EWP Chapter 7: Love and Affection

Love and Affection

Mu Qian smirked. What a good pair of dirty scumbag and white lotus! Really a perfect match!

At her own funeral, they had planned a marriage and in order to make it more natural, they’ve prepared this kind of wonderful drama to appear righteous and virtuous.

“He he he! Your royal highness, you are leaving this Lord in the lurch, don’t be in such a rush on finding a new wife.”

The cold voice, like an evil spirit speaks in a clear and mocking manner and doesn’t give the prince any face at all.

“Who? Show yourself this instant! Don’t pretend to be a ghost inside Qian’er mourning hall!” Li Tian exclaimed.

Mu Qian’s coffin swayed and a purple figure came out slowly, everyone saw the face that was a little familiar, and they peeved on what they saw.


“We’ve been deceived!”


For a time, Mu Qian’s appearance threw everyone in the hall into confusion.

Mu Ruyun stared at Mu Qian, and hesitantly asked. “[1]Xi’er…is it really you Xi’er…”

Mu Qian didn’t answer and instead turned to look at her servant. “Lu Yi, kindly remind me. Does Mu Ruyun have the right to call my name and not addressing me as “Lord “is considered to be inappropriate?”


Lu Yi who was beaten earlier shook like a leaf.

Xuanyuan Li Tian can’t stand Mu Qian’s rude behavior towards Mu Ruyun and rebukes her inquiry.

“Hey! Haven’t you had enough? You pretended to be dead, letting your sister feel sad for you, and almost cried her eyes out and now, you are bullying her!”

“Even though I know that you’re a waste, I hadn’t thought that you’re this vicious!”

Mu Qian sneered “Coming from his Royal Highness, please don’t take pity on me at my own place. In this residence I am the Lord, and Mu Ruyun is merely a lowly person that’s all, nothing more. You really shouldn’t rub other people’s wounds like that, you know.”

Mu Ruyun’s face is turning white at each passing moment. Upon meeting Mu Qian the first time in Mu Jia’s residence, due to having a similar age, she developed a good relationship with her.

Her eating and drinking is comparable to the princesses of the Purple Moon Country. However, her grandfather, although known as one of the elders, is still a slave to the family. She will always have the lower identity when placed next to Mu Qian.

She refuses to accept this fact, why? Because she is better than Mu Qian in all aspects, but because of her identity, she must succumb to Mu Qian.

If Mu Qian wanted someone, she could let the emperor decree a marriage for her, and she can only watch his beloved man take Mu Qian as his wife.

Mu Qian had already died, why did she have to live again? Then stealing her Brother Li Tian again from her like before.

Xuanyuan coldly said. “Mu Qian, Yun’er has always treated you as a sister, it turns out that in your eyes she is just a stranger, I really misread you!”

“Whether you are dead or alive, today I want to tell you, never in my life, will I marry you, I will take Yun’er as my wife. Even though she is not from the main family, but with her gentle temperament, good cultivation and talent how can you compare? “

There was uproar. The crowd suddenly thought that Mu Qian being alive was a good thing, but did not expect that the prince would withdraw himself from their marriage at this time.

With the degree of affection the Lord has towards this prince, suddenly breaking up their marriage like this, the Lord will get really mad is what they’ve believed.

Mu Qian laughed at his jokes and stated the facts clearly. “Leaving the decree of the Emperor aside, you want to withdraw from our marriage and get married to another. Did you really think you have this ability?

Xuanyuan is a fool; this marriage is considered to be the greatest gift that he will ever receive from his Father Emperor.

Although he is a prince, in the eyes of his father, he is completely inferior to be the husband of the only daughter of Mu Jia who controls the economic side of the Purple Moon Country. Without her insisting on this marriage, his father wouldn’t think of making a decree for their marriage at all.

At this time, Mu Ruyun reluctantly walked in front of Mu Qian, with a helpless tone she said.

“Lord, I didn’t think that you have always looked at me like that. I always thought of you as a kind person and it is my great honor to treat someone like you as a sister. But I really love Brother Li Tian, Please! This is my only wish, I hope you will understand. “

When finished, Mu Ruyun wanted to kneel, but Xuanyuan hurriedly took her away.”

“Yun’er ,you don’t have to ask this despicable and shameless woman for permission, even if she is the Mu Jia’s Lord, so what!? I only love you and that will never change!” Xuanyuan looked at My Ruyan with deep affection.

“Brother Li Tian…” Mu Ruyun smiled sweetly at him and stood up reluctantly.

Li Tian looked at Mu Qian’s direction and said.

“Qian’er , there are some words I have never said to you, because I’m afraid of hurting your feelings, but today you are really too much, that I think it’s better to say this now than never.”

“You have no aptitude with spiritual training, and even lack talent in Martial arts. You always dress provocatively, and your face always looks like…” he stopped talking midway as he tried to get a good look at Mu Qian.

“Well! Why don’t you continue? Do you think that there’s another person here that can match with this Lord?” Mu Qian taunted and laughed while revealing herself in the light.

Everyone in the mourning hall looked at the face of Mu Qian, with just a little makeup; she already won countless hearts.

The face of the previous Lord was always covered with all kinds of thick rouge that did not look good. But they did not think that after removing all those makeup, there would be such a difference.

Mu Qian’s appearance is exquisite and flawless. The dazzling brilliance among her pitch-black eyes is really bewitching.

Is this still their owner?

Xuanyuan saw the beautiful woman with an evil spirit in front of his eyes.

Mu Ruyun’s nails were dug deep into her flesh. She always knew that Mu Qian was very beautiful, so she tried every means to cover her beautiful face with a variety of rouge powder to avoid being seen by the prince.

But she did not think that Mu Qian would actually expose her face today, not only exposed, but it seems that this face is a lot more beautiful than before.

She found that Xuanyuan Li Tian was stunned, thus, Mu Ruyan shouted his name pitifully. “Brother Li Tian…”

Xuanyuan Li Tian finally returned to his senses and said coldly. “Beauty is only skin deep. Your strength will never catch up with Yun’er!”

“Oh really? Never catch up?”

A glimmer of light flashed in Mu Ruyun’s eyes, and asked softly. “Is the Lord not convinced?”

Mu Qian, this person, she knows her too well, she always likes to win!

If she forced Mu Qian to fight her, and accidentally killed her in the process, the funeral could continue as well.

[1] TN: okay, so I kinda missed this info before or it just appears in this particular chapter, Mu Qian’s name has a Xi on it; her full name is Mu Qian Xi, which means “a thousand nights”. I will still translate her name as Mu Qian in the later chapters and will only add “Xi” if necessary.

Translator’s Note:

Too many dialogues in this chapter.

And too many bitches too.

Yeah I’m talking to you Li Tian!

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