EWP Chapter 26: Borrow your enchanting look for me to use

Borrow your enchanting look for me to use

“The lord has been at home all day, she just eats and sleeps; it appears that she didn’t do anything.”

“What is she trying to do? Our deal was only three days, and she’d already wasted one.”

The Great Elder couldn’t keep up with Mu Qian, he had no idea on what she would try to sell.

Don’t say that the elders were the only one who doesn’t know, even Mu Qian’s contractor, Ah Ting also does not know what she’s going to do.

“Hey! Ugly woman, you only have three days to earn that three million. Say, how are you gonna earn that amount? “

Mu Qian rolled her eyes and said. “You only know how to sleep, you can’t even guess that simple thing? I’m so afraid that you’ll be able to pull down my intelligence by signing a contract with you.”

Ah Ting gnashed his teeth and angrily said. “Mu Qian Xi! You dare to say I’m stupid, I will tear you up!”

“You don’t have a body, yet you want to tear me up? Haha Dream on!”

“When my strength is enough to gain my physical body, I promise to make you look real good.”

“I fear that you will not have the ability.”

The two continued to bicker, until he couldn’t help but ask again. “Just tell me, what are you going to do?”

“What is the talent of this Lord? Don’t say you don’t know, else you’re blind.”

“You can make poisons…but that won’t do, you can’t sell those for three million gold taels! You’re joking with me! “

“Don’t tell me, you’re just waiting for the time when your expenses are cut and then have nothing good to eat?”

“Besides being good at poisons, I’m good at other things too, so just keep your eyes peeled and watch.”

After that, Mu Qian went out and turned to the refining room.

Ling Zi Lin saw Mu Qian then froze. “Lord, what are you doing here?”

She laughed. “My hand itches, go and prepare! Also fetch me some things…”

“Don’t forget the herbs!”

Ling Zi Lin clearly looked as if he had worked here for years, he’s so familiar inside that in just a short time, and he already completed all the things she needed.

“Lord, we’re all set.”

“Good! Start the fire!”


In the next moment, Ling Zi Lin saw a miracle happen. The Lord is refining elixirs!

However, the way she refine is completely different from other alchemists. The technique is more brilliant, like a gorgeous show in general.

When she was about to add the dew water, Ah Ting’s voice suddenly came and said. “You can use your spiritual water for refining Immortality Elixirs, the level of things you’ve been refining is low-level and the same with the dew water you wanted to use.”

Even though Ah Ting’s mouth is filled with poison, his every reminder is very effective.

While Mu Qian is refining, she awakens the power of the Eternal Ring, Water God Dragon Ring. In a moment a water dragon goes into the furnace together with other refining ingredients.

“How beautiful!” Ling Zi Lin looked at the Blue water dragon; it appears that the Lord is a Water Alchemist.

In this world, there are five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Few alchemists have the elements that compliments on their refining method. Having an innate element means more advantage for the alchemist, and will help them in the long way!

“Success!” The last step is completed, Mu Qian’s mouth evokes a smile.

She checked the finished product and discovered that with the spiritual water, the elixir had increased its effectiveness.

After putting it into a bottle, Mu Qian proceeded on making another one; she lasted until Midnight on creating the last batch of elixirs.

Mu Qian put three bottles of elixirs on the table and said to Ling Zi Lin. “These three bottles of elixirs are for you to use, please help yourself tonight.”

“Lord, this is what I should do. These elixirs are not for someone like me to use. Lord please, take it all back.”

Even though the Lord is just acknowledging his help and elixirs are only second compared to medicinal pills. But he saw the way she refined it, he can feel the powerful energy coming from the elixirs, the elixirs she refined are absolutely extraordinary.

Mu Qian insisted. “I still have a lot here, remember to take half a bottle then cultivate every day, I assure you, there will be unexpected results! “

“Also, the things that this Lord already gave, I won’t take it back!” Mu Qian said in a stern way, so that he could not refuse.

The purple figure flashed, she disappeared in front of Ling Zi Lin.

Mu Qian seems to forget about the bet in general, because she is still asleep in the middle of the day!

All the elders thought that Mu Qian proposed that bet just to disguise her unwillingness. It was only because she couldn’t afford to lose her face in front of them.

Mu Qian at this time, stretches her stiff muscles, after cultivating last night, she finally broke through the Fourth-Stage Spirit Warrior. But it’s not enough! Still too weak!

The distance between the standard strength that Little Uncle said is still far from reach. There are literally thousands and thousands of miles away.

Mu Qian got up to the mirror, ready to add a little something to her face.

She hasn’t even started yet, but she heard Ah Ting’s shout.

“Stupid! You’re really stupid! You think that it’s easy huh? Even if you change the way you look, someone can still say it was you! To do this secretly, your approach would not work.”

She is still very satisfied with her own means of disguise, but Ah Ting ignored all the things she tried to say. This is not the modern world, but a different world of spiritual training and martial arts; it is inevitable that this certain person isn’t aware of her disguise.

For this magical world, Ah Ting understands it more.

She laughed. “Master Ah Ting, I don’t know, so can you tell me what you think?”

“Mm! I know you can’t do anything without me!” Ah Ting held his head high.

She indulges his ego for a bit and adds. “Master Ah Ting, since you know a lot of information, you must give me advice before it’s too late.”

“You and I have a contract. I can make you look like me without any flaws! As long as you don’t do anything that is too feminine to embarrass me.”

“Become like you!?” In regard to using that fairy face, Mu Qian is very satisfied.

“But, isn’t that too ostentatious!”

“What? You don’t like what I look like?” A cease-fire was made.

“Yes, a little.”

“Then go with your face! See if that plan is good, then let all the people in the Mu Jia that it was you who refined these elixirs. You are waiting to be a target!”

Her good mood before is clearly destroyed!

She didn’t think about it though, with Ah Ting’s warning, she remembered that it is not good to expose herself early, especially without having a lot of power. When someone stronger appears, it will definitely lead to a disaster.

Mu Qian decided to go with Ah Ting’s plan, she coaxed him and said. “It’s not that I dislike your appearance. I just think that you look so enchanting. I’m afraid that with me going out, I’ll put pressure on your face.”

“En! At least you know, don’t worry you’re still my contractor. I’ll give you a hand! Even if you embarrass me, I will forgive you!”

Mu Qian’s mouth is twitching, this kid surely has a weird habit. Most of the time, he boasts about himself, clearly not caring if the other person is listening or not.

“Connect with my mind. I will let you have my appearance.”


A pale green light wrapped Mu Qian Xi. A little while later, the appearance of Mu Qian changed dramatically.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Mu Qian secretly said in her heart: ‘this is simply the devil.’

Long gray-green hair slides down from the shoulders like a fine silk. Eyebrows as if painted with ink, cherry-red lips, skin as white as snow and eyelashes flashing like a butterfly’s wings.

His clear eyes are a stunning light of green, imperceptible soul, like he can see through the past and present life.

The whole person looked like a pure and innocent soul cannot be desecrated!

At the thought of Ah Ting’s character, when she looked at this appearance, Mu Qian’s mouth can’t help but quiver, this appearance is simply deceiving the dead to pay for his life.

Her face changed. Naturally, she also wanted to examine the body……

Translator’s Note:

Even I, when turned to a man would wan’t to check down there… hehe

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