EWP Chapter 16: Room decoration gifts

Room decoration gifts

The wind is moving, Jiu Ye has come inside Mu Qian’s room.

Mu Qian just came back to take a rest and had not yet thought of taking care of this dreadful room.

After crossing over, Mu Qian unconsciously made a pact to the eternal pavilion, and then she was caught by Xuanyuan Jiu Ye. She refined poisons for three days in order to get back at Mu Jia’s residence.

After returning home, she began to dispose of the dregs in the clan. She doesn’t have the chance to take a good rest yet and her whole body is tired. Upon coming into this room, no matter if it’s good or bad, she needed to sleep first.

In fact, it is not too bad; the room is filled with things that have a touch of gold. But it was the “low-key” bright style that made Jiu Ye frown.

Xuanyuan Jiu Ye leaned against the window, the cold eyes fell on the woman’s sleeping face, he looked for a while and disappeared into the room, as if he had never come in the first place.

Today, the streets of the Purple Moon Kingdom are very lively, especially the way from Mu Jia’s residence to Xuanyuan Li Tian’s palace.

“Really?! Mu Qian Xi withdraws from her marriage with Xuanyuan Li Tian?”

“I’d heard from someone that the divorce letter was personally written by Mu Wushuang, it’s clearly not fake!”

“I did not expect that the talented seventh prince would someday be treated like this, in such an inhumane way.”

Xuanyuan Li Tian heard all the voices of the people that were talking about him. He wanted to find a hole to get into, but he does not know what the problem in his body is, he simply just can’t move.

Mu Ruyun can’t resist anymore and asks. “This thing is getting bigger and bigger. How come the guards from the palace have not yet come to save us?

“Just wait, people from the palace will come to save us. Yes, I’m sure my brother will send someone to come and save us.”

But Xuanyuan Li Tian hadn’t thought that the unexpected always happens. The people who came to save him were solved by two people in the next street.

One person is clean and tidy while the other one looks like a ruthless ghost in general.

And that is just the beginning.

At this time, in the exquisite Jade coffin a “tearing” sound suddenly came out.

Xuanyuan Li Tian roared at Mu Ruyun. “Mu Ruyun! Are you crazy! Don’t you think it’s already a mess here and you’re still adding more!?”

“But Brother Li Tian, I am so hot, so hot……”

A man with sharp-eyes saw what was happening and exclaimed, “OH GOD! Isn’t that woman beside the prince, Mu Ruyun? This is our famous genius? I didn’t expect her to be so good and fit.”

“A beauty like this, offering herself. Look! Even the prince is still unmoved, Tch! it really seems that Xuanyuan Li Tian is not a man after all!”

“What a pity for that beauty…”

“Beauty, if he can’t do it, let this brother accompany you instead.”

All kinds of humiliating and perverted words reached Mu Ruyun’s ears, she was so ashamed that she wanted to commit suicide.

But she can’t control her own body, seeing her beloved beside her she can’t control the desire in her heart as she pounces on Xuanyuan Li Tian’s stiff body.

She took notice that no matter how much she pleads, Xuanyuan Li Tian still does not move for her. In the end, she used both hands to tear Xuanyuan Li Tian’s clothes!

“Mu Ruyun! You need to stop!”


The people shook their heads, someone in the crowd even said. “The beauty is already so aggressive but the prince still hadn’t made his move…hmm it seems that this peerless son of the Emperor is indeed a “[1]Cut Sleeve”ah!”


From the moment Xuanyuan Li Tian and Mu Ruyun were defeated by Mu Qian. They were sent into the coffin from Mu Jia’s residence to the palace that almost took a whole day’s procession. A series of events have happened on the road but what completely stands out was Mu Ruyun’s innocence being destroyed in public and Xuanyuan Li Tian’s impotence.

With no one to save him, the shadows’ speed in walking became as slow as molasses! They also pretended to be lost, making the six hours trip to a half day instead.

“Fuck! Fuck! That man really wanted [2]zhen to be dead.”

Due to the news reaching the palace, not only the other prince sent people to save Li Tian even the Purple Moon Kingdom’s Emperor cannot sit still and decided to add another batch of palace guards to save him from this disgrace.

For this son, he has always been very satisfied. But the events that occurred today really made him mad, but for the sake of the royals’ reputation he could not ignore him even if wanted to.

To make matters worse, the masters he has sent were all killed.

“Mu Qian, Mu Wushuang, you two are simply too bold.”

The emperor in the palace cursed a blue streak after he found out that it was them who gave him a great deal of humiliation but even if it was Mu Qian and Mu Wushuang who did such an insult to the Royal Family, he can only do nothing.

He believed that even if he sent his whole army, no once can match the “Number One Strongest Person, Mu Wushuang of the Purple Moon Kingdom.”

Who let the Mu Clan be the richest family in the Purple Moon? If the Mu Jia disappeared, the whole future days of the Purple Moon Kingdom, will result in economic paralysis.

But this time it was obviously Xuanyuan Li Tian, who had lost the bet, the other side had their witness, and that witness is none other than Jiu Ye’s loyal subordinate.

He is the Emperor of this kingdom, yet he was bullied to this degree. He can only swallow his anger and forget the hatred he feels for Mu Jia and Jiu Ye.

“Send someone to comfort the Seventh Prince! Zhen will deal with this matter, as for that humble servant of the Mu Jia, let her do whatever she wants.”

“Yes.” A eunuch beside him respectfully bowed and left.

Mu Qian rested enough, as she got up from the bed. She saw furnishings in her room that she truly can’t bear.

Gold and jade are all over the place. The wall is made of jade, the roof is also made of gold, and even the vases are all gold.

The good thing is, this room is full of riches, and the bad thing is, this room is simply vulgar, it just leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth.

She shouted. “Someone! Come here! Move all of these things out of this room, and redesign it.”

This time there was a little servant boy who came and said, “My lord, an old man named Housekeeper Bai sent some things for you to decorate your room.”

[1]Cut sleeve (idiom); fig. euphemism for homosexuality, originating from History of Western Han 漢書|汉书: emperor Han Aidi (real name Liu Xin) was in bed with his lover Dong Xian, and had to attend a court audience that morning. Not wishing to awaken Dong Xian, who was sleeping with his head resting on the emperor’s long robe sleeve, Aidi used a knife to cut off the lower half of his sleeve.

[2]Zhen – The word “Zhen” means “I” or “my” in ancient Chinese. Before the Qin dynasty, this word can be used by everyone. But when Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor in history, was in power, he made it a rule that Zhen can only be used by the emperor himself.

Translator’s Note:

This is not what I’d expected… I don’t know about you guys but I really preferred if XJY did not do such a thing. Using aphrodisiacs is a big no for me. NO!

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