EWP Chapter 32: To take liberties with the young Lord Nalan

To take liberties with the young Lord Nalan

Nalan Yu smiled and replied. “Gentleman was able to have a huge harvest not because of us, but because of your powerful financial resources.”

Nalan Yu is an impeccable businessman; the smile on the face seems to be a fixed pattern in general.

Mu Qian doesn’t beat around the bush. “Lord Nalan, is there something you want me to do?”

“Can’t it be that I just want to make friends with you?”

“Make friends with a fox like you, are you sure you won’t sell me?” Mu Qian looked at his eyes with an eyebrow raised up.

In Nalan Yu’s smiling face a slight stiff was seen, he coughed and said. “You’re joking right?” he smiled and said. “I’m always good to my friends.”

“That may be true but, what do you most value in your friends?” She crossed her arms and said sincerely. “One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood. I’m not interested in becoming friends with someone who only knows how to give a fake smile. I know I couldn’t bear the sight of that horrible person every day.”

The beautiful-ice block’s face instantly flashed through her mind,

Master Bai who stood by is terrified!

The son is too direct!

Nalan Yu’s face can’t continue to keep his smiling face any longer; his body exudes a dangerous air.

Is he trying to scare her, no way!

Mu Qian’s ready at any moment, she’s just waiting for Nalan Yu to start.

‘Want to test my strength? No need for that kind of trouble!’


The two of them have already crossed swords, Nalan Yu said. “Only in the fourth-stage spirit order but dares to be arrogant!’


Mu Qian took a few steps back and rubbed her numb arms. “What if I’m only in the fourth-stage spirit order? Nalan Yu, you still lost.”

Suddenly Master Bai’s face changed radically. “Little Lord!”

Nalan Yu felt a cramp in his abdomen. A large drop of sweat fell on his forehead.

Mu Qian walked slowly in front of him and said. “Don’t you know that I’m here to sell potions? You even let yourself be close to me, isn’t that only asking for abuse?”

“You……” The smile in Nalan Yu’s eyes disappeared, and at this time he only wanted to tear this man up.

Mu Qian held out her hands and rubbed his face. “You’re so handsome, but your smile is so ugly! What a waste of a good-looking face!” She shakes her head, smiles and says “Tsk! tsk! Why don’t I poison you and turn you into a doll instead?”

“Don’t you even try!” Nalan Yu suddenly waved his hand, the terrifying air flew out Mu Qian’s cloak, and she hastily retreated.

At that moment, Nalan Yu clearly saw Mu Qian’s appearance. The youth looks very young, he looks about sixteen or seventeen year’s old at most.

Eyebrows like ink painting, skin as white as snow, enchanting facial features, like a God’s creation born from thousands of years.

The long gray-green hair slides down from his shoulders, like the finest silk, and under the lashes of the butterfly wings there is a pair of pale green clear eyes, which can captivate any soul.

He looks pure and innocent like an elf but the corner of his mouth evokes an evil smile. Two very different temperaments but it does not give a sense of incongruity.

Nalan Yu is totally stunned. He has seen a variety of beauties before in the Snow Continent.

Those people don’t know how much worse they are compared to this juvenile.

Mu Qian looked at Nalan Yu’s pale face and said. “It hurts, doesn’t it? Smile for me and I’ll give you the antidote.”

She did not want to be the enemy of the Snow’s First Chamber of commerce, she just wanted to play with him.

“This Lord is not in the mood for your jokes.”

“It’s not a joke, you shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions like that.”

Nalan Yu is furious with this youth that it almost made him to spew out blood. There is a little devil for sure that hides beneath his enchanting face.

“Heh heh heh” Mu Qian chuckled.

“All right, all right! I’m not playing with you anymore.”

The smile on Mu Qian’s face let Nalan Yu look in amazement.

A casual smile, like a light breeze, coupled with that flawless face, simply let all the colors between heaven and earth dim.

Master Bai also froze, if this little patriarch laughed like this in the future, there will surely be accidents!

Nalan Yu felt the colic on his abdomen was gone, Mu Qian said. “Want revenge? Anytime.”

“To an alchemist and a poison expert, there is no need. This Lord will not do irrational things like that.”

“Say! Can we start again?”

Mu Qian retorted. “Why do I get this feeling that you only wanted me to continue making those elixirs, because you think I’m profitable?”


Nalan Yu stretches his arms and says in an aloof manner. “Always disguising myself really makes me tired. This is also good once in a while”

His attitude before is really different now as if there are two different Nalan Yu that exist.

Mu Qian smiled and said. “Don’t worry! Just work with me and you’ll earn a lot. The things that were auctioned today are very useful to me. I will look forward to your cooperation in the future!”

“Sure, I also look forward to working with you again.” Nalan Yu nodded.

“Alright…” Suddenly a question rings in her mind.

She asked. “Who’s the brain-dead person behind that wholesale auction?”

“Pft!” Nalan Yu laughed.

“You say he’s brain-dead? How could you say that?”

When the man came to him for such an auction, he also thought that he had no brain, but did not dare to say it……

That person requested many unusual things, he came up with so many expensive things to auction, what is his purpose in the end?

Is it because of him!

Nalan Yu heard that he was never seen near a woman.……

The thought of this arrogant teenager having a special relationship with that man, Nalan Yu felt a little uncomfortable.

“Say it! Tell me who is it? I’m interested!” It is definitely a rich man who has more money than her.

“That man ordered not to tell anybody of who he is! If I’ve done that I would die, you don’t want your partner to be killed tomorrow in the street right?”

Mu Qian pondered, that man said cruel things to the Snow’s Chamber of commerce’s Lord, who can it be?

Is it possible……

She remembered this afternoon she saw Xuanyuan Jiu Ye near here; it’s not that haunting guy is it!

“Okay, I won’t push you anymore on this matter.” Mu Qian waved her hand.

“Nalan Yu, since we decided to cooperate, do you want to show a little sincerity?”

“What do you want?” Nalan Yu asked.

“The elixirs on this list, can you help me find it?” Mu Qian took out a list, the mentioned elixirs are all for the treatment of her Little Uncle’s eyes.

The poison is too vicious; she had used a lot of precious elixirs from the Mu Jia’s properties but it didn’t even help her uncle a bit.

“Fine, once there is news. I will help you get it.” Nalan Yu promised.

“Also, do you know where I can find a powerful blacksmith? I know already that the standards here in the Purple Moon are all useless, I’m afraid they can’t build what I want.”

“I know one, just outside the city; if you want I can take you there!”

“Great, then after three days, I will come find you here!”


Master Bai is completely numb; his Lord is possessed by the devil!

His Lord who only seeks nothing but profit is voluntarily helping someone? He also wanted to guide this gentleman to one of the greatest blacksmith alive! Is this a dream!

“Since you already know my name, it’s fine if you call me Nalan Yu.”

Translator’s Question Time:

ME: Jiu Ye, say, can it be considered a date between them?

(Jiu Ye’s face became dark and the air around us is frightening.)

Me: (sweating profusely) (╥﹏╥) no…no…Jiu Ye calm down! It’s a joke! Hehe you know Mu Qian is dense she probably doesn’t know what is a date right? Right???

Jiu Ye: (/‵Д′)/~ ╧╧

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