PP Chapter 4.2

The door was kicked open, the force was not heavy but there was a lot of emotion in that kick.

When Tang Junhe heard the loud bang, he looked up and saw a young man—to be precise, the young man that is leaning on the door frame met head on with his eyes, Tang Junhe didn’t shy away either. 

The young man was tall and lean. He looked a little over one point eight meters tall. He wasn’t muscular as well but in this cold weather, he only wore a thin black cotton coat, which covered the thriving bones underneath. The chill seems to pass through even with the several meters of distance.

He has deep-set eyes that seem to contain sharp ice-cold glint. The young man only opened his mouth when he finished taking a good look and with an indifferent tone he said. “Long time no see.”

Tang Junhe just looked at him blankly without answering.

The young man pulled up the corner of his mouth and let out a contempt smile. Afterwards, he straightened up from the door frame, walked to his room, unlocked the door and closed it with another bang.

Yang Chengchuan followed behind him immediately took off his coat and hung it on the coat hook on one side, greeting Tang Junhe. “Is Junhe hungry? Come, let’s eat. Eh? Where’s Xuan? Didn’t he come up first?”

Before Tang Junhe could speak, there were a few noises coming from the other room. Yang Chengchuan frowned and walked towards Yang Xuan’s room. He twisted the doorknob first, then tried to open it again for the second time but it didn’t open. He knocked on the door twice. “Yang Xuan, join us for dinner.”

Yang Xuan didn’t answer. Only constant clanging sounds can be heard from the outside, resembling a house demolition.

Similarly, Tang Xiaonian who heard the racket in the other room quickly washed the spatula, wiped her hands and walked out, asking Yang Chengchuan. “You’re back? Where is Xiao Xuan?”

Yang Chengchuan didn’t answer, and started to scold Yang Xuan across the door, but he still said a few comforting words: “Your aunt and little brother are here, you should be more sensible. Come out and have a meal with us first before taking a rest.”

(TN: From this point on, I’m only gonna use the word “didi” and “gege” when it’s Yang Xuan and Tang Junhe speaking. For me those words’ meaning change when it’s them using it.)

Tang Xiaonian, the newly appointed hostess, showed a little restraint at this time. She stood there hesitating for a while before stepping forward. “Xiao Xuan, Auntie made you something delicious. Come out and taste it. “

Tang Junhe took a glance, thinking of it as a trivial thing he picked up the chopsticks and began to eat the dishes in the small bowl.

The closed door was slammed open, shocking Tang Xiaonian who was timidly knocking on the door. She took a step back subconsciously, looked up and saw the quite impressive face of the young man in front of her that is also a head taller.

Yang Xuan’s eyes quickly swept over the two of them a few times. Finally, he turned his head on Yang Chengchuan. “Consider this place free, you can arrange it however you like.” After speaking, Yang Xuan dragged his suitcase towards the door.

Yang Chengchuan followed along, trying to drag him back but it’s no use, so he chased him downstairs.

Tang Xiaonian walked to the dinner table and sat down. Maybe because she felt a little scared from Yang Xuan, she finally let out a sigh of relief. “Did you see? It seems that he hates me but I owe him nothing. In this world, who can say that they haven’t robbed anyone of anything?”

This was meant for Tang Junhe but the words went into his left ear to the right ear, completely disregarding her like she was air. He hasn’t been able to completely reconnect with Yang Xuan, the unruly teenager just now. The Yang Xuan in his memories has a fringed up hair and looks like a little model, the Yang Xuan that he always calls “gege”, the Yang Xuan who likes to tease him every time and acts like a little devil.

Seeing that he was absent-minded, Tang Xiaonian exhorted: “Are you listening to me? You stay away from him alright?”

Tang Junhe lowered his head to eat and said perfunctorily: “Mm.”

After a few minutes Yang Chengchuan was the only one that came back, his expression looked a little annoyed. He sat at the dinner table while frowning. “Don’t care about him, let’s eat.” He put some dishes in Tang Junhe’s bowl. “Junhe, here, come and eat more.”

Tang Junhe put down his chopsticks and said politely. “Thank you Uncle Yang, I’m full already so I will head up first.”

Before Yang Chengchuan could withdraw his hand, he felt awkward by Tang Junhe’s actions that made him freeze.  

Tang Xiaonian stretched out and reached for Tang Junhe’s arm.  “You only took a few bites, you’re not full. Sit back and eat more.”

“I’m full, really.” Then he turned back to his room and locked the door from inside.

“He’s just like this. He’s ignorant and he’s been spoiled by me since he was a child.” Tang Xiaonian smiled at Yang Chengchuan, there was no reproach on her face.

