EWP Chapter 19: Give Uncle his medicine

Give Uncle his medicine


“My Lord, Are you a refining pharmacist?”

Even Wang Sheng could not have the talent to replicate the way she made that potion in the pharmacy earlier.

“Refining pharmacist! I don’t think so! Hmm, right! Take all of that animal’s refining medicinal basic books and send them to Shui Xi Courtyard for this Lord to learn.”

Although she was a Ghost Doctor in her past life, in this ancient era the method of refining medicines is not the same.

Refining medicines is a very serious thing but this person, Mu Jia’s Lord unexpectedly said that she doesn’t even know the basics and wanted to learn how to be a refining pharmacist through books only!

In the event that she really turned out to be a refining pharmacist by only reading books, perhaps pigs will also fly.


“After that, come with me to the pharmacy! I’m going to boil something.”


Ling Zi Lin is familiar inside the pharmacy, what Mu Qian needs, he can find it first.

But he doesn’t have an idea what the Lord was trying to make. All he does know is that the Lord painstakingly put together several drugs with the opposite nature, in the end what is she trying to do?

Even if the Lord put them altogether forcibly it didn’t result in any major event.

Mu Qian put the brewed potion in a bottle, saying. “Go, follow me to the Wu You Courtyard.”

“Wu You Courtyard.” Lin Zi Lin looked shocked.

That courtyard, where an important person dwells, the Third Master of the Mu Jia, The number one strongest man in the Purple Moon Country, Mu Wushuang!


“What!” Ling Zi Lin was surprised; he did not expect that their destination was there.

Aside from the Masters, the only person who can get in and out at will of the entire residence is only Mu Qian Xi.

Upon arriving, Ling Zi Lin was stopped at the gate. Mu Qian took the bottle of medicine in his hand and said. “You go back first.”

Ever since he arrived at this residence he never had the opportunity to see the Third Master, he suddenly comes with the conclusion that the medicine she seriously brewed is for the Third Master!

As she approached Wu You Courtyard, a bamboo forest was already in front of her eyes. Inside the bamboo forest a white figure sitting in a wheelchair was seen. He quietly watched the birds fly by.

A small strand of hair slides down from his shoulder, the sunlight falls on his face through the woods. This scene looks surreal as if he was a fine jade, has the soothing energy and looks flawless and perfect.

Hearing the sounds of footsteps approaching, his mouth revealed a true smile like the spring breeze that nourishes the heart. “Xi’er is here.”

“Little Uncle, is it no good today?” Mu Qian smiled and took out her medicine.

“You’re here now, so it’s alright.” The look in his eyes became softer and asked. “Is the medicine in your hand, for me?”

Mu Qian spent a long time boiling this medicine in the pharmacy during the day. The smell of the herbs in her body has not yet dispersed completely.

“Yes, I made this for you.” She approached her uncle and softly said. “Open your mouth and drink this first.”

Mu Wushuang ‘s mouth cannot help but twitch, he took the bottle in her hands and gently said. “I’m not a child, I’ll drink it myself.”

Just as he was about to drink the medicine, a man in black robe appeared and anxiously called out to him. “Third Master, you can’t…”

The young master is not allowed to fool around especially regarding his health. Now, the Lord unexpectedly gave him an inexplicable medicine. If the Third Master suffers after he drinks it, what can he do?

“Stand down.” Mu Wushuang looked at him coldly.

“Master…” The man in black robe turned to look at Mu Qian, the hostility in his eyes was getting stronger.

Mu Qian sighed heavily and shook her head, she explained. “Look here, this is my Little Uncle, he’s the only family that I have. Even if I try to poison all of the people here today I won’t hesitate but I certainly wouldn’t let any harm befall him. Are you satisfied?”

The man in black robe looked stunned. Her words are very clear, firm that made people unable to refute.

He even felt that the one standing in front of him is not the Lord who’s a waste material but the previous Lord, who was once the greatest in the world.

“Stand down……”

The man in black robe never said anything again, and left quickly.

Mu Wushuang drank whatever was inside the bottle without hesitation.

Mu Qian who’s like a mother reminded him. “The Little Uncle’s body needs to be nursed back to health slowly. These seven days, I will send someone to deliver the medicine at this time of the day. You must drink it all without a drop of it falling. I’ll change the medicine after a week.”

“Good.” He smiled blandly.

She felt a little emotional and couldn’t help but ask. “Little Uncle, I changed so much, aren’t you surprised at all?”

She is not the original Lord, for the Little Uncle who is her only family, she doesn’t want to hide anything from him.

And with the wisdom of her Little Uncle, I’m sure he already knows.

Mu Wushuang said. “In any case, Xi’er is my family, isn’t she? The only family I have around now?”

“Xi’er is also very curious right? You only have these three years of memories?” Mu Wushuang asked instead.

Mu Qian froze; she only inherited the memory of the previous Mu Qian Xi in three years prior. The original Lord has no memory of herself three years ago. She was like a newborn child, completely ignorant.

Her Uncle let her become the new Mu Jia’s Lord. With Mu Ruyun and the Elders misleading her intentionally, accompanied by her inability to cultivate and practice. The result is she had become a complete waste.

Mu Qian wanted to know what happened so she asked seriously. “Little Uncle, the thing you didn’t tell the previous Mu Qian Xi, can you now tell me?”


“Why not?”

“Because your strength is not enough, knowing it won’t benefit you in any way!”

“What kind of strength is enough? Is it beyond what Little Uncle has?” The strength of the Little Uncle is already at the peak of Ninth Stage Martial Warrior and is considered as the number one strongest in Purple Moon Kingdom.

She is now in the Fourth Stage Spirit Martial Warrior, with the Little Uncle’s strength, they’re thousands of miles apart when compared.

Due to all the weird stuff her uncle told her, when she crossed into this world, Mu Qian could not help but think that this is not accidental at all.

Or rather, she…..

Translator’s Note:

I swear I did not intentionally leave it in a cliffhanger.

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