EWP Chapter 23: There’s nothing you can do

There’s nothing you can do

At the beginning of the clan meeting, they were reprimanded by Mu Qian, because of that they would never dare to say anything about her being late.

She is the master of the family, the absolute Lord of the Mu Jia.

Even if she told them to wait for half a year’s time, there should be no problem.

The Great Elder made a signal to the Fourth Elder,and the Fourth Elder said. “Lord, it is not right that you’ve driven out Pharmacist Lian, he is the only pharmacist in the entire Mu Jia. We are finished as soon as he leaves the clan. “With a worried look he added.” How many young talents of ours wouldn’t have the chance to use any Immortality Elixirs? We need to fix this quickly.”

“Our Mu Jia’s power isn’t the same as it was before, compared to the other clans we are at the bottom. If this continues, I’m afraid…”

With the Fourth Elder’s long winded discussion about the expulsion of Wang Lian, it showed how grave the situation is, and how it will affect the entire Mu Jia.

Mu Qian who is already annoyed by these old badgers said. “Oh! I didn’t know that driving out a thrash Pharmacist would result to the Mu Jia’s extinction? Do all of the Mu Jia’s members feel the same way you do? In this Kingdom, is it required for every family to have a Pharmacist, even if that so-called pharmacist has no talent? As I see it, compared to that trash, you elders are all waste!”

“So tell me, what are you all still doing here? Aren’t you all going to die eventually?”

The elders are all stiff; they can’t keep up with what the Lord is saying.

But they were powerless to refute it.

The Great Elder hastily said. “Lord, we cannot say that, we must get him back. Although losing a Pharmacist would not be the cause of destruction in the clan, he can still play a good role. Since the Lord is the one who drove him out. May I trouble the Lord to prepare a proper ceremony to appoint Wang Lian as our pharmacist again?”

“Appoint him? You wanted this Lord to ask a trash can to come back?!” She slammed her fist and shouted. “Elder, are you out of your mind!”

Seeing her getting mad, Second Elder added fuel to the fire. “If this matter can’t be solved immediately it will cause the clan great difficulties. We have no other choice but feel wronged to you Lord. ”

The Third Elder fans the flames. “That’s right! We still rely on the Mu Jia to make a living! If because of the Lord’s decision our clan will end. Our family will have to follow our hardships, so we can only wrong the Lord.”

They’re really trying hard to seize power, they can even speak in a dignified manner such as this, truly a bunch of hypocrites!

She looked at them and said. “Did I say I was the one who threw Wang Lian out of here?” she continued with a smug look. “It is him, who thinks that he’s trash, and that he is not worthy to be the Pharmacist of my family.”


“Yes! Wang Lian is a first-class Pharmacist in the Purple MoonKingdom.”

“Lord, I know you are just trying to let go of your offense, but don’t say such unrealistic lies.”

“You don’t believe me?” Mu Qian with a smile ordered. “Shadow! Bring Pharmacist Wang here.”


A person was thrown into the meeting hall, at this time the person is rancid and formless.

These elders may be old, but their eyes are still fine. They immediately recognize the face of Wang Lian despite how hideous he looked right now.

“Boo-hoo, Lord I was wrong! Please give me the antidote! I can’t take it anymore!” Wang Lian howled and cried like a child.

“This is my spatial ring with all my possessions in it. I really can’t gather the amount you’ve wanted, but please be merciful and let me live a little longer!”

He took out a lot of Elixir, gold and silver jewelries and various treasures. Such wealth, even the elders are jealous.

As a pharmacist, it is a given that they’re rich, but his wealth is on a whole level. This guy’s been here for three years already, the money he had is more than the elders’ savings for a decade, and it really makes people jealous.

“Please! Lord! Give me the antidote….”

Mu Qian lazily leaned on her seat and laughed as she said. “You want the antidote? Sure, but you have to tell these old men that you are trash as a pharmacist first. “

“Yes, Yes! I am a trash pharmacist! In the Dan Jizhong my skills are completely at the bottom, when I was still here in Mu Jia, I only knew how to eat and drink.” He looked happy when he said it, as if he wasn’t talking about himself but someone else.

“Mm, then say that you’re also willing to leave the Mu Jia.”

“A trash like me, simply do not deserve to be the pharmacist of this clan, since I have no face left, I will leave voluntarily.”

(Face here can be classified as “dignity” or “prestige)

Mu Qian, pleased with oneself, said. “Elders, what else does he need to say? I told you that this Lord is not related to this after all.”

The Second Elder said in a hurry. “But Lord, it is really heartbreaking for you to use such a non-transparent means to persecute Wang Lian, this truly caused us pain.”

Mu Qian coldly said. “What nonsense are you spouting? The ends justify the means, this is not related to this Lord. If you continue to dwell on this, I’ll guarantee that you’ll end up worse than him!”

A fair and honest plan, the threat of Mu Qian Xi is extremely shameless. A few elders cursed this Lord in their hearts.

Mu Qian used this trick; the elders can’t do anything but helplessly shake their heads.

Wang Lian doesn’t care about anything anymore, he pleaded. “Lord Mu, the antidote, please give me the antidote!”

“You don’t need an antidote for this poison, just soak in salt water for a day.”

When Pharmacist Lian disappeared in the meeting hall, the elders felt that everything that happened earlier was just an illusion.

‘How did she scare Wang Lian like that?’

When Wang Lian saw Mu Qian Xi again, the elders felt that she was a ghost, whatever Mu Qian said, Wang Lian did not refute any of it.

They felt that they are not as good as they used to be.

Mu Qian yawned and asked. “Do you old men have anything else to say to me? If not, then this Lord will go back to take a nap.”

Go, how can they agree to let her leave so easily?

This little girl is getting more and more powerful, if this continues, she will be difficult to deal with later.

The Great Elder made a signal towards the Second Elder, and the Second Elder said. “Lord, we still have important things to discuss.””

He took out an account book and said, “My Lord, we have too many losses and would probably can’t make ends meet. These are the expenses you’ve used in the past three years…”

“What? Give it to this Lord.” Mu Qian took a look at the account book, and she froze.

The previous Mu Qian Xi, spent almost half of the Mu Jia’s treasury for the past three years.

Fortunately, her father, Mu Fengyun left her a lot of money; else she would end up as a beggar instead.

She always picked the most expensive foods and clothes.

For her meals, she spent ten thousand taels daily. What a riot!

Her vulgar hairdo was also expensive, amounting to two hundred thousand taels!

In the modern times, she also saw a lot of spoiled brats but no one can match the previous her alright!

Besides, it’s not the most expensive thing squandered. The big one is.……

Translator’s Note:

In the present, if your parents are rich, naturally you’ll be spoiled lol.

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