EWP Chapter 18: He will spit out the riches he swallowed

He will spit out the riches he swallowed

“You are…”

“Hurry, leave quickly! If Pharmacist Lian saw you here, he will not let you go.”

Walking in was a youth covered in dirt, about fifteen to sixteen years old. His figure is so thin and also speaks in a servant manner.

Wang Lian is a very cruel person. Don’t know how many children left due to his beating and cursing but in the end, only he stayed.

“Pow! Pow! Pow!”

Sounds of whip lashing someone were heard outside. Mu Qian pointed her finger at Wang Lian and said. “He has no strength to beat someone.”

The youth went out; he saw that inside one of the Mu Jia’s rooms, Pharmacist Wang Lian was severely beaten. The whole person is being flooded with blood.

He froze, and silently muttered to himself. “This…”

Wang Lian awakened; he was still dizzy but still shouted. “Lord, spare my life. I know I’m wrong!”

“I’m wrong!”

The youth stared at Mu Qian. A single thought clouded his mind. ‘This young lady is the Mu Jia’s Lord?’

This woman, wearing a heliotrope-purple-like long dress embroidered with an exquisite red spider lily, accompanied with a simple hairpin in her head.

The skin is as white as snow, her facial features are delicate and fine, a true beauty. Her long and silky black hair down is like the best silk he’d ever seen.

Such a woman, from the inside to outside exudes a noble temperament however he had this feeling that with her languid and indolent mannerism, she is like an evil spirit from hell.

The rumors can’t really be trusted! Just look at the Lord in front of him, the difference between the rumors and fact is as high as heaven and the sea. He was so shocked that his jaw dropped.

Mu Qian laughed at his silly reactions and said. “You are the pharmacist apprentice, I presume? All these years, that guy must’ve embezzled a lot of medicinal herbs from me. If you know, write it all down for this Lord!”

She thought that it would be too simple for him to get out of this residence without paying the medicinal herbs he had squandered.

She can let go of this thrash but the sources he wasted are not. With Wang Lian’s temper, he definitely can’t swallow all of it alone.

“Yes, Lord…”

He may not be good at anything, but he has a good memory.

Wang Lian’s embezzlements come with a large amount, but he still wrote down a lot.

Mu Qian saw the list, her mouth evoked a devil’s smile. The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Ling Zi Lin’s heartbeat is thumping like crazy; The Lord is so attractive, he does not know whose blind person dared to discredit her.

The shadow’s movement is quick, the three hundred whips will be finished soon but Wang Lian fainted again.

Mu Qian is still not satisfied. ‘Fainted? Guess I’ll have to wake him up’

She ordered. “Open the fire!”

“Yes!” Although Ling Zi Lin did not know what she was going to do, he still turned on the fire of the furnace.

Mu Qian randomly walked to a medicine cabinet to reach for a few herbs, and then she added a liquid mixed with various herbs into a pot not long after, the pot was filled with potion that she refined.

She instructed. “Raise this pot outside, and then pour all of it to that guy.”


A shadow accepted her order; he straightforwardly lifted the pot with both hands and poured all of its contents to the head of Wang Lian to his feet.


The heart-rending screams rang through the whole Mu Jia’s Residence. This showed how painful it was!

Definitely a hundred times more painful than a hundred lashes.

Being pulled out of the coma by such pain, Pharmacist Lian looked at the purple figure like a ghost and said in a wrathful way. “You’re a Devil! You’re not a human! You are not Mu Qian…”

At this time, his wounds due to the potion poured into him began to fester, too horrible to look at.

Mu Qian who can’t contain her rage anymore, tossed a list towards Wang Lian’s direction and indignantly said. “These are the list of medicinal herbs you’ve embezzled from my Family! Tell me, how you should repay all of it? You dare to commit a crime inside the Mu Jia! Remember this, even if you tried to escape and get help from outside. The debts you’ve accumulated, you will have to pay me back three hundred times!”

Three hundred times, even if he sold himself, he still cannot reach that kind of amount. Even though he is a pharmacist, even though rare, the things in the list are not what he- an entry level pharmacist can afford. Now, she is saying that he needs to pay three hundred times the original worth, even if he works for a lifetime, he won’t afford it no matter what.

As long as he’s alive today and quickly returned to the Dan Jizhong Sect. The Mu Jia will absolutely be afraid to go settle this debt with him.

Mu Qian spoke the truth. “I know you won’t admit it, that’s why I’ve already prepared ahead of time, the potion we poured into you is extremely toxic. Within seven days, if you can’t prepare the payment. I won’t give the antidote. Your body will completely fester until you die.”

Wang Lian shivered; his whole body will fester continuously. With these terrible consequences, once again he fainted.

Mu Qian proclaimed. “Together with this list, throw this trash out my home!”


At this moment, Ling Zi Lin still hadn’t returned from god. The only pharmacist was thrown out of Mu Jia’s residence.

Mu Qian teased him and said with a laugh. “Don’t you think what I did was pretty good? Say, what’s your name? “

He was terrified as he did not expect Mu Qian to ask for his name, he said respectfully.

“My name is Ling Zi Lin.”

“Little Lin Zi, in the future, you’ll be the one-in-charge of this pharmacy.”

“But I am merely an apprentice of a pharmacist, I don’t understand how to refine medicine pellets, I’m young and have a little background, I’m afraid to…..”

His words have not yet finished but Mu Qian firmly said. “I am the Mu Jia’s Lord, I have the final word. If I say you can, you can.”

He nodded with tears. “Yes my Lord.”

The Mu Jia’s Lord is completely different from the rumors, not only, she isn’t a waste material, but also firm and decisive, a bit of overbearing but that’s what makes her stand out from other Lords.

He softly said. “Lord Mu, This little one has an important question to ask.”

Translator’s Note:

Did you also count how many times Wang Lian fainted? Hahaha

Stay tuned, I’ll post another chapter today ~

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