EWP Chapter 29: Hot Medicine Auction

Hot Medicine Auction

“Miss, it’s my first time to see the Snow’s auction people to be so polite to others, even if the prince came, they would not act like that! Who the hell is that?”

Ouyang Wei frowned. “He should be one of the auction’s honored guests!”

It was just a casual glance that gave her a very bad feeling.

The Snow’s Auction House in the Purple Moon Kingdom is divided into six floors. The sixth floor is the office area while the remaining five floors are the guests’ area.

At this time the servant with Mu Qian had led her on one of the special boxes on the fifth floor. On the fifth floor of another box, another servant ushered in a guest.

Two special box lights lit up at the same time. It caused uproar for the people below.

“What’s going on? Aren’t these two boxes always deserted?”

“Yes, that’s why it’s so strange.”

In the Purple Moon Kingdom, I am afraid that only three people are eligible for this level of box that has been lighted up.

The first is the Purple Emperor, the second is the third master Mu Wushuang and the last one is the unfathomable Night Prince.

The emperor did not come! Mu Jia’s Third Master has limited mobility and has never participated in these auctions.

For a moment they felt their backs were cold, but even if the Night Prince came, who was the other one in there?

Just when people are trying to crack their heads and could not think of another guest. The auction has already started.

A woman dressed in a fiery red dress appeared on the auction floor, and a sexy figure was distracting most people.

With just the woman’s look, a bunch of souls were captivated. She is the chief alchemist of the Snow’s auction house in the Purple Moon, Cai Xuan.

Beside Ouyang Wei, a servant girl shouted: “The disgraced Vixen!”

Cai Xuan just laughed and said in a clear voice. “Surely everyone is wondering why our auction was held in advance? That’s because we got a lot of wonderful things to auction, and we can’t wait to share all of it with you.”


The woman clapped with the palms of her hand in rhythm, then another woman in white holding a bottle was sent on the stage.

Medicine Bottle!

Someone exclaimed, “Are you going to auction off a second-grade medicine pellet today?”

“Must be second-grade, otherwise, how can the Snow’s auction house change the auction time.”

“Great! A second-grade medicine pellet has not appeared in half a year already, did not expect to see it today.”

Everyone was excited, every time second-grade medicine pellets appeared in the Purple Moon Kingdom; it always caused the parties to compete for power. Who made the alchemists scarce in this world? And even second-grade medicine pellets are rarer.

Cai Xuan laughed at their remarks and corrected them. “I think the guests are mistaken, the inside of this medicine bottle isn’t second-grade medicine pellets, but elixir.”

“What? Elixir?”

“What the hell? How could it be an elixir?”

“Yes! That cannot be true, even first-grade medicine pellets aren’t accepted here, so how come, an elixir has the qualifications to be auctioned here?”

“Miss Cai Xuan, are you sure this hell place isn’t messing with us?”

All the people were staring at her, an absolute confidence was found on Cai Xuan’s face.

Cai Xuan red lips moved seductively and said. “With the reputation of being the Number One auction house, we don’t have the time to mess with everybody here. The reason why this elixir is auctioned off is because this elixir is equivalent to a second-grade medicine pellet and the effect is much better than a second-grade.”

“Impossible! This is absolutely impossible, how can elixirs beat a medicine pellet!”

“That’s right!”

The emergence of this elixir! The impact of their cognition!

The way they reacted, the look in their eyes, Mu Qian shook her head, it was too cold!

It’s not that she can’t make pills but because she can only refine a first-grade medicine pellet for now. Refining a first-grade can’t sell for much. Obviously it will be impossible for her to reach three million gold taels with only that.

So she can only use her modern way of making medicine to make elixirs, because there are some effects of modern medicine that are equivalent to this world’s second-grade, If she put together enough, she can earn the three million gold taels easily.

Elixirs and pellets have their own strength; she is a genius regarding the uses of medicines and herbs but she also intends to learn some more through alchemy.

Cai Xuan heard them but still introduced the elixir to everyone. “I know it’s hard to believe, but inside this vial is called a Spirit Blood elixir. As long as it is not a fatal injury, when taken immediately the bleeding will stop, for about half an hour the wound will also recover.”

This will surely save your life!

This time someone said. “This is not possible? How could it have such an effect, even a third-grade medicine pellet needs an hour to restore?”

“Stop the bleeding immediately, this is too mysterious!”

Cai Xuan smirked. “I know you don’t believe it, so we’re going to do an experiment in public, here in the Auction House, what do you say?”

She then said. “Please come over.”

A big man was invited to come up, his body has been torn by some kind of beast, and a massive scar was seen, even the blood is still flowing.

This is what Mu Qian commanded, in order to make these people believe the efficacy of the drug, you must find a wounded person to try.

Cai Xuan explained. “This is our Auction’s field expatriation personnel; he just entered the heavenly forest and had encountered a high-ranked beast, he came back seriously injured. Now we’ll let him take this elixir and you will all see the effect.”

The man took the medicine, immediately after the blood really stopped flowing, everything that happened was so strange.

Too powerful, although half an hour has not yet arrived, but everyone completely believed the efficacy of the elixir.

As the first auction house in the Purple Moon and Snow’s Continent First Chamber of Commerce that belongs to a large force, they will not risk their own reputation just to play with them; this magic elixir has piqued everyone’s interest.

A practitioner who is inevitably injured, with just this rapid Spirit Blood elixir will undoubtedly be a life-saving medicine for him.

Someone who can’t wait already, shouted. “Miss Cai Xuan, hurry up and start the auction!”

“Oh God! He just used a bottle, it’s not over!” There was trepidation.

After all, they only auction two second-grade medicine pellets every time.

The auctioneer laughed. “You do not have to worry about that, although we have spent a bottle, but with the remaining nine bottles you still have the opportunity!”

“The Spirit Blood elixir’s starting price is one hundred thousand gold taels, you can increase the price.”

The auctioneer’s words just came down, someone had already added. “Two hundred thousand!”

“Two hundred one thousand!”

“Two hundred two!”

“Three hundred!”

This medicine no matter if it is expensive or not, they must have it. These people will not be stingy at all.

The price is constantly rising, but the people on the fourth floor have not yet called the price, and finally there was a clear voice that landed. “Half a million.”

“Hiss!” The crowd took a breath of cold air. “It was the voice of His Highness, The Crown Prince!”

“I didn’t think that the crown prince is interested in this medicine.”

The Purple Moon’s crown prince, Xuanyuan Li Shang is Xuanyuan Li Tian’s eldest brother from the side of the Emperor; he is the Number one genius of the Purple Moon. In a young age, not only is he at the Nine-stage Spirit Warrior but also has the wind element spirit.

When the Prince shouted the price, no one took the risk of offending the Prince.

This time the Crown Prince’s eyes fell on the fifth floor of the first box, his eyes looked dark and gloomy.

“Master, this elixir that is the equivalent to a second-grade medicine pellet is very strange, I have not heard of it before.” Housekeeper Bai stood behind Jiu Ye and whispered.

Translator’s Note:

Another prince appeared!

Is he a friend or a foe?

Tune in next time on DRAGONBALL Z~

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