EWP Chapter 20: Rush to the Prince Ashura’s Residence

Rush to the Prince Ashura’s Residence

Mu Wushuang shook his head. “Not enough, at least to the peak of Martial King.”

The peak of Martial King, it’s more powerful than her Little Uncle, a huge gap. Mu Qian felt astonished.

“In fact, Xi’er doesn’t have to struggle with this. It doesn’t matter if you’re not strong. I will guard the Mu Jia. All I wanted was for you to be peaceful and happy. Little Uncle won’t let anyone hurt you and I don’t want you to go down that dangerous road either.”

Mu Qian smiled painfully and held his hands. “Little Uncle, the truth is, today is the second time we meet. You don’t know me.”

She faintly raised her head. “I am Mu Qian Xi, since I’m already here, living a mediocre life will probably never happen. I also don’t want to live my whole life under the protection of any person.”

The beautiful face of this lady is shrouded by the sunlight. The light in her eyes is more dazzling than the sun.

“You’re really worthy enough to be my Eldest Brother’s daughter.” Mu Wushuang can’t help but smile.

“Since Xi’er has made a choice, then as your Little Uncle, I absolutely and unconditionally support you.”

Mu Qian walked behind his wheelchair, gently pushed him back to his room to take his rest. She said. “It is important to become strong and reach the peak of Spirit King, but finding ways to cure my Little Uncle’s eyes and legs is equally important.” She stopped and looked in his eyes. “Little Uncle, Do you believe me?”

“Who can I trust now, if I don’t trust Xi’er?” His Father and brothers visited everywhere, but no one cured his legs.

His eyes were poisoned and completely destroyed.

Everyone in this world says he can’t be cured. All he could do was smile and say it was nothing at all.

But what Xi’er had said, he believed it without any doubt.

This is his most beloved family.

“I won’t let Little Uncle down.”

After Mu Wushuang was sent to rest in his room, Mu Qian returned to her courtyard. Ling Zi Lin has sent some of Pharmacist Sheng’s Refining Books.

Among them are various introductions for refining basic immortality pills, these are considered as a required course for future Alchemists (Refining Pharmacist).

This world has the same common herbs in the modern times, however there are other difficult herbs here that are ten or more times effective than an ordinary herb can provide. These precious herbs can be turned into Immortality elixir. It can cure every disease known to man, can rid of evil spirits and any difficulties.

The elixir can be graded from level one to nine, the more advanced the rarer it gets. In the Purple Moon Kingdom, a level-three elixir can become a national treasure.

In order to cure the Little Uncle’s body, she must strive for self-improvement to become a full-fledged Alchemist.

With a whole night’s effort, Mu Qian finished reading all the basic books; she glanced at the table and found a few first-rate medicinal pills that belong to the Mu Jia.

Medicinal pills are very precious, even the Mu Jia who is already the richest clan in the Purple Moon Kingdom only has a few medicinal pills.

Mu Qian waved her hand, a shadow appeared in front of her, she said. “Go and inquire where I can find a Jinwuxue Emperor Grass in the Purple Moon Kingdom.”

Seven days later, she needs to change Little Uncle’s medicine, the stuff can’t be less.

Mu Jia’s intelligence system is still very good, in just a short moment she already has news regarding the herbs. In the whole Purple Moon Kingdom, only one Jinwuxue Emperor Grass exists however it is located at Night Prince’s Palace.

Mu Qian gave a word, full of nouveau riche’s air. “Buy it, no matter how much it costs, I have to buy it. Money is not important compared to my Little Uncle’s health.”

The man’s mouth twitched. “Lord, that is the Night Prince’s Palace, that palace is not lacking in money. That’s why no one has ever been able to buy anything from the Night Prince’s Palace.”

“Then since the other party refused to propose a drink, as punishment send some shadows to rob.”

“Lord, it is the Night Prince’s Palace.” The man stressed it again.

“What are you talking about? Isn’t it just a prince’s mansion?”

“The rumors of the Night Prince’s Palace are very odd, an Intel of us said that inside is a complete hell that is being governed by an Ashura. If someone mistakenly breaks in, he can never come out. Even his corpse will forever be lost.

“Even with the strength of a shadow?”

“Even if the shadow’s strength becomes ten times stronger, I’m afraid not.” The shadow is really embarrassed by his lack of strength.

‘Ashura’s Hell, How come that it sounds familiar.




Oh shit!’

“Give me the map of the Night’s Palace.”


That night, the Lord personally came out, she thought to herself. ‘I see that the Night’s Palace is not as terrible as the legend.’

When she went to the palace in accordance with the map the shadow had given her, she froze for a minute, it seems that she guessed right, and it really is that ice-block’s house.

“Why of all places? It is here! Argh!

She takes a deep breath. “OK! I’m going in!”

Uncle’s body can’t be dragged in that state for too long; she must make her move today.

Determined, Mu Qian sneaked into the Night’s Palace.

If it is someone else stepping inside, he will already be dead upon one step.

But Mu Qian is different, Housekeeper Bai has commanded, Mistress Mu Qian Xi can freely come and go from the palace. So the various dangerous existences in the Night’s Palace completely did not attack Mu Qian.

She knew where the Pharmacy is located in the Night’s Palace. She knows it too well that she easily found the Jinwuxue Emperor Grass among the various medicine cabinets.

“Master, someone broke into the palace.”

In the white dense smoke, a hazy figure is seen in the middle.

Hearing this, Jiu Ye remained unmoved, with no expression on his face. In a while the pair of closed eyes slowly opens.

To enter the Night’s Palace without dying, only that special existence comes to his mind.


Since Mu Qian got what she needed, she wanted to get out of here quickly, but as soon as she was about to head out. Mu Qian saw that the lanterns in the Night’s Palace had been extinguished one by one, she stopped.

She is a ghost doctor, She can’t even count how many people cried and begged just for her to accept their treasures as a token of gratitude. But here she is now, stealing things from others.

The ice-block did not reveal to anyone the news that she had the Eternal Pavilion, he even gave her a lot of treasures, and she really felt bad about it.

Write a promissory note. That’s it!

When Mu Qian was about to prepare to write her loan, in one of the Night’s Palace rooms a sound was heard.


In front of her, the door has been opened, revealing a slender figure.

She saw a world-class beauty that can make the moonlight lose all of its brilliance and confuse the hearts of people matched with a pair of icy blue eyes that can send shivers down your spine.

Translator’s Note:

Do you know what is the hardest part for me in translating a novel?

It is the paragraph filled with over the top praises for the characters, don’t get me wrong, I like reading it but sometimes it’s making me confused at some point. But compared to Xie Ji Xing, that even the brows are carefully explained, Jiu Ye is much more simple hahaha!

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