EWP Chapter 30: How can I bully you?

How can I bully you?

Housekeeper Bai’s words just fell, he heard his master say: “increase?”

This medicine is too strange, the master was interested, and Housekeeper Bai was excited.

The results, Xuanyuan Jiu Ye added. “Buy it.”

Let the price increase, he won’t let him get what he wants anyway; this is obviously a hole in the pit for the Crown Prince!

The role of the crown prince, although he often provokes his master but his master did not put the crown prince in his eyes at all, how come now, the crown prince caught master’s interest?

But no matter what, he must carry out the order, Housekeeper Bai said: “Seven hundred thousand gold taels!”

There was a chill in the air, Xuanyuan Li Shang thought right, it was him.

Although he’s positive that he can’t afford to confront him, seeing that he doesn’t give any damn about him being the crown prince. He can feel his hatred towards him getting piled up

So Xuanyuan Li Shang increased the price: “Eight hundred thousand!”

Mu Qian was slightly distracted, it was the Royal Family who swallowed a lot of her money, knowing it was Xuanyuan Li Shang the crown prince, she was ready to increase the price to dig a pit for him but did not think that someone would start instead.

And that voice isn’t that Housekeeper Bai?

Jiu Ye is just at the next door!

“Nine hundred thousand!” Housekeeper Bai continued.

“A million!” the crown prince shouted.

He then looked to the top, slowly said. “This is my highest price, if Ninth Brother really wants it; you can continue to increase its price.”


“It is really the Night Prince!”

“Oh My God! The Night Prince came.”

They murmured, almost everyone was pale and silent.

Housekeeper Bai laughed. “The crown prince is worried too much, it’s just this old man was bored so I decided to play, our master isn’t interested in this elixir, your highness is such a tall man so we’ll leave it to you then!”

The Crown Prince’s face was clouded, his fists clenched and his joints creaked.

Xuanyuan Jiu Ye! Too hateful! Even his servant was so arrogant.

Mu Qian finally understood why Xuanyuan Li Tian was so afraid of Housekeeper Bai, even with the Crown Prince, Housekeeper Bai does not put him in his eyes, and he even dared to play.

Next is the start of the auction for the second bottle, after all aspects of the competition, the final price was six hundred thousand. No more than the price of the Crown Prince.

Third bottle, fourth bottle, fifth bottle……

The competition continued, it was a hot sale! The first batch of elixirs was half sold but Mu Qian already earned the three million gold taels.

The red-faced elders that also bid on the elixirs had no idea that the bet that they’ve made with Mu Qian was already lost at this moment.

“The last bottle of Elixir, bidding starts!” Cai Xuan said.

“Six hundred thousand gold taels!” A crisp voice came, the voice from the fourth floor, the Ouyang family box.

Mu Qian brought an evil smile that betrays all innocence, ‘Ouyang Wei you’ve finally taken your shot!’

The Ouyang Family is the Emperor’s parents-in-law, a vassal state in Zhang Residence. One of the most prominent clans in the Purple Moon Kingdom, three generations have passed but they’re still the most-known clan that one cannot mess with aside from the royal family.

Ouyang’s eldest daughter said her price; naturally no one dared to compete with her but Mu Qian was amused and thought “So what?”

At this time, a low-elegant voice came on the fifth floor. “Six hundred one thousand.”

Everyone was in an uproar, the other one on the fifth floor had finally shot.

Sounds like a very young man, he dared to go against the Ouyang family’s diabolical miss, he is really bold!

Ouyang Wei bit her teeth. “Seven hundred thousand!”

“Seven hundred one thousand.”

“Eight hundred thousand!”

“Eight hundred one thousand.”

Ouyang Wei is going to explode each time the other just adds one thousand, as if he really was just against her.

Ouyang Wei’s eyes are red and angrily said. “Your identity is good but don’t bully a little girl like me!”

“Bully? Who?” MU Qian replied.

“Miss Ouyang, if you don’t have money then don’t increase the price.”

