EWP Chapter 8: Waste to Genius

Waste to Genius

“Of course, she’s not convinced. This kind of waste, Is there anyone who’s worse than the Lord?” Someone in the crowd quietly said.

Everyone sighs, although the appearance of the Lord had become exceptionally good. However, wastes are wastes, and idiots are idiots.

Miss Mu Ruyun is a famous genius of the Purple Moon Country. She became a Fifth-Stage Martial Warrior at the age of seventeen. How can this Lord compare to her?

(TN: some of you may remember in the 4th chapter, the author states that Mu Ruyun reached the Seventh-Stage Spirit Warrior at the age of 17, now they’re adding her martial arts which is in Fifth-Stage Martial Warrior. These two are different.)

Mu Ruyun proudly said: “Today, for my Brother Li Tian, I want to make a gamble with the Lord, would you permit it?”

Mu Qian slightly raised her eyebrows, “You want to gamble with me? Let’s hear it first.”

“I want to have a match with the Lord. If Mu Jia’s Lord beat me, I will leave the residence and never appear before brother Li Tian again, and he will voluntarily marry you. But if I win, may Mu Jia’s Lord forget the past with his highness, and agree to dissolve your marriage immediately.”

Li Tian is worried as he reminds Mu Ruyun: “Yun’er, you don’t have to do this for me, if you continue on gambling with this thrash, even if you win, your reputation outside will not be good!”

Mu Ruyun softly responded. “In order to live with you in the future, I’m willing to do everything. Only in this way, can Brother Li Tian restore his freedom.”

“When we marry, I will be good to you!” Xuanyuan gently held Mu Ruyun’s hands as he stated his promise.

“Alright! Since this is not just playing a game anymore, This Lord agrees to your conditions. If you won, we’ll follow with what you’ve said. But if I won.” she smirked and announced. “Mu Ruyun, you must promise me one thing.”

“Good.” Mu Ruyun agreed without thinking, because she believed in herself that she would not lose.

“It’s crowded here, let’s go out then fight!” Mu Qian walked to the open space outside.

All the people were stunned, almost all of them believe that Mu Qian is digging her own grave, and her mind is still lacking.

She is one of the best wastes ever known. She doesn’t possess any Qi(spiritual energy), can not practice martial arts, and she still wants to compete with a genius like Mu Ruyun. Isn’t that just looking for abuse?

Mu Ruyun went in front of Mu Qian and declared: “I will take the shot first, Lord, you can’t be too careful!”

The long sword is sharp and fast, like a viper, generally rushing to Mu Qian.

However, the sword she used did not even see the corner of the Lord’s clothes.

Everyone wiped their eyes and could not believe what they just saw.

“How is this possible?”

Mu Qian did not have any force and spiritual fluctuations, but she escaped the sword of Mu Ruyun.

Mu Ruyun also had an ugly expression. She is always together with Mu Qian. She is weak and timid, she of all people, knows that fact!

However, when did her speed become so fast?

Mu Ruyun’s moves have become fierce, clearly pushing Mu Qian to her death.

The second move, the third move, the fourth move…

Mu Ruyun is sweating so much at this time, no matter how much she wants to stab Mu Qian, her sword always falls behind.

All the people watching were surprised that they unconsciously opened their mouths. Is this Lord really a waste?

Mu Ruyun’s eyes flashed a glimmer of light, and the power of the Fifth Stage Martial Warrior broke out completely, preparing to give Mu Qian’s fatal blow!

However, her tricks have not yet been made. A miracle happened. Mu Qian appeared on her side like a ghost. Her hands are like steel that is clamped on her wrist.

“You… let go of me…” Mu Ruyun roared with a cold sweat on her forehead and hoarseness in her voice.

“Ahhhhh!” Mu Qian gently twisted her hand, making Mu Ruyun’s wrist break.

“it hurts…!” Mu Ruyu screamed, her face was pale as paper! Making Xuanyuan Li Tian anxious and distressed.

He yelled. “Mu Qian! you already won and Mu Ruyun have lost. Yet you still have to do such poisonous schemes. You are too vicious!”

Mu Qian looked innocently at him and said: ” I am afraid his highness is wrong. In fact, this Lord has always been very kind. The vicious one here is clearly this person!”

Mu Qian loosened her hand, in Mu Ruyun’s sleeve a poisoned dagger slipped out and fell into her hand. This dagger was meant to stab the heart of Mu Qian.

“Ahh!” But she hasn’t stabbed the heart of Mu Qian yet her other hand has been intercepted by Mu Qian!

Mu Qian directly crushed her bones, there’s no need for discussions!

“clang!” The dagger fell to the ground.

Mu Qian smiled.. “See, compared to her I am really kind, sneaking an attack like this even I can’t do it.”

Xuanyuan Li Tian is proven wrong, he could not believe that the gentle beauty like Mu Ruyun can actually hurt people with sinister means like this.

But looking at the weak, bloodless face of Mu Ruyun, Xuanyuan still decided to maintain a space between them.

Mu Ruyun felt the hesitation in the prince’s eyes and confessed.

“If you are not too malicious, how would I dare to do this?”

Mu Ruyun said in a painful way. “Brother Li Tian, please, save me.”

With broken hands, the pain she is experiencing felt she was close to dying. She really doesn’t know where Mu Qian learned such a lethal means.

Xuanyuan Li Tian frowned at Mu Ruyun and said. “This game, Mu Qian, you have won, this prince will promise to marry you, but you have to let Yun’er go!”

Mu Qian’s hand loosen from her grip, Mu Ruyun’s body that is like a rag was thrown aside.

“Get out! “


Xuanyuan catches Mu Ruyun carefully, then shouted. “Hurry, someone call a pharmacist!”

Mu Qianxi slowly walked in the front of Xuanyuan Li Tian and reminded him.

“I will return her to you. Now that the matter is over, we should talk about the things between the two of us.”

The flawless face is close and upon seeing her dark eyes, instills his heart with a bit of confusion. The black color really left Xuanyuan in a daze.

He coughed and asked: “Talk about the things between us? Could it be that you wanted to get married soon with this prince, If that’s the case, I can consider this matter.”

“Brother Li Tian…” Seeing Xuanyuan being swayed towards Mu Qian’s beauty, Mu Ruyun shouted half dead.

Seeing such an alluring beauty had aroused the heart of Xuanyuan Li Tian causing her to worry.

“He said he wanted to marry me, you clearly saw that earlier, he already has made his promise to me, yet you think you have beat me? In your dreams!”

Mu Ruyun’s eyes glared at her and silently made a vow.

“Mu Qian, I will never let you get what you want.”

Translator’s Note:

What a really good white lotus.

*clap clap clap*

And a narcissistic prince.

*clap clap clap*

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