out a sinister smile. “Sure, This Lord already prepared the three million gold taels outside. I’ll let you all take a good look at it!”

“Throw them all in!” Mu Qian moved to the side and watched the shadows carrying the pile of gold throw all of it to the faces of the elders!


“Mu Qian, you’re crazy!”


The shadows only obey the orders of their Lord, if Mu Qian wanted them to throw these golds to people, they would really throw it no matter what!

The meeting hall space is limited; these old guys have nowhere to hide.

“Bang, Bang, Bang!”

Three million gold taels is not a small amount, these batches of gold were thrown at them without mercy.

“AHHH!!!” There were screams everywhere.

Only the Ninth elder had nothing to do, he just saw the heap of gold being piled up in the room, making him unable to move and just stood there watching the others make a fool of themselves.

He doesn’t want to get hit and since they’re not aiming for him, he just stood there like a statue.

The Great Elder couldn’t take it anymore so he shouted. “Lord, if you want us dead, just say the word! Why torment us like this!”

Mu Qian looked at him innocently and asked. “Great Elder, what are you saying? How can I kill you if you work hard? I just earned so much gold that’s why I’m very happy, so I decided to send these over for the elders to count. Look! Those are exactly three million gold taels in total.”

They are buried in this gold with only half life left, where can they gather the strength to count!

The Great Elder glanced at the pile of gold, there are at least three million alright, but what exactly did Mu Qian do in the past three days?

He called for someone to come and hastily ordered.”Tell the Lord, this elder is already done in counting! It is exactly three million gold taels.

“Elders, you have lost!”

They were all stunned; Mu Qian really did it, in just three days she earned three million gold taels.

They can be sure that Mu Qian Xi did not use any property of the Mu Jia and she has never been out of the door!

The Great Elder composed himself and said. “Lord, if you do not explain where the three million come from, we won’t accept defeat.”

Translator’s Question Time:

Me: Mu Qian, why do I get this feeling that Jiu Ye is especially kind only towards you?

Mu Qian: What the hell are you talking about? Are you blind or just plain stupid? Can’t you see he’s trying to kill me with those scary things!!!

ME: Eh??? But the skeletons saved you…

Mu Qian: Huh? He doesn’t know it’s me, are you sure you’re not the one who’s sick in the head?

Me: ლ(╹◡╹ლ) are u frickin’ kidding me!!!

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