EWP Chapter 13: It’s the best thing you’ve ever done

It’s the best thing you’ve ever done

Xuanyuan Li Tian proudly said. “I need to get out of this marriage! If the emperor had known the real you, I’m sure he’d already given up his decree.”

He said this in order to tell her that he is her “fiancé” and that it is not good for her if he lose “face”.

But also to remind her that even if she had changed a lot now, he Xuanyuan Li Tian was still the man she had been trying to marry.

Some of these reasons would work if she was still the old Mu Qian, but too bad for him, the Mu Qian Xi in front of him doesn’t give a damn.

The corners of Mu Qian’s lips suddenly evoke a playful smile. “En, You highness don’t have to worry about that matter, Hurry! Bring this prince away into his well-prepared Jade coffin, as for the divorce, you don’t need to go to the palace to find the Emperor, I will write it to you here right now.”

Xuanyuan Li Tian couldn’t believe what he just heard right now, in fact he thought he was daydreaming.

“Mu Qian Xi! What did you say? You’re divorcing me! Are you out of your mind?!”

Obviously three years ago, due to Mu Qian’s undying love for him, Mu Jia’s treasury lost a lot of money. She even brought out a lot of treasures for her dowry, in order to get his Father Emperor to decree their marriage.

But now, she wanted a divorce.

It was what he had always wanted, but now he was about to blow up.

He is admired by every woman in the country, on what basis does Mu Qian decisively reject him.

“Your highness, please!”

A Mu Jia’s shadow appeared beside him, at the behest of the Lord leading Xuanyuan Li Tian to enter his Jade coffin.

With a shattering voice, he said. “Get out of the way……” He evidently doesn’t want to go in.

These shadows don’t take orders from him so he was still carried by the four shadows.

“Creak” The lid was opened and they abruptly threw the prince into the coffin.



Xuanyuan Li Tian yelled when he fell. “You…….How dare you treat me like this…I … I……””

He wanted to climb out, but suddenly found himself lying in a coffin, stiffened all over, completely unable to move.

Except he can talk, he is now completely like a dead man.

He was terrified and shouted, “What did you do? How can I not move?”

“Mu Qian, You shall not die well!”

He even dared to curse Xi’er, Mu Wushuang eyes flashed a glimmer of danger. Seeing her uncle be angry for her Mu Qian couldn’t help but laugh instead. “Uncle, don’t be angry! This kind of person is boring to kill.”

“Elder, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get ready, I’m making the divorce letter before his highness comes back to the palace.”Mu Qian pointed to an Elder.

“Mu Qian…… I mean, Lord, are you really going to withdraw from this marriage? You made this marriage contract, but you also wanted to……” The Elder is hesitant to obey her order.

He shoots a glance towards Mu Wushuang, hoping he can stop Mu Qian.

“My loss, I will certainly get it back but for today I must end this farce, I do not want to have any relationship with this thrash, it’s too humiliating!” Mu Qian said with an abandoned face.

Mu Wushuang looked at his niece’s pitiful face and made up his mind. “You do what Xi’er says; do not question the decision of Xi’er. He turned to Mu Qian, like coaxing a child he said. “It doesn’t matter if you can’t get those things back, as long as you’re happy it’s enough.”

“Yes, this servant understands.” The elder swiftly got the things Mu Qian needed.

The elder who’d delivered the brush, inkstone and blotting paper started to write quickly but failed resulting in smashing things instead.


The ink splattered on the elder’s face, and the Inkstone was directly smashed onto his forehead.

The Elder really wanted to be angry and reproach the Lord, but Mu Qian approached him first.

Mu Qian looked down with a frown and said. “Elder,did I order you to write my divorce letter? Did you think you have the rights to do things regarding my marriage without consulting me first? This kind of thing is not for you to be trifled with. Needless to say, the older you get the more useless you’ll be.”

These Elders, who they’d just taken care of really don’t know how to be in someone’s debt. Take a look at this old man in front of me. Mu Jia feeds them but they’d just end up as an unreasonable old man, is what Mu Qian thought.

The elder, who was cursed, was speechless for a moment, full of resentment.

Today, Mu Qian is very different from the previous days who only knows how to be scared. She who had no talent and support before suddenly became so oppressive. What an audacity!

“Come on! Prepare another brush and ink, also bring me a wooden board.”


Mu Qian wanted to prepare something to send over, thus she started to write enthusiastically.

The first the three words are “Annulment of Marriage ”

Housekeeper Bai, who was watching on the side of the show, laughed: “The character of the Mu Jia’s Lord is very impressive, all is in order and neat and there is no trace of uncertainty. Good!”

Mu Qian’s mouth is twitching, although his words are flattering but with the way Housekeeper Bai said it. It was way too exaggerated.

In that gloomy mansion, Housekeeper Bai always acted in order but she did not think that this fellow was a flatterer.

As the first and only woman to enter and exit the residence of the Young Master alive, Housekeeper Bai had completely regarded Mu Qian as Young Master’s Mistress. For the Mistress, naturally, he would have to give a lot of praise.

Mu Qian’s brush continued to write, stated. “Xuanyuan Li Tian, although have a marriage contract to Mu Qian Xi by an imperial edict. Due to his ordinary appearance, having a strength of a waste material, being mendacious, cruel and ruthless added with the fact that he had an affair with another woman. I Mu Qian Xi, announced henceforth, with Xuanyuan Li Tian, to terminate our marriage contract.”

Mu Qian, who is writing at the side, read every word she wrote. Her voice is not small. Even if he was inside the coffin, Xuanyuan Li Tian heard all of it clearly.

“Hoooo…” Xuanyuan Li Tian inhaled a lot of air in order not to vomit blood from the rage he is feeling right now.

Translator’s Note:

Shameless Mu Qian hahaha!

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