“Don’t blame the child, blame me.” Yang Chengchuan put the dishes into Tang Xiaonian’s bowl. “It’s all retribution, I deserve it.”

Tang Xiaonian bit her chopsticks and said nothing.

As soon as he entered the door, Tang Junhe tilted his head up and fell onto the bed, reaching out to cover his face with the pillow on the side.

I want to leave here right away. I must leave.

Annoying, they’re all annoying. I don’t want to listen to Yang Chengchuan nor Tang Xiaonian.

He got up and opened the window, and the roaring north wind violently blew in, instantly dissipating the warmth in the room. It was only then that he felt the blocking in his chest smoothed down.

Tang Junhe just lay down, letting the – 8° north wind blow to cool down his heart.

Honestly, he doesn’t miss this apartment at all, the dark corridors, the aluminum alloy windows that leaks on all sides, the apathetic neighbors and lastly, the sound of creaking beds coming from the third floor. He was annoyed by all of these but that doesn’t prevent him from hating it as well.


Feng Bo was absorbed in playing a game when he suddenly heard a knock coming from the door. He knew it was Yang Xuan, only he would dislike the sound of the doorbell. Feng Bo put down the controller to open the door. “Why come back so quickly?”

“I just returned to get my luggage. I guess I’ll be crashing at your place for a few more days.” Yang Xuan pulled off his cap and combed his hair back. “If you don’t want to, I can go out and rent a room.”

“What? No! Sure, you can stay here ah!” Feng Bo said in a hurry. “It happens that my father doesn’t care about me and my mother so I’m alone in this apartment and no one is staying at home to accompany me.” Feng Bo took Yang Xuan’s suitcase and found that Yang Xuan already bought lunch, he shouted happily. “Oh my god is that Crab Wonton Soup! Brother Xuan! You are really my Big Bro!”

“Go away! Don’t mention the words “Big Bro” to me.” Yang Xuan sat down on the sofa and said while picking up the controller.”Aren’t you going to ask why?”

“You don’t need to tell me. Besides, why did you only bring back one portion? You aren’t eating?”

“I have eaten in the store.”

“Oh.” Feng Bo sat down, opened the takeaway box, and asked, “Your dad tried so hard to pick you up and he just let you come back here so easily?”

A new game started on the screen and Yang Xuan held the controller, he answered with a “Un”.

“Hey, it’s that corner that I’ve been practicing for a long time.” Feng Bo leaned over, holding the lunch box. “How do you drift so smoothly?”

“Slow down a bit.” Yang Xuan stared at the screen as the car on the screen passed smoothly along the curve. “You have to control the angle of the handle…”

“Obviously I’ve done that already!” Feng Bo was puzzled. “Hey, let me try another one later.”

“Alright.” Yang Xuan quickly ended the game, put the controller aside, took a cigarette from the cigarette case on the coffee table, lit it with a lighter and smoked a mouthful.

“You saw your brother just now? How is he? Didn’t you two have a good time when you were young?” Feng Bo asked after taking a sip of the soup.

“How, you say.” Yang Xuan raised his head and leaned on the back of the sofa chair, blowing out the smoke, he said. “It’s not like we’re still kids where he would rush up to me and hug me while calling me big brother.”

“Your dad is really good too. He is already at this age but he married again, and he also found a young one ah.” Feng Bo is a person who fights truth with truth and since he’s a hedonistic son of rich parents he always has been tactless.  “What about your father? Isn’t he running for mayor?”

Yang Xuan didn’t mind what Feng Bo said. “My father is a scumbag. He married this one, yet there can be several more like her outside. I suppose he enjoys marking red flags everywhere, no matter if it’s at home or outside those red flags would continue to flutter.

When Feng Bo heard him say this, he smiled a few times: “Hey, that woman.” He was referring to Tang Xiaonian. “She’s your brother’s mom, right?”

“Her son is ten months younger than me. In other words, when I was born she just got pregnant and when my mother was pregnant, she had hooked up with my father. Anyway, this matter is—” Yang Xuan got up and pulled the ashtray on the table, knocked the ash into it. With a disgusted tone he said. “It’s f*cked up.”

Translator’s Note:

FYI, Feng Bo is my most hated character in this novel 🙂

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He’s a jerk ah, I seem to remember he has a miserable family backstory as well which explains some of his attitude, but he’s a spoilt brat and takes it too far. There’s a streak of venom in his nature that’s hard to forgive.


I’ve also been translating this novel in private, but I like your version better. 🙂


What, what’s wrong with Feng Bo? I thought he’d be a good friend ah. I hope he doesn’t mess up with the two’s love affair 😐


I still don’t understand what Feng Bo did? He did nothing wrong so far. They are both teenagers talking casually… You all spoiled this to me lol
Thank you for the chapter.

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