EWP Chapter 22: The founder of Mu Jia

The founder of Mu Jia

Since the funeral, the people felt their Lord had changed for the better.

She doesn’t go swaggering her wealth in the streets, she doesn’t get jealous of Xuanyuan Li Tian’s affairs and most importantly, she isn’t the talk of the town anymore.

Because as of now, Mu Qian Xi is currently reading books in the Mu Jia’s Library, getting to know this world much better.

In the previous Mu Qian’s mind, there’s no record of that at all.

She is really odd, despite living all these years, she scarcely remembers anything during these past three years. Aside from that, any memories of her past were completely blank.

The memory and intelligence of the Lord before the age of thirteen is like a baby.

Afterwards, she met Mu Ruyun together with her sister Mu Ruyan, these sisters were the ones who accompanied her to learn more about worldly matters.

But at the same time, they’d taught Mu Qian Xi not to practice and cultivate, she became accustomed “to love ease and comfort and hate work”, to squander money like dirt and they also tried to hide her appearance with thick rouge.

The extreme love she felt for Xuanyuan Li Tian and her staying away from her Little Uncle was also the intention of these two.

No one knows where Mu Qian Xi was thirteen years ago?

In any case, ever since she met her Little Uncle twice already and appointed her as the new Lord of the Mu Jia. She has to do her best.

In this place, Mu Qian had learned a lot. She certainly can handle them now.


“Third Master, the Little Master is reading books in the library.” A shadow suddenly kneeled down in one knee in front of Mu Wushuang.


“The Little Master is acting a bit different today, won’t the Third Master come and see?”

The Little Master seems to be like a different person.

He’s afraid that it’s someone who disguised herself to look like the Little Master, since his eyes are not enough; he turned to report this to the Third Master instead. Only he can tell if it is true or not.

He was not pleased with the Little Master’s misbehavior, which smeared the title of the Mu Jia’s Lord everywhere.

But if something happens to the Little Master, how can he be worthy to stay beside his Lord?

“No need, inform Xi’er she can come see me anytime.” Mu Wushuang said calmly.

The shadow couldn’t help but be surprised. But he can see that the Third Master looks undisturbed, so he decided to drop this topic and just follow his orders instead. He bowed and said. “Yes.”

“What?” Unexpectedly Mu Qian Xi is studying in the library; the three elders are somewhat shocked. Did the sun rise in the west today?

“Maybe, due to suddenly withdrawing from her marriage, she felt motivated?” Elder One assumed. “I don’t think so, clearly this little girl was an idiot three years ago, now she’s reading a book, when did she have the time to grow up? As I see it, she is just doing this for appearance.” Elder Two taunted.

His precious granddaughter’s hand was mutilated by Mu Qian Xi. He hated her to the core.

“Stop it, I called the two of you today to discuss what to do for tomorrow’s clan meeting.” The Great Elder coldy said.

” We will proceed as planned…”

The next day, a servant informed her. “Lord, the elders are waiting for you in the meeting hall, the clan conference is about to begin.”

Mu Qian lazily said. “Tell them, I will be a bit late.”

The servant secretly pondered. “The Lord is truly scared, the one time she participated in the clan meeting, the elders said cruel things that made her cry, ever since then she never joined them again. No wonder she acts like this.”

“Lord, the elders are waiting…” he repeated softly.

“I’m the Lord, let them wait, do they still dare to say no?”

Mu Qian’s pitch-black eyes flashed a cold trace. With her imposing manner, the servant was somehow speechless.

“Forgive this lowly servant, I’ll tell them immediately!”

He quickly flees, with the current attitude of the Lord, he seemed to see the former Lord instead!

Mu Qian was dazzled by the sunlight coming in from the gaps of the window. She originally thought that being a nouveau riche, she could eat and drink her heart out.

‘It was too good to be true!’

A group of wild wolves, posing as elders in the Mu Jia is truly a mystery that suits her appetite.

Her father is an absolute genius, nine years ago Mu Jia appeared in the Purple Moon Kingdom, in order to start their business, her father exchanged elixirs to obtain money, and this was used as a capital.

Within only three years, Mu Jia became the richest clan in the whole Purple Moon Kingdom.

But after building their solid foundation in this place, her mother had disappeared without a trace, some even thought it was just a fling.

Her mother disappeared and her father had left to search.

According to a shadow, she wanted to chase after her father.

But her eldest brother who was sixteen-years old at that time had also left home when she was just about ten years-old.

In the end, only she and Little Uncle were left behind.

‘This is too much!’

If they’re at home, she doesn’t need to deal with this shit! As a second generation in the family, she should be living in peace!

She doesn’t need to cultivate and practice martial arts, but instead focus on making medicines and poisons, spend her life freely like a fairy!

But now, she not only needs to deal with these old men but also maintain the Mu Jia’s financial situation, in Mu Qian’s eyes a dangerous trace was seen.

Since these old badgers are here for me, then don’t blame me!

‘Even if the founder of Mu Jia isn’t here and has been gone for almost nineteen years, even if you tried to jump, I will not let you guys get what you want!’

In the meeting hall

“That damn slut! Even dare to let us wait for too long!”


Due to Mu Qian arriving slowly, the hall’s atmosphere is cold, the looks of all the nine elders are gloomy.

Only the elder sitting at the end of the nine elders, is sipping his tea calmly.

This time a cold hum was heard.

 “If this Lord tells you to wait, you will have to wait for this Lord! Don’t forget that I am Mu Jia’s Lord and you all are just slaves of my family!”

A purple dress with silver embroideries swayed in front of each of them. She took a seat gracefully and grandly as if she was the Emperor.

The delicate skirt slipped down, added with the gorgeous light, she looked like a goddess sitting on her pedestal.

The woman’s phoenix-like eyes and luscious red lips, skin like snow, flawless, her hair is black like a raven’s feather, an incomparable beauty that is out of this world.

Words can’t describe her enough.

All the elders froze, who is this woman?

Is it Mu Qian Xi’s twin sister!

Everyone can’t believe their eyes, the Mu Qian they know always keeps her head down, whatever harsh things they say she won’t retaliate and just cry.

But now, it was as if they had been trampled under her feet.

“Who are you?” The Third Elder asked.

Mu Qian’s mouth sneered. “Is the Third Elder’s eyes blind? You don’t even know what this Lord looks like? Say, what is the use of keeping you here?”

The Third Elder shut his mouth and did not dare to look at her anymore.

They all knew now that this Lord had completely changed, she can’t be bullied easily anymore.

The great elder compared her appearance before and today.

He did not suspect her as a fake, because even Mu Wushuang didn’t say anything either.

He suspected that the previous Mu Qian was just a plot by Mu Wushuang to trick everyone.

The previous Lord, Mu Fengyun was a peerless talent after all, his daughter will definitely not be stupid.

No matter what, she is still Mu Qian Xi, with her Little Uncle to back her up. Who will still try to fight her face to face?

Even if they find her suspicious, they are afraid to act.

Mu Qian slowly and carefully glanced at them.

An elder broke the silence and said respectfully. “Since the Lord is here, the clan discussion begins.”

Translator’s Note:

This chapter is too long!!!

I almost wanted to split this into two parts but decided to post it late as a whole instead.

Mu Qian Xi’s parents are still alive, she even has an elder brother but sadly they are all apart from each other…

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