EWP Chapter 17: The pharmacist is arrogant

The pharmacist is arrogant

Mu Qian was slightly distracted; This Housekeeper Bai is such a know-it-all!

She just wanted to change the furnishings of the room earlier but he was a step ahead of her.

“Come in and show me.”

“Yes my Lord.”

The best purple jades, fine jades, crystals, red sandalwoods, blood spirit woods, Moyu screens. These things are more precious than anything in the House.

It can be considered as low-key and luxurious at the same time.

“Lord, do we take these things?”

It’s definitely not Housekeeper Bai who has sent these things out. It must’ve been his Young Master.

With that “Ice Block” temper, if she didn’t accept these things, I’m afraid he would kill her. She clicked her tongue and said. “Take it! Just remember to give my thanks to Housekeeper Bai”

That man’s mind is too deep; obviously he knows that she’s got a treasure to guard already. He even gave her another treasure with the same weight as the last one on her hand and now another pile of treasure was sent to her just like that.

For no apparent reason, he sent his housekeeper to give her a witness then he sent so many “treasured objects” to decorate her room.

Whatever his purpose was, Mu Qian decided to write it down first.

“Take the good things in my room first. Then lead me to the Pharmacy.”

The Little Uncle is suffering from a strange poison, She’s afraid that there’s no medicine in the Mu Jia’s Pharmacy that can cure her Uncle’s body.

After arriving at the Pharmacy, Mu Qian Xi was stopped at the door.

A Forty-year-old man wearing a pharmacist’s robe arrogantly said. “You! Don’t tell me you don’t know, this place is a pharmacy and no one else, aside from me can enter?”

Mu Qian coldly said. “This is Mu Jia’s residence; I don’t know when it became yours.”

For the benefit of Mu Qian, the little servant who led her softly reminded the old man. “Wang Lian, she is the Lord of the Mu Jia, Mu Qian.”

Knowing that she is the Mu Jia’s Lord, Wang Lian even taunts her. “Hmph! You are the Lord that is known as a waste, my pharmacy is not a place where you can mess around. Now get the fuck out of here! I, Wang Lian, the pharmacist, do not care who you are. “

Pharmacist Lian has always been proud even in the past. Also Wang Lian is merely an entry-level pharmacist, he can only refine a few first rate medicine pellets in his top condition.

He is the only pharmacist in the Mu Jia, that’s what made him think that he is someone to be worshipped. He considered himself as a rare commodity; therefore even if he doesn’t put the Lord in his eyes, the crime of disrespecting the Lord won’t befall him!

Mu Qian’s eyes flashed a murderous intent, in a cold voice she said. “Very good, even dare not put the Mu Jia’s Lord in your eyes.”

She shouted. “Shadows! Get this guy out of here and whip him a hundred lashes.”

As the Lord of the Mu Jia, she certainly has a shadow to protect her. It was only on the day of the accident that someone else held the shadow that led her to such a situation.

Two shadows appeared. They quickly arrested Wang Lian.

Wang Lian did not expect that this would happen, he shouted angrily. “You waste! You dare beat me, I am the only pharmacist Mu Jia has. You should worship me! If you really hit me, I will leave immediately, even if you beg, I will never come back!”

Mu Qian retorted back. “Get this trash out, Whip him ferociously!”

“Pow! Pow! Pow!”

The shadow is not polite at all, he ruthlessly whips Wang Lian!


Wang Lian started shouting completely unaware of his mistake. “Waste! I tell you, I am one of Dan Jizhong’s people, don’t you dare touch me, else Dan Jizhong won’t leave you alone!”

“You think Dan Jizhong is worthy to be Mu Jia’s opponent?”

“Shadow, it seems you’re hitting too lightly, add another hundred whip.”

“Yes my Lord.”

Seeing Mu Qian disregard Wang Lian’s warning. It is clear as day that she’s not afraid of Dan Jizhong and wants him dead.

Wang Lian is anxious. This Mu Qian Xi is really a complete reckless idiot.

“Mu Qian Xi, you are so vicious!”

“Mu Qian Xi, you must die!”

He did not want to give up, so he kept cursing at Mu Qian, he shouted louder and louder so that the Mu Jia’s Elders would hear and come to save him.

The Three elders who came were blocked by a shadow.

“The Lord commanded that no one should come in!”

“Let us through! If the Lord killed pharmacist Lian, we cannot withstand Dan Jizhong’s wrath!”

They are worried outside for a moment then suddenly one elder said. “Let’s go back!”

“Why?” Both two elders beside him asked.

Elder One said softly so that the only two elders can hear him. “We’re about to have the clan meeting once a month soon, If we had lost a pharmacist, we could put pressure on her at that time and can also teach her a lesson! “

“What brother said is true.”

A clan meeting, they can wait for a few days to get back at her and can even avenge for Yun’er.

The rescue team did not come, Pharmacist Lian despaired, he cried. “Lord Mu, please spare me! It’s my fault, I really have nothing against you, I promise!”

He saw she didn’t even budge, he added. “Lord, give me a last chance. I will dedicate myself to serve you!”


“hehehe, now you’re begging for mercy? Aw, too bad” Mu Qian sneered.

“After three hundred lashes, throw him out!” Mu Qian waved her hand then turned into the pharmacy.

Two hundred whips plus a hundred, Wang Lian was so scared, he fainted immediately.

Although he is a spirit warrior, even if he can’t die with the three hundred whips but the process will definitely be a torture.

Mu Qian skimmed through the pharmacy, inside many poor quality medicine pellets were arranged. Even the failed ones are kept in a cabinet.

She felt that this Wang Lian put their money in the same category with sand, recklessly wasting medicine ingredients like this.


Just in time she was about to head out, the back door of the pharmacy was opened.

Translator’s Note:

Yet another stupid old man appeared (aside from Housekeeper Bai). Good thing is he was dealt quickly.

I just came back from the church with my family. We also bought Christmas decors! I’m gonna start arranging our Christmas Tree first.

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