EWP Chapter 6: It’s a Funeral

It’s a Funeral

It’s been three days since Mu Qian was dumped into the mass grave. It seems that her family thought she was dead, and had set up a mourning hall for her, in order to fool the people outside.

And the corpse, where did the Elders get it? She wants to see the scene that they’ve played out first.

The people outside were crying miserably, but upon entering the hall the air is cold and miserable.

Actually it’s not that cold, for there was someone inside. Her servant girl is still in the hall.

But the girl in pale pink dress quietly opened the coffin to take things inside.

“Lord, Since you don’t have any bones left, the Elders can only put your robe inside, they’ve also put your good things to accompany you in your death. But do you remember what you’ve promised me when you’re still alive? You said that you will reward me, so instead of wasting these treasures to be buried with you, why not just give all of these to me?”

While she spoke, she took out some gold and silver jewelry and stuffed it into her sleeves.

At this time a reverberating voice came. “Since your Lord is so good to you, why don’t you join her in hell instead, and see how many treasures you would have?”

Lu Yi hears the familiar voice and instantly gets a chill.

She cried while kneeling, explaining. “Lord, I don’t want to die! Please, I don’t want to die yet! Don’t take me with you, it’s not me who killed you but Miss Ouyang. You should go to her…I’m begging you!”

“En! Is that how you want me to die?” a purple figure jumped down, and stood in front of her.

Lu Yi looked up and saw a familiar face, screaming: “Ghost!”

“Cough, cough, cough”

A pair of slender hands, grabbed her throat, Mu Qian warned her. “Don’t shout! If you try to scream again, I’ll break your neck!”


Like throwing a rag, Mu Qian throws the little girl away.

She was unable to get up from the fall, and shrank herself in the corner, shivering with trepidation and looked at Mu Qian. Just when the Lord had grabbed her neck, she clearly felt a temperature that means the Lord is not dead.

But now, her Lord is completely different from the past, she is not as weak and timid as she used to be, but dangerous and ruthless instead, is she really their Lord?

“Lord, please have mercy on me! I usually steal jewelry but never in my life that I dared to hurt you! “

This time, sounds of footsteps are approaching.

Mu Qian gestures to Lu Yi to be silent and ordered. “Continue you’re crying here, and act as if you didn’t see me; let’s see who else has the heart to pray for the Lord today?”

Mu Qian hid herself in the coffin after; Lu Yi did not dare to disobey her orders.

In a moment, a woman wearing a pink dress rushed over, saying, ” Little Sister! Aaaaah ! How can you leave me! we are sisters, if you’re dead, I also do not want to live.”

This psychopath! Mu Qian blocked her ears, so as not to be poisoned by her fake cries. She’s crying so much! Sounding like she had lost a dear old friend.

She remembered that the affections of the previous Mu Qian for her fiancé who’s decreed by the Emperor, was always ignored due to his preference for this white lotus.

At that moment, a man wearing a brocade robe, gently holds on to the woman in pink. Looking at the woman in front of his eyes with tears and pitiful appearance, his heart melts.

He said softly. “She’s dead. She will never come back, don’t cry, it will only hurt your body.”

“En, but I will never see my little sister again, for me, we are more than sisters, now that she’s dead, I…. I….” Mu Ruyan said as she burst out crying.

Xuanyuan Li Tian stared at the coffin and looked up at the sky, his heart full of resentment!

Mu Qian, this waste material, not only does she make people disgusted when alive, but also causing her sister to cry so much like this simply makes people hate her even in death.

There is no way that she will understand Yan’er feelings.

Xuanyuan Li Tian shouted loudly. “Come! Send the gift from the Emperor to Lord Mu.”

Eight big men, carrying a Jade coffin came in; the Jade coffin was embellished with countless precious gems and pearls that the value can’t be described

“Qian [1]Er always likes gorgeous things, the wood coffin is too simple, the Jade coffin is more appropriate. Mu Qian is my fiancé after all, even if she’s dead; I want her to have a comfortable rest!”

The two Elders are grateful. “Thank you, Your Highness.”

Mu Ruyan smiled and said. “From the day you’ve become my future brother-in-law, you are really good to my sister, if she’s here, she will be very touched”

Mu Qian, who is hiding in the dark sneered, today if she really died, if this dazzling Jade coffin was lifted out from the residence, I’m afraid she will be ruined the next day and probably will make history for the most luxurious waste that has ever lived in the Purple Moon Country.

For the Emperor who gifted this, she really doesn’t have any good impression of him.

Xuanyuan Li Tian continues. “Elders, three years ago, the Emperor decreed a marriage for this prince towards the only daughter of the Mu Jia, but didn’t think that she wouldn’t become my princess consort and would suffer bad luck, truthfully, I am really sad.”

With a sad expression, as he said with a tone like he really wanted to marry Mu Qian.

“Now that Qian’er is gone, still I do not want to be an unrighteous person, I will never cancel this marriage contract. Qian’er and Yan’er are like sisters, if Yan’er can replace Qian’er to marry me, then I’m sure Qian’er will be happy and will bless us both.”

“Little sister, I will not disappoint you, I would take good care of Brother Li Tian, May you bless us with happiness.”

[1]‘er – is the pinyin for the word ‘兒’ (simplified, ‘儿’), meaning ‘child’. The use of this word as a diminutive marker is more prevalent in Mandarin.

Translator’s Note:

The fake lotus appears!

and the scum fiancée !

Both are really sickening !


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