EWP Chapter 27: Incredible Elixir

Incredible Elixir

Fortunately, although her appearance became Ah Ting, she did not become a man.

She can tolerate a flat chest, but it’s unbearable.……

Ah Ting’s mouth twitched. “Stupid woman, what are you thinking? If I didn’t change the appearance of it, how can you become a man?”

Mu Qian changed into a ready-made men’s clothing, then searched out a cape to cover her head, she covered it firmly.

But Ah Ting stopped her. “Finally, this number one, most handsome man’s face can go to the outside world. Yet, you’re still secretive. “

Mu Qian’s mouth twitched. “The world’s most handsome man, you are so narcissistic!” She smiled and said seriously. “Are you even sure that the first is you?”

“The dangerous man at most will rank second, the first is definitely me.”

“Oh? I think my uncle is better than you.”

“You are prejudiced.”

In the end, regardless of how Ah Ting protests, Mu Qian still strictly covered her head.

Although this is a spiritual world, there’s a strange hair and iris color, although not much. But there were people who had this, such as Xuanyuan Jiu Ye’s icy blue eyes.

But Ah Ting’s appearance is not like any human; if she goes out looking like him, it will definitely cause chaos that can reach the ears of the Purple Moon’s Emperor, so she chose to keep a low profile.

The number one auction house, most people know it as “the Snow Continent’s number one Chamber of commerce” in their territory. It is also the first auction house of the Purple Moon Kingdom.

A weird person covered in cape strictly entered the auction house, being the first auction house in the Purple Moon Kingdom, what weirdo does the workers here haven’t seen already? When she entered, a person came up and asked. “What can I do for you?”

Mu Qian said. “I’m here to sell something.”

Two souls connected, letting Mu Qian’s appearance look like Ah Ting, but the voice was disguised by Mu Qian herself.

That kind of deep as a violin-like voice was a pleasure to one’s ears.

The young man was slumped like in a drunken stupor said. “Guest, please go inside!”

At the first auction house, a middle-aged man about forty-five years old who has a square-shaped face sat in the room filled with different gems and treasure.

The middle-aged man looks ordinary, but his eyes are sharp. He asked, looking at the adorable Mu Qian. “I don’t know what this gentleman is about to sell?”

Mu Qian took out her hand and took an elixir from the spatial ring in her finger, she said. “I want to sell this elixir!”

“I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place. We do not collect elixirs at this auction; the minimum is a high-grade medicinal pill.”

Elixirs, the kind with all sorts of herbs mixed together without any technical content whatsoever. It isn’t profitable at all.

Mu Qian didn’t care what he’s trying to say, she simply asked. “If I say that this elixir is equivalent to second-grade medicinal pills, will you still refuse?”

The middle-aged man thinks that she’s just bluffing and says. “This guest, I have been dedicated in this business for almost thirty years, but never heard of an elixir that can be used against a second-grade medicinal pill.”

Mu Qian felt that the middle-aged man took her for a fool. “The reason that I’ve come here is because this is the number one auction house in the Purple Moon, nothing more. If you don’t believe me, I can go to other places.” She stood up and was about to head out but added. “I shall take my leave then. Old Sir, you’ll know what you lost at the auction when the time comes.”

This person speaks with full confidence and does not seem to be bluffing.

As the chief appraiser of the first auction house of the Purple Moon, Master Yun has always been very accurate; this person will not be stupid enough to take his elixirs to the number one auction to cause trouble.

Master Yun believed in his instinct and said. “Guest, wait! I really don’t want us to get off on the wrong foot so come here; I will take you to Master Bai to appraise your elixirs.”

(TN: Master Bai here and Housekeeper Bai are two different people. Sometimes, I get this feeling that the author doesn’t want to give her characters enough credit for their names, like with Mu Ruyun and Mu Ruyan. (╯‵□′)╯︵┴─┴. Sorry for the rant now back to the story!)

Great Master Bai followed their Young Master when he came for a royal visit in the Purple Moon Kingdom. He is a mid-level alchemist. For this guest’s elixirs, he should be more than enough.

”May I trouble this guest to wait for a moment?” This man gives an unfathomable temperament, so Master Yun is very polite to Mu Qian.

At this time, an old man wearing white robe walked down, “Little Yun, you asked me to come here, did you encounter a difficult thing, which even you can’t identify? I was just playing chess with the Young Master and was about to win. What if there’s no big deal?”

Master Yun whispered to Master Bai. “This is the lad who wanted to sell an elixir.”

“What!? Elixirs in our auction! You’re joking right?” Master Bai glanced at the young man’s direction.

“But Master Bai, the lad said that the elixir is equivalent to a second-grade medicinal pill.”

“That’s not possible!” White master directly negates.

But Mu Qian heard it all calmly said. “Old man, the world is big, even if you live for more than a hundred years that does not mean that you already know everything. There are some things you don’t know that exist.”

Master Bai raises his eyebrow and says. “You are so bold, you dare to talk to me! Since you said that your elixir is equivalent to a second-grade pill, then take it out and show it to this old man.”

“Alright!” Mu Qian handed a bottle of elixir to Master Bai.

Master Bai opened the bottle, when he tried to smell the elixir; the look on his face was frozen. Unbelievable!

His old eyes slightly squinted, he slowly said: “This elixir’s fragrant. No! This elixir is indeed enough to crush a second-grade medicinal pill. But this is clearly an elixir! How can it be?”

This elixir was able to contain the medicinal properties to reach this point, and each kind of medicinal herbs used has played perfect roles. He was shocked! Curious!”

His old face became more and more excited, as if discovering a new world.

Master Yun also stares at his eyes, what the boy said, is it really true?

Master Bai studied it for another half-hour, and then said, “Boy, I apologize for my ignorance. To have a great master to make this kind of elixir really puts my knowledge to the tip of an iceberg!”

Master Yun is frightened, who is Master Bai? He’s an intermediate alchemist ah!

He was very proud to be an alchemist, even if it is the Purple Moon Emperor’s royal brother, he needs to be polite with him, but Master Bai apologized to a boy of unknown origin.

Mu Qian smiled and asked. “Old man, can I put this elixir at your auction house?”

“Of course! It’s equivalent to a second-grade medicinal pill, we will be able to sell this in the auction at a high price.” Master Yun excitedly said.

Everyone knows that every year in the Purple Moon Kingdom, only ten pieces of immortality pills were auctioned. Even the Danjizhong can only refine two pills at most.

“But … ……” The voice of Master Yun became smaller and smaller. “Forgive my bad eyesight and experience, if one does not know what it does, how can we sell it?”

Mu Qian straightforwardly said. “This elixir can speed up one’s cultivation three times to five times.”

“This…… How is that possible? Even if it is a third-grade medicinal pill, it can only increase the speed of cultivation twice.”

“That’s only natural, this will only work for people who have not yet reached Spirit Master, and it basically has no effect for a person who is already a Spirit Master.”

Even if it has a limit in level, this effect is scary enough. If this elixir really has this effect, it will definitely cause a sensation in the capital. The ten major clans will go wild just to buy it for their clan’s young cultivators.

Mu Qian was persuaded. “If you do not believe it, you can find a Spirit Warrior to try.”

“Good.” Master Yun believed in this elixir’s magic, he was excited to witness a miracle happen.

Translator’s Note:

This is what Ah Ting is supposed to look like. Just imagine his hair to be gray-green instead of blonde and has normal ears unlike in the picture.

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