“Damn, who said this miss has no money!”

All this time, Ouyang Wei remembered that she already had killed an idiot named Mu Qian Xi who always flaunted her wealth but was a fool for spending too much of her money with her obvious taunts.

Now some people from who knows where, dare to say that she has no money, Ouyang Wei isn’t satisfied, and she wanted to slap him until his face gets swollen as a pig.

“A million!” her bottom line is the same as the crown prince.

Someone said. “Did not think that Miss Ouyang has a lot of money too?”

“One million and one thousand gold taels!”

“One million and one hundred taels!”

“One million one hundred and one thousand taels.”



“Two million!”

Ouyang Wei was red all over from shouting too much, when she recovered, she felt a shiver in her spine.

“Fuck! Two million gold taels! Even a third-grade medicine pellet is not worth that price.”

Mu Qian calmly said. “Since Miss Ouyang is so persistent in this elixir then this humble one will let you have it.”

The last Spirit Blood elixir was sold for two million gold taels.

Miss Ouyang is also a fierce woman; her bid is twice higher than the Crown Prince was.

The next batch is Spirit Speed elixir; one can have the practice speed for three times to four times, absolutely crazy.

If this was given to any one of their family, there will be a genius.

Ouyang Wei’s fist was tightly held, her fingers buckled into her flesh.

It’s more useful for her, but ………

The one she bought cost two million, she has no money left. She can only watch the elixir fall into the hands of others.

The Crown Prince is also depressed, as long as he bids; Night Palace’s Housekeeper will raise the price.

Even if he were the last to buy the medicine, the price will be two times more than others.

Xuanyuan Jiu Ye did not bother to hide his motives at all. The Crown Prince even thought that Jiu Ye couldn’t fight him fair and square?

The Crown Prince’s throne is only for him, it will never be his. He cannot be beaten by Xuanyuan Jiu Ye. Xuanyuan Li Shang said in his heart as he gripped his fists tightly.

The exciting elixir auction was over, and half an hour had passed. The man before was invited out again, now full of energy like an ordinary person.

It’s hard to imagine that half an hour before, he was fatally injured.

Cai Xuan smiled brightly and said. “Following this auction, the next items are heaven-piece stem grass, Tianyuan sky grass, highest-grade Phoenix Blossom, Bodhi Lotus…”

Cai Xuan has reported a large list; all the people that listened are stunned.

Second-grade immortality elixirs, third-grade immortality elixirs, fourth-grade immortality elixirs, there are also some unheard of elixirs, is the Snow’s auction crazy? So many precious elixirs are put up for auction.

“This…separate auction or?” The people are somewhat inarticulate.

Cai Xuan said. “No Sir, I reported all these elixirs because this is a combination of auctions, the starting price is a million.”

Mu Qian also felt that the pattern this woman has was crazy, she took out so many precious elixir to auction, but the result is like buying cabbage-like batches of auction.

It’s too weird, but she feels so good.

There are a lot of elixirs that she wants; it’s all in one piece, as for the money.……

This time the auctioned elixirs earned her enough money, even if she didn’t have the money from the elixirs, she is still the Mu Jia’s Lord.

Whether it is the Crown Prince or Miss Ouyang, her family’s wealth can completely crush any of them.

Mu Qian Xi said. “Ten million, this is my limit.”

“Sss!” The crowd took a breath of cold air; he added tenfold right at the start.

Ten million! No one in the room could afford the price.

Since no one can afford to shout, of course the deal is done.

“Then this batch of herbs and elixirs will go to the gentleman on the fifth floor.”

Mu Qian is very happy, her eyes shine at those elixirs.

She was once a ghost Doctor; she loves mixing excellent medicinal products the most.

In the next box, Xuanyuan Jiu Ye’s perfect mouth brought a touch of subtle curvature.

Cai Xuan continued. “Next, we’re auctioning…”

Translator’s Note:

I know you guys already guessed who’s the other person who auctioned things aside from MQX.

So sweet but kinda weird if you think about it hahaha.

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