EWP Chapter 31: This is the wholesale market

This is the wholesale market

“The Nine-Tripod Cauldron made from Thunder Ore, Celestial Star Ore, Dragon King Crystal…”

The auctioneer Cai Xuan has finished her speech with great speed. Let all the people be unable to blink with their eyes.

Mu Qian’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch, why is there a feeling of entering the wholesale market rather than at an auction.

So many precious ores, if she can buy it all it can be turned into refining tools that will help her greatly in alchemy.

The auction house has sold the first dozen in one go, but what’s the catch?

Everyone who came to the auction today was intimidated. The emergence of an elixir that is beyond second-grade medicine pellets was enough to cause them to feel down due to lack of money, but now they’d also saw these treasures being sold in batches.

Cai Xuan loudly said. “Starting price is two million, you can call the price.”

Her words have just fallen but a pleasing voice immediately resurfaced. “Ten million! This batch of goods, this gentleman wants all of it!”

All the people looked at each other, the young man on the fifth floor was truly extravagant! He just spent ten million before, but now he was even the first to bid!

Xuanyuan Li Shang clenched his fist, he had no money!

With the silence, Mu Qian’s mouth evoked a smile. If she wants something no one can take it away.

In the Purple Moon Kingdom, Xuanyuan Li Shang thought that unless his Father Emperor agreed to take out all the treasures in the Imperial Treasury he could compete for the items being auctioned but without it, even if he used all the money and treasures in his palace, he is doomed to lose!

Cai Xuan lightly laughed and announced. “Since no one is calling other prices anymore, these batches of ore are sold to the gentleman on the fifth floor.”

Ten million is the last price. But this batch of things is not what ten million could buy. Even with a hundred million one can’t buy so many treasures at once.

Mu Qian felt that the sponsor for these items are lacking.

“The next auction is……” Cai Xuan took out another long list.

Mu Qian muttered to herself. “The elixirs, ores, it couldn’t be secret methods for alchemy right?”

Mu Qian can’t believe she was right when Cai Xuan started reading the list. “Precious Magic Flash book, Secrets of Shang Gong embroidered in gold, record for refining Lun Yan Medicine pellet… “

All of these will be a great practice for Mu Qian, Cai Xuan who hasn’t finished reading yet was interrupted by Mu Qian.

Mu Qian slowly said. “Miss Cai Xuan, the list is too long for you to read and I can feel that everyone is distressed to see you get tired, so I’ll just take it!

“I’ll bid Ten million!”

“Eh?” Cai Xuan froze.

The rest of the people are angry, this person couldn’t even let her finish reading! At least give them a chance!

They all suspected that the treasures came from this kid, and he’s true purpose out here is to deliberately distract them, otherwise who would be stupid to do such a loss of business like this.

Cai Xuan still asked. “Are there any prices?”

What price increase? It’s already at ten million ah! Even if they wanted to increase its price they don’t have the money to pay for it!

“Then these works will all belong to the gentleman on the fifth floor.” Cai Xuan closed the deal.

She added. “The last auctions for today are the two third-grade medicine pellets; the starting price is one million.”

Two pills, third-grade medicine pellets, no one in the Purple Moon Kingdom even own one but someone had decided to auction it both. That’s crazy!

Even Mu Qian froze, this is simply all that she wanted, and someone has sent it all! She decided to increase her vigilance, this kind-of luck is unbelievable!

She wanted to learn more about alchemy at the same time, she doesn’t want to worry about strong parties to know any of it.

Her family does not lack money, but because they’re not a local in this country. There’s not enough power that money can provide alone, so she tried to find things that can help her achieve her goals slowly!

But did not expect that in this auction, all of her plan necessities were dropped like a gift from god!

“Ten million! This gentleman will take it all.” Mu Qian’s arrogance remains.

A sound of drums was heard.

In the eyes of everyone at the auction house, Cai Xuan announced the ownership of the two third-grade medicine pellets. Finally this thrilling auction finally ended.

When they heard the sound that indicates that the auction has ended, the people who joined felt like all that had happened inside was just a dream. They’re all the members of the major families in the capital of Purple Moon Kingdom but this is the first time they’ve seen an auction like this.

Unfortunately, they also did not get much benefit.

And this auction’s biggest harvest goes to Mu Qian Xi.

“Knock, knock, knock!”

“Come in!”

Cai Xuan was ready to receive the person who would claim his winnings and said with a smile. “Gentleman, this is the storage ring that has all of your items. The rest of the money is in this family gold card.”

Mu Qian was surprised. “Huh? There is still money left?”

Cai Xuan said. “Our auction house wants to continue working with you, so this time, we didn’t charge any fees on your items. There are over thirty million gold taels left in your gold card.”

Mu Qian was shocked and immediately said. “Aren’t you mistaken? I remember that all of my elixirs were only sold for a total of thirty million gold taels. I just spent over forty million gold in the auction, so how can it still be so much?”

Cai Xuan laughed and said. ” Gentleman, we are not asking for gold, but silver! So it isn’t that much!”

“What? How is that possible?”

I only said that it is a million, I did not say that all of them were in gold so I think all the guests are mistaken.” Cai Xuan looked innocent as she said this.

If the guests at today’s auction heard this, they will die of blood loss for sure.

Also if they had known it was just a million silver taels, they would have competed no matter what.

They don’t have ten million gold, but silver does.

Mu Qian thought that she had just won a lottery! All the people that bid for the elixirs are in gold, so for these treasures they assumed that it is also in gold.

Even she was misled, but so many precious things were sold at ten million silver taels each, there is no mistake ah!

She asked just to be sure. “Miss Cai Xuan, are you really sure? This is definitely a total loss for your business isn’t it?”

Cai Xuan smiled and said. “This is the order of the Master who sent the auctioned items; our job is to auction only. Since the gentleman paid all of it with money, these things are yours. Just think of it as simple as buying something, you don’t need to worry so much.”

Mu Qian was satisfied and said, “Miss Cai Xuan is right, since I have paid it with my money, these things are mine.” She nodded and said. “I also want you to do something for me.”

“I don’t know what else the gentleman wants to request?” Cai Xuan asked.

“The auction house will convert the three million gold taels on my card into gold.”

“Eh!” Cai Xuan looked surprised at Mu Qian’s request.

Gold isn’t easy to carry; the general Gold Card is more convenient.

Mu Qian saw the confusion in her eyes and said. “Because I’m going to hit people with gold, I’ll have to trouble Miss Cai Xuan.”

Take three million gold to hit people; even a high priest may be buried alive. For a person to use gold to smash people, I’m afraid this gentleman is the only one who can do it.

Cai Xuan laughed: “You are really an interesting person.”

“I’ll immediately inform a person to exchange it.” Cai Xuan left in a hurry.

In a while, Master Bai went down to see Mu Qian and said. “Son, our young Lord invited you over, would you please come with me?”

Young Lord? Wouldn’t it be Snow’s Chamber of commerce’s Lord then!

Mu Qian nodded. “Good.”

On the sixth floor of the first auction house, the layout is very stylish, low-key luxury to the extreme.

Master Bai opened the door and Mu Qian saw a man sitting inside.

Wearing a white mandarin collar long robe, a jade headwear binding his hair with his posture that are both graceful and noble.

He has a pair of foxy eyes; his shallow smile doesn’t look like a smile at all.

Nalan Yu did not make a sound, so Mu Qian decided to speak first. “I wanted to thank the auction’s Lord for granting my requests in the auction today.”

Translator’s Note:

The little fox is here!~

You’ll gonna love him for sure

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