EWP Chapter 9: She has “Water Spiritual Roots”

She has “Water Spiritual Roots”

“Who do you think you are? I am the Lord of the Mu Jia, I don’t need anyone’s permission in order to marry another” she turned as she talked again to the prince.

“Prince Li Tian, you’ve really broaden my knowledge.”

”You may be the head of the family, but the woman I only love is Yun’er.” Li Tian said with a smug look.

Mu Qian’s mouth is filled with a playful smile.”I could not bear to break you two lovebirds up, since your highness is deeply in love, care to have a bet for the woman you love?”

“Bet what?”

“The women you love just lost to a bet with me earlier, now I’m willing to have another bet with you. If I lose, then I will absolutely let the emperor cancel our marriage contract, and let you marry someone you love. If you lose, lay yourself in that jade coffin as you go back to the palace.” Mu Qian casually said.

“This……” Xuanyuan Li Tian is astonished, but if he won it will be a great advantage for him, he can finally get rid of this woman.

Although she’s a little different today, but this woman loves him so much that’s it’s impossible to have change of heart.

I’m afraid she knew how much I love Yun’er and choose this way to get back at me. I mean in the future, when I marry Yun’er, I’ll just make it up to her.

As for losing? How could he lose to her?

Xuanyuan Li Tian finally gave an answer, “Okay, I promise you.””

“Elders, You have heard all of it right? If someone decided to break the contract you may testify. Otherwise, Mu Jia really raised such ungrateful animals.”

“Yes! No matter what the result is, no one can break the contract. “Xuanyuan Li Tian added.

“This is of course.” The three elders laughed nervously.

“Let’s start!” Xuanyuan Li Tian is eager to solve this thing quickly as possible.


“You can start first, I don’t want to bully you.”

“In that case,……” A purple figure flash. Mu Qian Xi didn’t hesitate to land a deadly attack towards him.

Fast! Xuanyuan is astonished, In order to avoid Mu Qian’s attack, all his strength broke out.

The elders around exclaimed,” the Fifth-Stage Spirit Warrior, Li Tian is really worthy to be one of the ten genius in our purple moon country, young enough to have such cultivation.”

One Elder replied: “although I don’t know how she suddenly has such a strange speed, but in the face of absolute strength, she will lose.”

Even if they are the elders of the family, but they have long been disdain for this disgraced Lord. They, who had to live under such a person, obey her orders and made a sacrifice for her is really intolerable.

Xuanyuan Li Tian chased Mu Qian.

Mu Qian still has a long way to go, with just the power of Third-Stage Spirit and Martial Warrior, winning against Xuanyuan who is in the Fifth-Stage Spirit Warrior that is two stages above her are still a bit tricky.

Mu Qian’s hand moved, the powder in her sleeves was caught in the palm of her hand.

Since Xuanyuan Li Tian sent her a Jade coffin from the palace, she also did not mind to return the gift to him.

This time a murmur came out.”Hey! Ugly woman, you can beat him outright, Why bother with this little trick!”

This voice is really unbearable, but only one person heard it, Mu Qian asked. “Oh really, I’d just practiced for one day, the strength is two stages lower than him. Tell me, how can I defeat him easily?”

“You received the Eternal Ring, Water Dragon God Ring, is it possible that you only think of it as a simple token of affection from the man who gave it to you?”

A black line appeared on Mu Qian’s face, “You shut up! What token of love!””

“No matter how much you get angry and embarrassed! Even though that Great Uncle really didn’t speak about it, it’s impossible for you not to notice it.”

Mu Qian thought this guy can really make people mad just by using words alone. Fortunately she’s careless enough else Xuanyuan Li Tian might already have hurt her.


Luckily, she had hid herself swiftly and took the ring out of her clothes.

“Hurry, there is a fast way to activate it, don’t dawdle here.”

“Listen to me very carefully as we don’t have much time, use your Qi as a medium to communicate to the Water Dragon God Ring, then you can mobilize the power of the water inside for your use. You can make mincemeat out of a Fifth-Stage even if you are now only in Third-Stage, How could he be your opponent.

“I’ll believe you this time!”

“Qian’er, admit your defeat!” Xuanyuan Li Tian’s threatening force came over, with the strength of the Fifth-Stage Spirit Warrior advancing towards Mu Qian holding a sharp blade to strike.

In accordance to the method of Ah Ting, she mobilized the power within the Water Dragon God Ring.

In a flash, a wall of blue water blocked the sword rushing past her.

In front of the water wall, the archaic blade is completely vulnerable with just a single blow it broke.

Mu Qian’s shield came as a bolt from the blue. “What the heck happened? What is this?”

“Mu Qian Xi… Mu Qian seems to have the strength of the Third-Stage Spirit Warrior and…… Also has the Water Spiritual Roots!”

“Damn! Is Mu Qian really a waste? She even became a Third-Stage Spirit Warrior and that….It’s clearly a water element!”

In the entire [1]Six Paths of Reincarnation, in the world of Martial arts. Spiritual Roots figuratively, are the very foundation (roots) of one’s body and soul. Associated with a person’s innate talent and elemental affinities.

The majority of cultivators that has the talent to have spiritual roots are too few. Among the tens of millions of cultivators, almost only one can master his or her element effectively.

Rare individuals may even have special Spiritual Roots which allow them to cultivate quickly or grant them other benefits.

“You…how did this happen…” Xuanyuan Li Tian froze, forgetting that at this time he is still in a match.

[1]Six Paths of Reincarnation (六道轮回 liùdào lúnhuí) – in the cycle of reincarnation, it is possible to be reborn as either a [1] Deva, [2] Asura, [3] Human, [4] Animal, [5] Hungry Ghost or [6] a Tormented Being in Hell.

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